Guide To Effective Teaching

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a national report on eighty-one outstanding college teachers and how they teach
: lectures, computers, case studies, peer teaching, simulations, self-pacing,
multimedia, field study, problem solving, and research ... Graduate students teach
four. Undergraduate TAs receive four credits on their transcripts the first semester
they teach; if they are invited to teach a second time, they receive a waiver of
tuition and fees. Grad students receive a $2,000 stipend and a waiver of tuition
for each ...

Best Life

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I didn't understand what he meant about losing when you showed hatred until
one day in the fifth grade: I thought I'd be cool if I punched this heavy kid who
everyone was making fun of. So I punched him in the stomach. He started crying
I never felt so terrible. I knew exactly what my dad was trying to teach me.
Hurting someone, through words or actions, leaves the biggest scar on the
person throwing the punch. I think about that lesson a lot. TIP NO, 368 INSTILL A

Mccall S

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She describes herself as a sort of feisty Pollyanna, a perfectionist who was
popular with peers and grown-ups. a regular on the honor roll and a compulsive
neatnik. For the Judd kids, life was a round of all-American activities: Scout troops
, piano lessons. Little League, summer at Grandpa's farm, church absolutely
every Sunday "unless we had a fever of a hundred and five degrees. Our family
was the Waltons. My life was untouched by hardship until 1963. "I was getting
ready to start ...

Leadership Challenge

Author: James M. Kouzes
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Through research, interviews and the experience of hundreds of managers, Kouzes and Posner show how leadership can be learned and mastered by all. Readable, interesting, and up-to-date. Highly recommended.--Library Journal.

Musical America

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I know many wonderful musicians, sterling teachers, men and women who know
their subjects thoroughly who would be barred from the proposed association
because they are not college graduates. I know musicians who have made such
an exhaustive study of the subject they teach that they turn out many of these
C. G.'s and yet they possess no sheepskin. Simply because one has a college
degree to one's credit does not necessarily imply one is a learned man. From
observing ...

The Saturday Evening Post

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"New-Skin" will not wash off, and after it is applied the injury is forgotten, as “New-
Skin'I makes a tem orary new skin until the broken 5 'in is healed under it. ... If
your dealer [101']; m1! .ru Ijyou we'! .vI you liked. Send hi: name and ask/0r
Catalogue. THE CUMMINGS COMPANY L406 V Washington Street Boston,
Mnsa. SAVE FUEL MONEY Get the big, interesting. descriptive folder that shows
how you can silt al your ashes in a few minutes without dust. or fuss—simply a
icvr turns of the ...

Forthcoming Books

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Reading at University. A Guide for Students. LC00-50155, 192p. Jun 2001. pap,
write for info (0.335-20385-X. Pub. by OpUniv Pr) Taylor & Francis. Farm Animals.
(Early Leaming Ser), (J). Mar 200l. vinyl bd 495 (I-58.845-044-9) MG-Hill OH.
Famis, Pamela J. Elementary ... Nicholas & Hemsley-Brown. Jane Choosing
Futures Young People's Decision-Making in Education, Training & Career,
Market, LC00-45'04 Mar 2001. pap 2995 (041523:39.2, Pub by Routledge, Taylor
& Francis.

Consultants And Consulting Organizations Directory

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Recent Publ./Videos: Author of "A Practical Guide to Early Childhood Planning,
Methods and Materials: The What Why and How of Lesson Plans", Allyn and
Bacon, 1996; Author of “The Seeds of Success" series of books...“Growing Happy
Kids" ... career guidance books. Computer/Special Services:
, College Quest, Best College Picks, Colleges Want You. Recent Publ.JVideos:
Peterson's Guide to Four-year Colleges; Peterson's Graduate & Professional
Programs; ...