Monuments Of Book Illustration Early Printing And Manuscripts

Author: William H. Schab Gallery
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KALENDARIUM GREGORIANUM PERPETUUM. 4to., 32 leaves. Printed in red
and black. Woodcut initials. Old vellum. Munich, Adam Montanus, 1583. $ 250.—
Early edition of the Gregorian Calendar, printed one year after the papal bull on
the reformation of the calendar had been issued. In March 1582 Pope Gregory
XIII abolished the use of the ancient calendar and substituted a new system
which corrected the error of the Julian year. Since the Julian method supposed
the year too ...

The Sphere Of Marcus Manilius Made An English Poem

Author: Marcus Manilius
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Ancient and Modern. 6^ a*m post writes more particularly. But the Work of his
chiefly pertinent to our Subject, cHvstVM. ^ wnofe L0fs cannot be sufficiently
deplored , was his Harmontcon Cœlette, which being communicated to
Merfennus-> was, ... of S chief wic\, Holfatia, and Ditmars, put forth Calendar ium,
Romanum, Oeconomicum,Ecclefia&icum , Ajironomicum , & fere perpetuum j and
an Astrological Treatise, collected out of the most ancient and best Authors of
Judiciary Astro.


Author: Susan Jaskot
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The Greatest Innovator; Timekeeping and Time Consciousness in Early Modern
Europe Susan Jaskot Rachel Doggett, Robert Rand. method for calculating the
date of Easter did ... Novi Calendarii Romani Apologia Adversus Michaelem
Maestlinum, 1588, was the first of five defenses of the Gregorian calendar
published by Clavius. The new calendar was adopted at once by ... From the
Papal Bull, Kalendarium Gregorianum Perpetuum, 1582. Case IV "Thou by thy
dial's shady stealth ...

Quomodo Cantabimus Canticum

Author: David Butler Cannata
Publisher: Amer Inst of Musicology
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Interestingly, Georges Auric reserved judgment on Messiaen's influence and
success as a teacher in his article "Paris Resurgent," Modern Music (1945): 250,
an issue that post-dates the Vingt Regards. However, in all fairness, ... For one of
the most astute opinions on civil and ecclesiastical calendars for the modern
period, see Aloysio Maria a Carpo, /Calendarium Perpetuum (Ferrara, 1866) and
his ever-invaluable Compendiosa Bibliotheca Liturgica (Bologna, 1878). 20 And
for the ...

Classica Et Mediaevalia

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The contrast between the types is not without importance in a stylistic
investigation: the dating according to the ecclesiastical calendar is out of place
where a humanist style is aimed at. while the dating after the Roman fashion
betrays a taste for ancient turns of expression. It may at once be noted that the
classical type of dating occurs during the whole of the Middle Ages, that it seems
to owe its popularity to the influence of the Papal chancellery, and that it was
especially in Italy that it ...

Science And Medicine In The Scottish Enlightenment

Author: Charles W. J. Withers
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ical manuscripts and documents for the library, which also housed some Roman
artifacts. He left in 1701 to ... He knew something of Newton's work, had read
Clarke's edition of Rohault's physics, owned a work by Leibnitz and followed the
controversy between the great Hanoverian polymath and his Newtonian
antagonists. His best friend ... But he also invented a new kind of sundial and he
seems to have published a perpetual calendar, the Calendarium lunae
perpetuum, in 1697.

Von Zahlen Und Figuren

Author: Hans Rademacher
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Dieser Buchtitel ist Teil des Digitalisierungsprojekts Springer Book Archives mit Publikationen, die seit den Anfängen des Verlags von 1842 erschienen sind.