Being Hope Adult Study

Author: Larry F. Beman
ISBN: 9781426782404
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This resource will equip participants to become catalysts of change for their communities and involve younger generations in the important work The United Methodist Church is doing to alleviate suffering in 81 countries around the world.

Adult Commitment

Author: Elizabeth Willems
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780819177094
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Two aspects of his work are particularly significant for this study: creative fidelity
and a metaphysics of hope. Both of these are founded on being and on the
experience of being, on participation, assurance and love. These concepts also
correlate with psychological trust development and theological foundations of
trust. The correlation may possibly reveal how trust develops in midlife adults. A
similar correlation based on Marcel's work on fidelity may serve to illumine the
nature of ...

Interdisciplinary Perspectives On Hope

Author: Jaklin A. Eliott
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781594541667
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As death neared, hopes appeared directed back on self with a focus on "being"
rather than "having or doing". Thus, the focus of ... Similar findings were noted by
Herth (1993b) in her longitudinal study of family caregivers of terminally ill. Family
caregivers' focus ... Herth's (1996) most recent study involving homeless families
revealed that adult family members' descriptions of hope, and the foci of their
hopes changed both over time and with changing living arrangements. Initially
their ...

Disciple I Revised Adult Study Manual

Author: Richard Byrd Wilke
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 0687783496
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HOPE “AsI watched in the night visions, I saw one like a human being coming
with theclouds of heaven. And he came tothe Ancient One and was presented
before him. To him wasgiven dominion and glory and kingship,... that shall
neverbe destroyed.” —Daniel 7:1314 16 People Hope for a Savior OUR HUMAN
CONDITION We swing between two extremes. Either we drift into cynicism,
supposing that evil prospers and death ends all. Or we try to convince ourselves
that a new ...

Strengths Based Therapy

Author: Elsie Jones-Smith
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1483321983
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They may hope that they live longer (generalized hope), and they may hope that
they recover from a specific illness (particularized hope). The power of hope.
Researchers have found a therapeutic value of hope to health, healing, well-
being, and quality of life (Moore, 2005; Snyder, Irving, & Anderson, 1991). During
the past three decades, interest in hope has intensified, as shown by a surge in
qualitative and quantitative studies—many of which have occurred in health-care

The Oxford Handbook Of Hope

Author: Matthew W. Gallagher
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199399328
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From the perspective of risk avoidance, it is noteworthy that extant studies of
resilience have given limited empirical attention to the exact nature of the
stressors and challenges confronting resilient children and adults. ... Hope as a
Source of Resilience Although considerable research has documented the
effects of hope on well-being, no systematic review has yet investigated the role
of hope as a promotive factor, increasing the likelihood of adaptive well-being
and health, or as a ...

Health And Well Being In Islamic Societies

Author: Harold G. Koenig
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319058738
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Results indicated an indirect positive relationship between hopelessness scores
and external religiosity scores, although the relationship was not statistically
significant (only abstract available, so study details lacking). The second study
was by Kroo and Nagy (2011) who examined 53 traumatized Muslim Somali
refugees at reception centers in Hungary (83 % men, 83 % ages 18–29). Hope
was measured using the 12-item Adult Trait Hope Scale (Snyder). Posttraumatic
growth (PTG) ...

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook

Author: Betty J. Ackley
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323089224
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Suggested NIC Interventions Active Listening, Forgiveness Facilitation, Grief
Work Facilitation, Hope Inspiration, Humor, Music Therapy, Presence, Referral,
Reminiscence Therapy, Self-Awareness Enhancement, Simple Guided Imagery,
Simple ... Observe clients for cues indicating difficulties in finding meaning,
purpose, or hope in life. ... EB: A qualitative study of young adult daughters with
parents experiencing cancer identified being present as a theme (Puterman &
Cadell, 2008).

Understanding Other Oriented Hope

Author: Andrew J. Howell
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319150073
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Mothers and fathers identified similar hope for their children. In a quantitative
portion of the same study, parents' ratings of their child's adjustment correlated
positively with parental ratings of their own well-being. This suggests that if hope
held by parents comes to be realized, parental well-being is likely to be relatively
high. However, an additional finding was that parents who perceived that their
child's current adjustment exceeded their own at the same age had significantly
lower ...

Alive And Kicking At All Ages

Author: Ulla Kriebernegg
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839425824
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Fostering hope is also an integral element in one's sense of well-being and
quality of life for older adults facing serious, progressive illness. When discussing
diagnoses, future symptoms and ... in singing, reading, and storytelling. Certainly,
the child can read to them or they can read to the child. They also participated in
environmental science, as the school is located near a watershed where they can
go out and study together, explore together, both young and older adults. A study
of ...