Cuba S Car Culture

Author: Tom Cotter
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"The story of how Cuba came to be trapped in automotive time is a fascinating one.

Studies In Latin American Popular Culture

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The duo Buena Fe, singer William Vivanco, and the wonderful young pianist Aldo
Lopex Gavilan would warrant inclusion in the next edition of this work to reflect
the musical predilections of Cuba's third post-revolutionary generation. Cuban
Music ... Richard Schweid's Che 's Chevrolet, Fidel s Oldsmobile is a non-
pretentious work that achieves the author's goal — to illustrate how the century-
old use of American cars mirrors the state of relations between the United States
and Cuba.


Author: Ted Henken
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Edited by Luis Martínez-Fernández, D. H. Figueredo, Louis A. Pérez, Jr., and Luis
González, this essential collection of brief but informative entries on Cuba's
history, politics, and culture is a gold mine of information on the island written by
leading scholars both on the island and abroad. A number of major anthologies
on Cuba have been published during the last 25 years. Aviva Chomsky, Barry
Car, and Pamela Maria Smorkaloff have edited The Cuba Reader: History,
Culture, ...

101 Top Historical Sites Of Cuba

Author: Alan Twigg
Publisher: Dundurn
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There are a few delights in the Antique Automobile Museum, including
revolutionary Yilma Espin's jeep. 63. ANTIQUE. AUTOMOBILE. MUSEUM. Calle
Oficios No. 13 Next to cigars, Ernest Hemingway, and the Buena Vista Social
Club, the best-known aspect of Cuban culture is functional old cars. This dusty
museum's cramped collection of antique automobiles includes a 1902 ... In much
earlier times Cuba's aristocracy had noblesse oblige in their volantas, scattering
pedestrians and.

On Becoming Cuban

Author: Louis A. Pérez Jr.
Publisher: UNC Press Books
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Identity, Nationality, and Culture Louis A. Pérez Jr. ... By the mid-1950s Cuba had
more than 5,000 miles of all-weather roads, an achievement that prompted the
International Bank to comment on the ''great and valuable asset in [Cuba's]
highways and roads,'' adding: ''Few—if any—countries of the ... ''Before, when the
Central Highway was the only road available for long auto trips,'' Octavio Jordan
suggested, ''it was much more di≈cult to win over new customers for the

The Virginia Quarterly Review

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by welding two cars together. 1977 Lada-2101 (stretch) After Cuba suffered
through a decade of auto-import stagnation, the Soviet-made Lada became the
car of choice during the 1970s. In a bit of Cold War gamesmanship, the USSR
even built a Lada plant on Cuban soil. Castro's government gave out Ladas for
exemplary work; driving one was seen as a sign of status, even though the state
technically still owned all vehicles. By the 1980s, one in three cars in Cuba was a
Lada, ...

Culture Shock

Author: Mark Cramer
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Cuba Mark Cramer. Cuba's unusual bus. the two-humped camello, a beast of
human burden going many miles without thirst for gasoline. Years ago, I traveled
through ten countries of Latin America by hitchhiking. In Cuba, hitching is called
hacer botella (to make a bottle). It is a common custom, ... If you've rented a car
and are traveling in the country, remember that if the oil shortage is still limiting
bus service, it is customary to pick up hitchhikers. Cuban hitchhikers are usually
villagers ...


Author: Ted Henken
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Hesitant to bring up political matters with my new Cuban clients for fear of stirring
up heated emotions or painful memories, I developed the habit of assuaging my
curiosity about their reasons for migrating by playing the songs of two famous but
very different Cuban musicians for them in my car while taking them to their
various appointments: Cuban protest singer Silvio Rodríguez and Cuban-
American crossover salsa sensation Gloria Estefan. Rodríguez, Cuba's best-
known nueva ...

Cuba Review

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Ms. Moffitt 's husband, Michael, also a passenger in the car, was injured in the
explosion. The Cuba Resource Center joins people in the United States, Latin
America and around the ... Gospel is the news of human liberation which is
concretized throughout human history. . . The ways in which the Gospel of
liberation is communicated must be sought in the opportunities which human
culture offers us"- -in Cuba's case, in the tasks of building a truly free and just
Revolutionary society.

The Culture Of Conflict In Modern Cuba

Author: Nicholas A. Robins
Publisher: McFarland
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I offered to fill up his car with gas, since it was a bit of a drive. This he declined,
telling me he would do it later as there was a ... Scarcity is the common
denominator of Cuba. Go into one of the (non-tourist) government stores, and you
will ... The scarcity of public transportation, the lack of junk food (one of Cuba's
good points), and the necessity of a largely vegetarian diet means that there are
very few obese people in Cuba. The Cuban government has focused on
preventative care, and ...