The Graphic

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“Instantaneous” views taken in crowded streets of cities like Paris or London
become, when thus expanded, amazingly real. Antiquated as this little
entertainment ... The next view in the series is certain to be the Church of the Holy
Sepulchre, with its huge arch and pillars, the lamps suspended from the rocky
roof and diffusing a soft light. The proprietors of the “Lord .... A somewhat meagre
picture, not quite bold outline nor yet finished portrait, is all that we receive. Peel
is sketched, with ...

The Bulletin

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Generation. Thailand's economy hasn 't boomed by accident. Its success is the
product of bold enterprise and savvy government planning. Such growth has
spawned a new wave of Thai entrepreneurs and has given a generation of
technocrats the chance to apply ... In 1978 Dumri started canning tuna SAKORN
VEERA Taking risks: Dumri checks out the tuna under the name Unicord; today
the firm is the world's largest tuna processor and canner, with exports last year of
$120 million.

I Have Kept My Pledge With God And Man

Author: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
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This is a national mission and it must succeed. ln this context it is essential to
move into the less developed ramparts and break new ground to bring to our
land new bounties of our times. Do not ... We have to develop a bold and
visionary approach for a more balanced growth of society. Baluchistan is our
least ... The most important source of power in Pakistan comes from Sui. lt is
shameful to admit that despite this factor Baluchistan is woefully deficient in
power generation. There is a ...

Musical Leader

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Yehudi Menuhin, another of the fine violinists, contrasted the old and the new by
playing (Orchestra Hall — Allied Arts Corporation, (ioldsmith and Thompson. ... It
is a bird-call, a canning factory, a locomotive under full steam. ... Lain Shore Drive
Chicago Grace C377 LUBI special attribute of the Elman violin — and this,
together with an intense and dramatic personal style, stamps him as an
individualist who has left his mark on the interpretive history of our music for the
past generation.

Mechanical Engineering

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coal mines, it cannot be foreseen that more than 60 or 70 million tons of coal will
be available to the industry by then and hence the steps which have been taken
to bridge the gap, at least partially, by the installation of new plant, and
conversion of some of the old, to burn oil to the ... Britain's atomic development
facilities, established during the War, expanded rapidly, and it was not lon before
reactors of the gas-cooled gra hite-moderated type were built both at Harwell and

High Fidelity News And Record Review

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[A:1/1*J Hugh Canning MUSIC BY JOHN DOWLAND Extempore String Ens
Hyperion CDA 66010 (50m 41s) ® 1985 John Dowland's music is still, despite
complete recordings of his songs and lute music, one of the unsung (if you
forgive the expression) wonders of its age. ... Nowhere on this disc is that more
evident than in Fortune my foe, where the embellished texture is little by little
expanded around the cantus firmus, lending this tragic song a sense of ever
deepening sadness.