American Secret Projects Fighters And Bombers Of World War

Author: Tony Buttler
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Embracing both fighter and bomber proposals from the American Aircraft industry this new volume includes medium, heavy and intercontinental bombers, attack and anti-submarine aircraft, both for the USAAF and US Navy.

Air Space Smithsonian

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Chinnery leads you through the endless rows of fighters, bombers and
reconnaissance aircraft layed to rest at Davis Monthan 112 pgs.. 156 rotor 1
GERMAN ... Inside is Bomber Command, the story of American bombers in WWII,
and Fighter Command, the story of the American fighters that escorted them.
Each cover the ... 143 pgs., 294 color ill THE FIRST JET The History LUFTWAFFE
SECRET PROJECTS S. IM1UI MM INI r 1 A Luftwaffe Secret Wagner. Subtitled:
The First Jet Aircraft ...

Naval Institute Proceedings

Author: United States Naval Institute
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Four years ago the British Government told the world of the part played in the
Battle of Britain by radiolocation (or radar as it is now called) which enabled
squadrons of fighters to be maneuvered into position for battle as soon as the
Luftwaffe took off from its Continental bases. What has not been told until ... worn
down to almost nothing. Radar made possible the devices used by night fighters,
bombers, and coastal aircraft, the Royal Navy's warships large and small, and the
Army's ...

The Saturday Evening Post

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No commitments, political or otherwise, were ever exacted from the Russians in
bargaining for American products. Some observers ... But it was hoped and
expected— President Roosevelt made no secret of it—that this gesture of good
faith would break down Russian reserve, suspicion and secretiveness, with two
important results. One, we aspired to ... By last July we had shipped to our
Communist Ally about 10,000 fighter planes, 4000 bombers, 400,000 trucks and
7500 tanks. Also ...

The Barnes Review

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The specimen he chose was one of the outstanding airplanes of the war, a
maritime reconnaissance model with exceptional characteristics. The CANT 511
was originally designed in September 1937, as the world's largest double-
pontoon hydroplane, intended for civilian flights carrying mail, cargo and 16
passengers between Rome and Latin America. ... At 60 tons, the CA 2 was too
heavy to be carried by any aircraft, so Borghese returned to the Maiale for his
New York attack.

Aeroplane And Commercial Aviation News

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This is a vital matter for us at this time, and can only be resolved in detail by
thoughtful and considered discussion between the Americans and ourselves,
initiated preferably at the highest level. ... For all the enthusiasm displayed in print
regarding various European co-operative projects in the fields of science and
engineering, the blunt fact is that such projects are on a small scale, and large-
scale technological co-operation would be impracticable because of the intense
national pride ...

Video Source Book Video Program Listings J T

Author: James M. Craddock
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American Psychological Association, 1994. ... The Memphis Belle/Thunderbolt
1945 Both filmed in color, these films show American planes going on bomber
and fighter missions. ... German war films: "Men Against Tanks" (1943), which
shows the drama of an entrenched German infantry platoon repelling an
overwhelming Soviet tank attack; "Engineers to the Front" (1940), which depicts
the lightning advance of the German army due to its engineers who eliminate
defensive barriers.