Competitiveness Of The Asean Countries

Author: Philippe Gugler
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1849806748
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In an age in which it is increasingly necessary for nations to consider their competitiveness and at a time when the world economy is facing recession, this book explores the possible trajectory of ASEAN arguably one of the most dynamic ...

Facets Of Competitiveness

Author: Ashish Lall
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814324116
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This book - a collection of essays - provides insights on competitiveness challenges and policies. It provides an excellent overview of competitiveness for a group of countries at various stages of development.


Author: John Fry
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
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Chapters 3–8 describe these ASEAN regional trends more specifically for the six
priority sectors. Chapters 3–8 also provide information about the six industries
selected by the Commission, including (1) industry structure, size, and
international competitiveness; (2) leading ASEAN exporting countries and major
export markets; (3) leading ASEAN country recipients of inbound investment, the
source countries of this investment, and ASEAN investment rules specific to the
industry; ...

Indonesia Labor Market Policies And International Competitiveness

Author: Nisha Agrawal
Publisher: World Bank Publications
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provides a comparative perspective on trends in labor costs and labor
productivity in the four large ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
and Thailand) with a view to determining whether Indonesia is maintaining its
competitive advantage in the production of labor-intensive commodities vis a vis
its neighbors in ASEAN. For purposes of comparison, Figure 1 depicts trends in
the unit labor costs ...

Asean Beyond The Regional Crisis

Author: Mya Than
Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
ISBN: 9812300996
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In composite competitiveness rankings by the World Economic Forum (among 59
countries), Singapore topped the ASEAN countries (ranked 7), followed by the
Philippines (ranked 39), Malaysia (ranked 40), Thailand (ranked 49), and
Indonesia (ranked 52). This kind of ranking, however, is not helpful in terms of
understanding the likely sustainability of achieved competitiveness. Table 3.1
extracts some indicators from a World Bank database on competitiveness among
the ASEAN ...

Asean 9 1

Author: Brenda Wong Yin Yin
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Academic
ISBN: 9789812104472
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The Annual IPS-NTU ASEAN 9+1 Competitiveness Ranking Indices identifies the respective strategic strengths and limitations of most ASEAN countries, thereby highlighting the relative positions of Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, ...

Development Of Small Medium Enterprises In Asean Countries

Author: Tulus Tambunan
Publisher: Readworthy
ISBN: 9350181053
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Competitiveness. and. Innovation. 4.1 Overall Export Performance In some Asian
countries like India, China, Japan and South Korea, and including some ASEAN
countries, both LEs and SMEs in manufacturing industry have long been widely
famous for their export-orientation, directly or indirectly. From different sources,
Table 4.1 presents the export profiles of SMEs in selected Asian countries. Very
obviously, within the sample countries, China's SMEs play the leading role with
their ...

Asean And The Ec

Author: Norbert Wagner
Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
ISBN: 9789813035706
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It is difficult to assess the impact of these subsidies. However, it is clear that
subsidies interfere with factor prices and resource allocation and improve the
production, export, and investment competitiveness of these countries vis-a-vis
the ASEAN states. Although no new members will be admitted to the EC up to
1992, there is increasing pressure for the EC to admit other European countries.
To forestall such pressures, the European Economic Area has been proposed,
linking the EC ...

Asean China Economic Relations

Author: Siow Yue Chia
Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian
ISBN: 9813035315
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small fraction ofChina's imported iron. China also needs to import copper and the
Philippines can become an important supply source. For a long time to come,
there will be a need for China to import timber, an important export of the ASEAN
countries. Though China is a major exporter of textiles, it is not fully self-sufficient
in some chemical fibres, and needs to import these from foreign countries
including Singapore and Thailand. Also, demand for automobiles is rising rapidly
in China.

East Asia Integrates

Author: Kathie Krumm
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 0821383450
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Now that China has acceded to the WTO, the new pressure from competition will
further sharpen China's competitiveness and its ability to win market shares,
including in the domestic markets of ASEAN member countries. This enhanced
competitiveness is already affecting labor-intensive products such as textiles,
garments, electronics/ electrical appliances, footwear, and toys. Furthermore,
China will now have the same MFN treatment as all other ASEAN member
countries. With this ...