Ancient Art From The Shumei Family Collection

Author: Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN: 0870997734
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The works are selected from the holdings of the Shumei Family, a religious organization based in Japan which holds to the belief that beautiful objects elevate the spirit and, therefore, that they were created to be shared (the group is ...

The New Posidippus

Author: Kathryn Gutzwiller
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Des géants a Dionysos: mélanges de mythologie et de poésie grecque offerts a
Francis Vian (Alessandria: Edizioni dell'Orso, 2003). ACOSTA-HUGHES,
BENJAMIN, and KOSMETATOU, ELIZABETH, 'New Poems Attributed to
Posidippus', I/z classat polf/posid_4
eds.), Labored in Papyrus Leaves: Perspectives on an Epigram Collection
Attributed to Posidippus ...

Silk Road Art And Archaeology

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Marshak, Boris I. Silberschaetze des Orients, Leipzig, Seemann, 1986. Marshak,
Boris I. " Sogdian civilisation " in Litvinsky, B. A., Zhang Guang-da, R. Shabani
Sambhabadi (eds) vol. 3, History of Civilizations of Central Asia, Delhi, Motilal
Banarsidass 1999/ UNESCO 1996. Marshak, Boris I. "Plate" in Ancient Art from
the Shumei Family Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1996: 81-83. Marshak
. Boris I. " A Sogdian Silver Bowl in the Freer Gallery of Art ". Ars Orientalis 19 :
103-1 10 ...

Original Copy Fake

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Archives of Asian Art, XXV, pp. 67-76. Bunker, Emma C. (1988),"Lost Wax and
Lost textile: An Unusual Ancient Technique for Casting Gold Belt Plaques," in:
Robert Maddin (ed.) The Beginnings of the Use of Metals and Alloys, MIT Press,
Cambridge and London, pp. 222 - 227. Bunker, Emma C. (2002),The Prakhon
Chai Story: Fact and Fiction," in: Arts of As/a, 32(2), pp. 106 -121. Kawami, Trudy
S. (1996), Ancient Art from the Shumei Family Collection, The Metropolitan
Museum of Art, ...

Book Review Digest

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REVIEW: Libr / v121 p54 F1 '96. Henry Carrigan (140w) "Anaya (Bless Me.
Ultima) has fashioned a New Age Joshua by Joseph F. Gitzone] in which
Jalamanta is a kind of Christic guru preaching an exotic blend of ego psychology,
Christian theBlogy, and Hinduism. Recommended for libraries where Anaya's
books are in demand." REVIEW: World Lit. Today v70 p957 Aut '96. William
COLLECTION; with texts ...

Library Journal

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Ancient Art from the Shumei Family Collection. Metropolitan Museum of Art, dist.
by Abrams. 1996. 210p. photogs. bibliog. index. ISBN 0-87099-773-4. $60; pap.
ISBN 0-87099-774-2. $40. FINE ARTS The Shumei Family, a religious
organization based in Japan, believes that "Unless you make others happy, you
can never be happy yourself." To this end they have collected art for the past 40
years. On the advice of I.M. Pei, the architect hired to design a museum for their
holdings, they ...

Miho Museum South Wing

Author: Miho Museum
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Furthermore, all information collected during the technical investigations was
used in combination with other scholarly studies to define the cultural properties
of each work of art as accurately as possible. Authenticity is an especially
significant requirement for the Shumei Family collection of ancient art. Among all
the different types of artworks, antiquities contain by far the largest percentage of
copies or imitations made specifically to deceive the buyer. * 1 Because of the
potential for ...


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Important works of art are on show including the famous Palestrina mosaic
representing a Nilotic scene, and the group of statues forming the Capitoline
Triad, as well as many other artefacts from ancient Praeneste. ... A new museum,
located in a suburb of Kyoto, designed by I. M. Pei, and named after the spiritual
leader of the Shinji Shumeikai, Mihoko Koyama, houses the superb Shumei
Family collection, consisting of Classical, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Chinese, and |
apanese ...

Bulletin Of The Asia Institute

Author: Carol A Bromberg
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Ancient Art from the Shumei Family Collection (New York, 1996), no. 16, colour
plate p. 42, caption p. 43. 72. Only the circular opening is now visible in the
published colour plate of the Erevan wine horn, the projecting tubular outlet
having presumably come off when it was photographed. The Nantes cataloguer
states that "un versoir cylindrique |a cylindrical outlet/spout) [i.e., in the chest] ete
menage pour per- mettre de boire (le vin?) a la regalade." 73. Xenophon 4.5.35,
The Persian ...

The New Yorker

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... lovers, the daydreaming schoolteacher oblivious of her pupils' innocent games
under cloudless skies. Was America ever really such an idyllic place? The dark
edges are there (some of the seascapes are truly terrifying), but the
overwhelming impression is of a defiantly hopeful spirit; even the early,
reportorial Civil War paintings emphasize the camaraderie and bravery of the
soldiers rather than their suffering. Through Sept. 22. . . . *l "Ancient Art from the
Shumei Family Collection.