Alabamas Prehistoric Indians

Author: David Johnson
Publisher: Borgo Design
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An introduction to archaeology in Alabama covering all aspects in one well organized and easily accessible volume. Alabama's Prehistoric Indians and Artifacts is the one reference anyone with an interest in Alabama archaeology should have.

Prehistoric Indians Of The Southeast

Author: John A. Walthall
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 9780817305529
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This book deals with the prehistory of the region encompassed by the present state of Alabama and spans a period of some 11,000 years—from 9000 B.C. and the earliest documented appearance of human beings in the area to A.D. 1750, when the ...

Maloney S Antiques And Collectibles Resource Directory

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561-878-2209 Appraiser, dealer buys, sells, trades American Indian relics, pre-
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Arrowheads And Spear Points In The Prehistoric Southeast

Author: Linda Crawford Culberson
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9781604734850
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Van Buren, G.E. 1974 Arrowheads and Projectile Points: With a Classification
Guide For Lithic Artifacts. Garden Grove, Calif.: Arrowhead Publishing Co. Walker
, J.H. 1987 "Was It Buried, Lost or Mislaid," Central States Archaeological Journal
, 34 (2): 84-85. Walthall, John A. 1980 Prehistoric Indians of the Southeast:
Archaeology of Alabama and the Middle South. University, Ala.: University of
Alabama Press. Webb, S. David and others. 1984 "A Bison Antiquus Kill Site,
Wacissa River, ...

Native Peoples A To Z

Author: Donald Ricky
Publisher: Native American Book Publishers
ISBN: 1878592734
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For treaty references see Volume Seven ALABAMA artifacts and archaeological
remains of prehistoric Indians range from “rock towns” or cave shelters along the
river bluffs, to the great earthen pyramids and fortified town sites of the semi-
civilized peoples popularly known as the Mound Builders. Throughout the State,
particularly in the large drainage basins, are habitation sites, shell refuse heaps,
or middens, and terraced flat-topped ceremonial mounds that served as the
foundations ...

Alabama History

Author: Lynda Brown
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313282232
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An encyclopedic overview of geologic features, excavated areas, and
archaeological periods with descriptions of typical customs, artifacts, etc. 50. .
Archaeological Salvage in the Walter F. George Basin ... A report on 1961
excavations near Dadeville in an unsuccessful attempt to find the remains of
Indian fortifications. 52. Futato, E. M. "1-65 Highway Salvage: The Position of
Twelve Archaeological Sites in Central Alabama Prehistory." Master's thesis,
University of Alabama, 1973. 53.

Copper Artifacts In Late Eastern Woodlands Prehistory

Author: Claire Garber Goodman
Publisher: Center for Amer Archeology Pr
ISBN: 9780942118162
Size: 24.20 MB
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Walthall, John A. 1980 Prehistoric Indians of the Southeast: archaeology of
Alabama and the Middle South. University of Alabama Press, University. 1981
Monumental Moundville. Early Man 3(4):12-23. Waring, Antonio, J. Jr., and
Preston Holder 1945 A prehistoric ceremonial complex in the southeastern
United States. American Anthropologist 47(l):l-34. Watson, Virginia D. 1950 The
Wulfing plates: products of prehistoric Americans. Washington University Studies,
n.s. Social and ...

Alabama Native Americans

Author: Carole Marsh
Publisher: Gallopade International
ISBN: 0635083663
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The prehistoric Indian tribes who inhabited the eastern part of the United States
built huge earthen structures with sophisticated building techniques. The reasons
for building these mounds are ... Artifacts unearthed here show that the
Moundville people knew how to make pottery, carve stone, and create copper
ornaments. This extinct tribe, led by Chief ... wiped out by the Spanish soldiers.
The location of this battle may have been between the lower Alabama and
Tombigbee rivers. 17 ...

Alabama Indians Paperback

Author: Carole Marsh
Publisher: Gallopade International
ISBN: 9780635022462
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Artifacts unearthed here show that the Moundville people knew how to make
pottery, carve stone, and create copper ornaments. ^ 1 ^ ^ ▽ r Muskogean A
family of Indian languages spoken in the southeastern U.S.; . members of any
tribes that spoke Muskogean are referred to as Muskogean. The Choctaw,
Creeks, Chickasaw, and Seminole are part of this group. »• »□ fc k i A prehistoric
Indian settlement and ceremonial center in Moundville. It is the largest mound
site in the South.