Building Your Own Street Rod Made Easy

Author: Dave Harvey
ISBN: 1430307021
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BLACK AND WHITE VERSION, Large Print. This book is a guide for building a street rod. It includes planning, ordering parts, title & registration, building instructions & procedures, and all aspects of the project from start to finish.

The Street Rodder S Handbook

Author: Frank Oddo
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781557884091
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The cost of lighting, however, should not be a consideration. You should have
ample illumination in your shop for safety. If you can't clearly see what you're
doing, you'll be the proverbial "accident waiting to happen." There are more than
enough opportunities to skin knuckles, bang elbows and thump your head while
building your street rod. Good lighting is also a necessity for improved work
efficiency. Errors are easy enough to make without inviting the gremlins to take

How To Build 1934 35 Chevy St Rodshp1514

Author: The Edt. of Street Rodder Mag.
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101157121
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One of the difficulties of building suspension pieces for street rodders that isn't a
factor for Detroit engineers is the overall look. Most production cars on the road
have a suspension that works well, but the components that achieve the correct
frontend alignment are considered ugly and bulky for street rod use. The method
used on the ... Heidt's has made the setup as easy as possible by building in one
degree of positive caster (this frontend's spec) while constructing these

The Complete Builder S Guide To Hot Rod Chassis And Suspensions

Author: Jeff Tann
Publisher: CarTech Inc
ISBN: 1934709182
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T-bucket manufacturers were the first companies to see that enthusiasts were
willing to buy a hot rod that had a fiberglass body and custom-made chassis, so
when certain rare cars—such as the '32 Ford roadster—became very difficult to
find, they reasoned that a fiberglass replica might be a marketable replacement.
Before then, fiberglass companies were making Model T–based bodies and
sheetmetal replacement parts (such as fiberglass fenders and grille shells). As it
turned out, ...

How To Build A Small Block Chevy

Author: Jim Richardson
ISBN: 9781610609760
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They also must be used with dished pistons to avoid detonation, unless they are
made of aluminum. The heads most ot us will have or will be able to find easily
are the 74-76-cc smog heads, which have good performance potential. If you can
afford them. World's 72-cc heads and a set of KB flat-top pistons will give you
about the ultimate for a street engine on pump gas. RODS Connecting rods take
a great deal of punishment during service and must be in tip-top shape if they are
to ...

Hot Rod

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On the other hand, a street-and-strip special may call for welding them into the
tubes, near the header flange. Smog nozzle kits are available to make this step a
little easier. Part of the planning is to decide ... If there is room for it, the simplest
way to build a custom header is to use one of the prefab kits, such as the Cyclone
SST headers, which are avilable in l'/s, 1% and 1 V% sizes for the small-block
Chevy and 2, 2'/s and 2'A sizes for the big-block Chevy. Of course these two kits
can ...

Rods And Customs

Author: Bo Bertilsson
ISBN: 1610591747
Size: 72.17 MB
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To write and take all the photos for a book like this can be a little like building a
street rod. You have to collect the right parts, do the work, and polish it off before
it is all done. In the end, it is a lot of fun work and very rewarding. For this book I
have collected some of my favorite rods ... They have all given me plenty of help
through the years and have made my work so much easier. Another great aspect
that comes with my work is the possibility to build project cars The Flathead-T that
is ...

How To Hot Rod Small Block Mopar Engines

Author: Larry Shepard
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781557884053
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These two decisions should be made early in the engine building program (
planning stages), before the pistons are purchased. The piston relates to many
parts in the engine and can't be chosen without considering how these other
parts affect the piston. First, let's discuss the piston's elements. Special Note: The
required bore-size of the rings may be the hardest to find. Custom pistons are
much easier to find or have made than custom rings. For example, a race ring set
may be easier ...

How To Build A Hot Rod

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Always, but always, have sturdy radius rods of some sort and a sturdy, well
mounted locater bar. This latter is a bar running parallel to the rear end that
serves to keep it running true. Such bars are common on Buicks and some '47-'
48 Fords. Brake installation is described in full detail on pages 60-65. Suffice it to
say that due to the interchangeability of most car parts, especially of same-make
cars, getting hydraulic brakes is easy. Making special brakes for a car, such as
utilizing the ...

Mills Mill Pals

Author: Pamela Chaffin Foster
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465395717
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George and Mary Simpkins holding Gary I remember building homemade hot
rods and racing them down the hill from the Mills Mill textile plant to the very
bottom. That would be from the top of ... way back pushing the hot rod. The car
was made from a real car steering wheel and wheels from the mill, with leather
straps to make a pulley so the wheel would turn. ... With a friend helping, it was
easier to pull the hot rod back up the hill for another exciting ride. We finally had
to stop doing ...