Azila Of The Mountain

Author: Pj Jami
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I like to believe that fear is just faith contaminated.

Women S Spirituality In The Transformation Of South Africa

Author: Azila Talit Reisenberger
Publisher: Waxmann Verlag
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Azila Talit Reisenberger. of women's search for status, position or recognition in
the realm of spirituality. However, before considering these, I want to provide
some important illustrative background. Owing to the special circumstances of
recent historical events in South Africa, there are experiences of political
transition and ... After this insult, she uttered her famous words: "I will rather walk
barefoot across the Drakensberge [a formidable mountain range] ere I live under
British rule.

An Analysis Of Antient Mythology Mdcccvi By Jacob Bryant

Author: Robert D. Morritt
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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The God of light, Orus, was often styled Az-El; whence we meet with many places
named Azelis, Azilis, Azila, and by apocope, Zelis, Zela, and Zeleia. In Lycia was
the city Phaselis, situated upon the mountain [625] Chimæra; which mountain
had the same name, and was sacred to the God of fire. Phaselis is a compound
of Phi, which, in the Amonian language, is a mouth or opening; and of Azel above
mentioned. Ph'Aselis signifies Os Vulcani, sive apertura ignis; in other words a ...

A New System Or An Analysis Of Antient Mythology Volumes I And Ii

Author: Jacob Bryant
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465514708
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Delos was famed for its oracle; and for a fountain sacred to the prophetic Deity. It
was called [624]Inopus. This is a plain compound of Ain-Opus, Fons Pythonis.
Places named Asopus, Elopus, and like, are of the same analogy. The God of
light, Orus, was often styled Az-El; whence we meet with many places named
Azelis, Azilis, Azila, and by apocope, Zelis, Zela, and Zeleia. In Lycia was the city
Phaselis, situated upon the mountain [625]Chimæra; which mountain had the
same name, ...

Morocco Footprint Handbook

Author: Julius Honnor
Publisher: Footprint Travel Guides
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The main point ofinterest in the area is the nearby Jbel Tidghine, the highest
mountain in the Rif at 2448 m. Ifyou settle for a couple of minutes in a café in
Ketama, someone is certain to approach you with an offer of cannabis. But the
Gendarmerie royale are watching, so avoid making any purchases. Climbing
Jbel Tidghine (Tidiquin) For Jbel Tidghine, you need to head for the village of
Azila, about 5 km from Ketama. If driving, take the road south out of Ketama and
turn left at the new, ...

Encyclopaedia Metropolitana Or Universal Dictionary Of Knowledge

Author: Edward Smedley
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It was, however, abandoned in 1684. as not worth keeping, after the mole and
fortifications had been destroyed. Situated at the bottom of a deep bay, on the
sandy, unproductive soil of a valley, embosomed by high mountains, it has few, if
any, resources in itself, but is said to have flourished greatly under the Arabs, till
the capture of Azila by the Portuguese in 1471, when the inhabitants of Tanjah,
panic-struck, deserted the town, which was soon afterwards occupied by the
Portuguese ...

Wit And Wisdom In Morocco Routledge Revivals

Author: Edward Westermarck
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317929721
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The people of Azila, Shawen, and Wazzan are not honest in business: (489) Be
w śrī ba"dd mén 2-2ailáši w ś-šáuni, “Sell and buy, [but] keep away from a man
from Azila and Shawen ''; (490) Be w śri li 5-34ouni wił l-wgzzānī bá“dum ménni, “
Sell ... + A Jebli among his mountains is like a tambourine of earthenware before
the skin has been put on it, and it is only when he comes to live in a town that he
by and by loses his rusticity; or, according to an entirely different interpretation of
the ...

Marocco Translated By Maria Hornor Lansdale

Author: Edmondo De Amicis
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Ascending and descending, losing and finding one another again, and all the
while shut in by the thick underbrush, we journeyed for nearly two hours among
those desolate hills, and had begun to fear that we had lost our way, when from
the top of an eminence we suddenly saw before us the towers of Azila and the
entire line of coast as far as the mountain on Cape Spartel, whose blue contour
stood out clear and distinct against the limpid background of the sky. There was
great ...

A New Gazetteer Of The Eastern Continent

Author: Jedidiah Morse
Publisher: J. T. Buckingham
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or, A Geographical Dictionary: Containing, in Alphabetical Order, a Description of
All the Countries, Kingdoms, States, Cities, Towns, Principal Rivers, Lakes,
Harbors, Mountains, &c., &c. in Europe, Asia, and Africa, with their Adjacent
Islands Jedidiah Morse, Elijah Parish. joins it, and flows with it into the Caspian
Sea. Achyr, a strong town and ... Pliny ascribes a salutary effect, as an antidote to
stone and gravel. Azila, a staple or mart town in Arabia Felix on the Persian gulf.
Arinatis ...