Acing Negotiable Instruments

Author: David J. Leibson
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
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This product presents in checklist format the series of issues that must be understood in order to identify and resolve the range of legal issues presented in an examination question.

Leibson S Acing Negotiable Instruments

Author: David Leibson
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 163459360X
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David Leibson. i Acing Negotiable Instruments A Checklist Approach to
Negotiable Instruments David J. Leibson Bernard Flexner Professor of Law
University of Louisville School of Law Series Editor A. Benjamin Spencer Mat #
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West S Federal Supplement First Series

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On November 7, 1994, Laura Tillotson, Personal Banking Officer for the Bank,
filed a Currency Transaction Report ("CTR") for > currency transaction involving
183 negotiable instruments totalling $44,456.00. ... The Recommendation for
Jeopar- "• Termination Assessment, IRS Form 2644, originated with Revenue
Officer McKinney and was routed to the Acting Chief of Examination, the Chief of
Collection, the Acting Chief of QAB, the Acting District Counsel, the Chief of CID
and the ...

The Law Of Negotiable Instruments

Author: Ernest Wilson Huffcut
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for defendant bank, and it is insisted that, as the name of the defendant bank is
not inserted in the instrument as payee, nor placed upon the back of it as indorser
, nothing was imported in the transaction involving liability on the part of ... to
show that Secor was the cashier of the defendant bank, and was acting in that
general capacity in transferring the instrument, and as against plaintiff, a bona
fide holder without notice, it was not competent for the defendant bank to show
that as a ...

Lectures On Commercial Law And The Law Of Negotiable Instruments

Author: Samuel Williston
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It is perfectly possible to have an agency without compensation. Frequently one
man agrees to act for another without pay, and an agent who is acting without
compensation, so long as he acts as agent, is bound to the same obligations to
his principal as if he were receiving compensation, only he can withdraw from his
agency whenever he sees fit since he is not paid for it. But unless circumstances
show that an agency was understood to be without compensation, it would be
implied ...

Trade Promotion Series

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A person who signs a bill as a drawer, endorser, or acceptor, and adds words to
his signature indicating that he signs for or on behalf of a principal, or in a
representative character, cannot be held personally liable thereon ; however, the
mere addition of words describing himself as an agent or as acting in a
representative capacity cannot exempt him from personal liability. A partner in a
trading firm may draw, accept, and issue bills or negotiable instruments in the
name of the firm ; in ...

The Federal Reporter Second Series

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... buyer, only or. acceptance and payment of draft did buyer become liable
thereon and hence assignment to bank was subject to Texas Accounts
Receivable Notification Act and was not exempt therefrom as a debt represented
by negotiable instrument. ... Bankruptcy 0=161(1) Some transactions, such as
those respecting a preferential transfer as defined by statute, are vulnerable to
action by trustee acting for general bankrupt estate only if occurring in the four
months' prefiling period.

Negotiable Instruments Under The U C C

Author: Frederick M. Hart
ISBN: 9780820521213
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Collecting banks, whether depository or intermediary, are virtually always acting
as * See U.C.C. Rev. ... Section 3-4200c) of the 1990 version of Article 3 states: A
representative, other than a depositary bank, who has in good faith dealt with an
instrument or its proceeds on behalf of one who was not the person entitled to
enforce the instrument is not ... is on a bank to show that it acted in good faith and
in accordance with reasonable commercial standards under Section 3–419(3).