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Because of Him

Because of Him

Author: Jessica Roe
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1540512878
Pages: 228
Year: 2017-01-05
Blair Ackerman is a girl with crazy hair and a bad attitude. She's a girl who doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. She's a girl with only a duffel bag and a car named Nancy to her name, and that's okay by her. She's tough because she has to be. Nobody gets inside her head, nobody gets inside her heart. Silver is everything she's never wanted. He's a good guy, a smart guy, a guy who's never met a girl like her before. He's the kind of guy who loves history, who laughs at his own jokes, who kisses like a sinful dream. He's the kind of guy who might just break down her walls and get inside her heart and make her feel. Too bad he's forbidden. Because when Blair's mom dies and she's sent to live with the father she's never met and a family that doesn't want her, Blair and Silver cross paths in ways they could never have imagined, and they discover that even though they know they should, they can't quite bring themselves to stay apart. Opposites really do attract.
Fortunate Life

Fortunate Life

Author: A.B. Facey
Publisher: Fremantle Press
ISBN: 1925591417
Pages: 432
Year: 2018-04-21
Albert Facey’s story is the story of Australia.Born in 1894, and first sent to work at the age of eight, Facey lived the rough frontier life of a labourer and farmer and jackaroo, becoming lost and then rescued by Indigenous trackers, then gaining a hard-won literacy, surviving Gallipoli, raising a family through the Depression, losing a son in the Second World War, and meeting his beloved Evelyn with whom he shared nearly sixty years of marriage.Despite enduring unimaginable hardships, Facey always saw his life as a fortunate one.A true classic of Australian literature, Facey’s simply penned story offers a unique window onto the history of Australian life through the greater part of the twentieth century – the extraordinary journey of an ordinary man.
A Fortunate Man

A Fortunate Man

Author: John Berger
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307794180
Pages: 176
Year: 2011-07-13
In this quietly revolutionary work of social observation and medical philosophy, Booker Prize-winning writer John Berger and the photographer Jean Mohr train their gaze on an English country doctor and find a universal man--one who has taken it upon himself to recognize his patient's humanity when illness and the fear of death have made them unrecognizable to themselves. In the impoverished rural community in which he works, John Sassall tend the maimed, the dying, and the lonely. He is not only the dispenser of cures but the repository of memories. And as Berger and Mohr follow Sassall about his rounds, they produce a book whose careful detail broadens into a meditation on the value we assign a human life. First published thirty years ago, A Fortunate Man remains moving and deeply relevant--no other book has offered such a close and passionate investigation of the roles doctors play in their society. "In contemporary letters John Berger seems to me peerless; not since Lawrence has there been a writer who offers such attentiveness to the sensual world with responsiveness to the imperatives of conscience." --Susan Sontag
A Fortunate Life

A Fortunate Life

Author: Robert Vaughn
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312371128
Pages: 322
Year: 2008-10-14
Traces the author's Hollywood experiences at the sides of Judy Garland, Charlton Heston, and Elizabeth Taylor, and describes his controversial work as an anti-war activist.
Fortunate Son

Fortunate Son

Author: David Marlett
Publisher: Fiction Studio Books
ISBN: 1943486174
Pages: 350
Year: 2015-06-01
“David Marlett sets a wonderful historical novel against beautiful descriptions of Ireland in telling the story of a disputed earldom. FORTUNATE SON offers rich history, well developed characters, and a unique conclusion.” – Glen Cuchine, Christian Science Monitor “An epic and thrilling tale of adventure and drama. Beautifully written and painstakingly researched, it’s a book for fans of action and history alike.” – Ethan Cross, International Bestselling Author of THE PROPHET and BLIND JUSTICE NATIONAL BESTSELLER Meet James Annesley, son of 18th Century Ireland. Though you may have never heard his name before, his story has already touched you in profound ways. Now, for the first time, novelist David Marlett brings that incredible story to life. Stretching from the dirty streets of Ireland to the endless possibilities of Colonial America, from drama on the high seas with the Royal Navy to a life-and-death race across England and up the Scottish Highlands, from the prospect of a hangman’s noose to a fate decided in the halls of justice, FORTUNATE SON is a powerful, relentless epic. Here nobility, duels, love, courage, revenge, honor, and treachery among family, friends and ancient enemies abound. And at its center is the most momentous trial in Irish history – the trial of Annesley v. Anglesea from which our modern “attorney/client privilege” was forged, and our concept of a “jury of ones peers” was put to the test. Carefully researched, vividly evoked, and lovingly brought to the page, FORTUNATE SON is an unforgettable work of fiction based on fact, one that will resonate deep within you long after you finish it.
Fortunately, the Milk...

Fortunately, the Milk...

Author: Neil Gaiman
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408841762
Pages: 160
Year: 2013
From multi-award-winning Neil Gaiman comes a spectacularly silly, mind-bendingly clever, brilliantly bonkers adventure with lip-smackingly gorgeous illustrations by Chris Riddell
Fortunate Son

Fortunate Son

Author: John Fogerty
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316244562
Pages: 416
Year: 2015-10-06
NATIONAL BESTSELLER The long-awaited memoir from John Fogerty, the legendary singer-songwriter and creative force behind Creedence Clearwater Revival. Creedence Clearwater Revival is one of the most important and beloved bands in the history of rock, and John Fogerty wrote, sang, and produced their instantly recognizable classics: "Proud Mary," "Bad Moon Rising," "Born on the Bayou," and more. Now he reveals how he brought CCR to number one in the world, eclipsing even the Beatles in 1969. By the next year, though, Creedence was falling apart; their amazing, enduring success exploded and faded in just a few short years. FORTUNATE SON takes readers from Fogerty's Northern California roots, through Creedence's success and the retreat from music and public life, to his hard-won revival as a solo artist who finally found love.
Fortunate Son

Fortunate Son

Author: Lewis B. Puller
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 0802136907
Pages: 389
Year: 2000
A Vietnam veteran who lost both legs and a hand in the Vietnam War recounts his homecoming and his attempts to come to terms with his life.


Author: Alison L. Perry
Publisher: Alison L. Perry Books, LLC
ISBN: 0998516805
Year: 2017-01-09

Fortunate Son

Fortunate Son

Author: James Hatfield
ISBN: 190125075X
Pages: 292
Year: 2002-01-01
This title provides the truth about George W. Bush: how he dodged the draft,as a mediocre student at Yale, lost a lot of other people's money in boomimes in the Texas oil market, and was investigated by the SEC for insiderrading. It is a life of special favours, cut corners and blurry values.
A Fortunate Blizzard

A Fortunate Blizzard

Author: L.C. Chase
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
ISBN: 1626493391
Pages: 179
Year: 2015-11-02
There are worse things than being stranded in a blizzard. Artist Trevor Morrison has always appreciated the little things in life, treating each day as a gift. And with good reason: he’s been on the transplant-recipient list for too long now. When he learns just how numbered his days truly are, he resolves not to take them for granted. But he won’t be unrealistic, either—which means romantic commitments are off the table. Marcus Roberts seems to have it all. He’s handsome, financially sound, and on the fast track to partnership at a prestigious law firm. In reality, though, his drive for success has meant no time for friends or relationships. Add in the fact that his family discarded him long ago, and he’s facing yet another holiday season alone. When the biggest snowstorm to hit Colorado in decades leaves Marc and Trevor stranded at the same hotel, a chance encounter and a night of passion leads to more than either of them expected. Finding comfort in each other is a welcome surprise, but time is not on their side. Either they find a way to beat the odds, or they lose each other forever.
Fortunate Isle

Fortunate Isle

Author: Ronald MacKay
Publisher: Plashmill Press
ISBN: 0957261284
Pages: 250
Year: 2017-10-27
In 1960, with forty pounds in his pocket, 18-year-old Ronald Mackay hitched from Scotland to Spain then took a tramp steamer to Tenerife, thinking to travel on to South America. Instead, he discovered the village of Buenavista, where he was welcomed in by the locals as 'El Extranjero'. He spent a year there and the experience made him a man.
The Fortunate Fall

The Fortunate Fall

Author: Raphael Carter
ISBN: 0486815250
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-09-29
Reporter Maya Andreyeva is a "camera," broadcasting her perceptions to millions from her virtual-reality cranial implants. Maya's discovery of a covert state-approved massacre raises dangerous issues involving conspiracy, tyranny, and mind control. Author Raphael Carter's ingenious tale takes a compelling look at the role of media in shaping historical narrative. "Vibrant, sweet, and tragic ... Carter attempts impossible things and succeeds brilliantly." ― Jonathan Lethem.
British Books

British Books

Year: 1901

Abraham Ibn Ezra on Elections, Interrogations, and Medical Astrology

Abraham Ibn Ezra on Elections, Interrogations, and Medical Astrology

Author: Abraham ben Meïr Ibn Ezra
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004212205
Pages: 657
Year: 2011-09-09
This volume offers the first critical edition, with English translation and commentary, of seven astrological treatises by Abraham Ibn Ezra: the Book of Elections (3 versions); the Book of Interrogations (3 versions); and the Book of the Luminaries.