Greek Handbook The Essential

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... dhee-ayta; I'm on a diet — Kahno dhee-ayta difference, a (the) — mia (ee)
dheeafora; It doesn't make any difference — Dhen peerahzee different —
dheeaforetikoh difficult — dheeskolos (m), dheeskolee (0, dheeskolo (n)
digestion, the — ee honepsi dinner, a (the) — ena (toh) yevma (also means "
lunch") direct (adv.) — Kaht'eftheeahn; Does this (bus, ship, etc.) go direct to...?
— Paee kaht'eftheeahn stee...? director, a (the) — enas (oh) dhee-eftheentees
directory, a (the) telephone, ...

Skepticism In Classical Islam

Author: Paul L. Heck
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He disappeared and then appeared in the essence of divinity from the world of
eternity with the quality of oneness and singularity. I became confused [tah.
ayyartu]. He then appeared to me before the throne clothed in splendor and
beauty, and at the throne I saw a screen plaited with light, and from behind it he
called to me, but it did not veil him. I saw him unveiled, and he said, “Ruzbihan,
do not doubt what you have seen [wa-la- tashukk fı-ma- ra'ayta]. I am I, your Lord,
the one and ...

Arabic Manuscripts

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A lam nashrah I al-Sharh A lam tara I al-Fil A ra'ayta I al—Ma'un 'Abasa 80 Abi
Lahab I al-Masad al—'Adiyat 100 Ahl al-Kitab I al-Bayyinah al-Ahqaf 46 al-Ahzab
33 Al-'Imran 3 al-A'la 87 al-'Alaq 96 Alhakum I al-Takathur Alif-lam-mim al-sajdah
I al-Sajdah Alif-lam-mim tanZil I al-Sajdah Alif-lam-mim ghulibat al-Rum I al-Rum
Alif-lam-mim-sad I al-A'raf 'Amma I al-Naba' al-An'am 6 al-Anbiya' 21 al-Anfal 8 al
-'Ankabut 29 al-A'raf 7 Ashab al-Hijr : al-Hijr Ashab al-Kahf I al-Kahf al-'Asr 103 ...

Saints Santos Shrines

Author: John Annerino
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Fortunately, Paco had grown up with this rogue's gallery of desperados. Because
at nearly every bend in the trail that looked like the perfect place to get ambushed
, a lean figure would peer out from theshadows, Pacowould wave hishand,andin
the guttural linguafranca of the sierra,tell them,“Ayta' ”(I'm here). Paco was my
insurance policy, and Iagreedto return in the spring before Semana Santa, “
Easter Week,” tobringhim a metal detector he'd bargained as a fee. detector to
search for ...

A Greek And English Lexicon To The New Testament To This Is Prefixed A Greek Grammar

Author: Hugh James Rose
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... prophesied and promised, as Schl. translates the place.] III. With a dative
following, To bear witness to or concerning. Mat. xxiii. 3 1 . Implying praise or
commendation, Luke iv. 22. [See John iii. 26. In Luke xi. 48. Schleusn. *
translates " ye approve of the deeds of your forefathers," and he gives this sense
also to Rom. x. 2. See Xen. Mem. i. 2. 21. .<Esch. Socr. Dial. iii. 6. Krebs. Comm.
ad Deer. Athen. p. 72.] So Josephus, Ant. lib. xiv. cap. 10. \ 2, 'AYTa-i iroXAoi

A Dictionary English Latin And Latin English

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ОНensator, бris, m. a fregиго" литыеr, a blunderer, a fiammerer: 1,95 нм equus,
а ритbling от fe. offenfo, бnis, f. a fитbline er Литbine-Alxi, а rikine, ита ваге, а
ayta/i, " Онgnfoni etc, ta t, tyiefe4"» оientione belli; Мусатт &eer, й Sисvele, x
Сисd aptidalios grariam, apudaltos of fentionem habet, tbat высb cne }еть
австber aylikeть. }ени, ae, f. a little burt or dтаре. offenfo, are, to knork от
тип астn}, "рот нта,". * Vener" Гubinde offenfanti datur, и giver to prepoke Lчут.
offenfun,i, n. a ...

Journals Of The House Of Commons

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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A Bill for repairing and widening the Roads Jeading from the Town of Breston,
through the Parishes of Batconh, /.ayta i, and Marston, to the Town of Froom ; and
from Brewton aforefaid to the Turnpike near Milton Brite ; and from the faid Town
of Brewton to the First Direction Poit on the ji incanton Road, and from Redlynck
Park to Hardwav ; and also from the faid Town of Brewton to the Sherborne
Turnpike Road near Hard/pen; and from the Cross Ways near Pitcombe Hill to
the faid ...

I Am God Your Saviour

Author: Antoon Schoors
Publisher: Brill Archive
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... nr 49, 17; vol. Ill, p. 66. 2 Cf. ZOEELL, pp. 394-395. Protosem. Iz and Id would
both result in a Heb. or Phoen. rf?. 3 Pesh: * LXX:ISa>Ka;Vg:dedi. 5 So
LXX: efitavav ol apxovres TO. ayta I.LOV ;; Pesh: rx?x..icia vviAiaHoS COE.CVA..
« C. F. WHITLEY, "Textual Notes on Deutero-Isaiah", VT. XI 1961, pp. 457-461. 1
JOUON, § 118 i; so Vg: et contaminavi principes §2. THE TRIAL SPEECHES 195.

Processes Of Language Contact

Author: Jeff Siegel
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One assumes this odd restriction has some historical explanation. In fact, the
word is well-known throughout New Caledonia, where it is perceived as a
Tahitianism; it is used in the L2 Tayo of the young Wallis islanders who attend (
have attended) the St-Louis mission school: ma ke war ayta 'I can't see anything
at all' (1SG/ASSERTIVE/see/'a//a) (AC), (ke does not usually co-occur with the
negators pa, chame, nor with stative verbs [*le ke sal meson pu twa], so its co-
occurrence in this ...