The Boston Directory

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St. James Hotel Norwood Augustus J. hairdresser, h, 46 Billerica Norwood
Christopher, shoemaker, house 2 Highland place, E. B. Norwood George M.
house Stoughton, cor. Brook ave. ward 16 [Charlestown Norwood George T.
salesman, 134 Court, ... 12 Henchman Nott Charles, tailor, house 79 Lenox Nott
George, clerk, 151 Harrison avenue, boards 7 Indiana [at ... 36 ChamNourse
Henry M. 9 Studio building Nourse Jacob, carriagedriver. h. 11 Staniford Nourse
Jacob G. boards 73 ...

The Boston Directory For The Year 1852

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113 Milk, boards 9 Purchase Burnham Susan, widow, house 3 Almont place
Burnham Thomas Mrs. house 60 School Burnham (Thomas O. H. P.) & Brothers (
L.), books, 63 Cornhill, house 00 School Burnham Wesley, machinist, boards 04
Gold ... house 2 Haymarket place Burns James, junkdealer, 166 Fourth, near С
Burns James, laborer, house 80 Purchase Burns James, laborer, house 12
Henchman Burns James, 26 Kilby, house Fifth, corner К Burns John, laborer,
house Fourth, ...

The Boston Directory

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(J. Allison), grocers, 8 S. Market, house at Newton Claflin Lee, boots, hides, and
leather, 17 & 19 Shoe and Leather, house at Hopkinton Claflin Patrick, laborer,
house 9 Sullivan place Claflin Thos. J., O. C. depot, h. ... M. clerk at B. & Wor.
K. R. h. at Newton Clap James, bookkeeper at Blake, Ware & Co.'s, Brattle, house
at Koxbury [Walpole Clap Samuel G. (Foster, Clap St Co.), house at Clapp Amos
C. printer, house Piedmont Clapp Artemas, composition roofer, h. 10 Lynde
Clapp ...

The American Shorthorn Herd Book

Author: Lewis Falley Allen
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»Erick Mac ml904130. «Rosy Roan Flynn 1853492. bE. F. Bandas. X2067877 (b)
ROBINHOOD. roan— June 11. 1941. "Shadybrook Villager xl929746. «Robin's
Violet 3d xl931400. "Otto Holm. X2067878 (b) SUNNYBROOK GUARDSMAN, ... "
Maview Cyrus 1957742. «August " m 18281 84. bMabee & Clemons. m20671>
05 (c) MAVIEW DUCHESS 3d. . 15. 1940. "Edgewood Andy ml741618. «Lady
Fairfield 1782311. bMabee & Clemons. m 2067006 (e) MAVIEW KINSELLA. r w
— ...

City Directory Of Boston

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2 Henchman lane Hersey Joseph, boot treer, house 6 Quincy place Hersey Levi,
piano-forte maker, house Suffolk, n. Dedham Hersey Lewis, watchman ...
Josuavanden, cordwainer, 612 Heyer Wm. A. clerk, house Sumner, E. B.
Heywood C. F. physician, 2 Bowdoin square Heywood Charles L. book keeper,
28 Sudbury Heywood Daniel, boot maker, 85 Charles Heywood Henry M. painter
, house 10 N. Charles Heywood M. T. painter, boards 2 Russell pl. Heywood
Nancy, widow, house ...

Broadcasting Cable

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MAX ROBINS Hanaarmsa-ta Manied to the Mob enerally, I'm a 60 Minutes fan,
but the opening segment of the March 12 edition of the newsmag was a glaring
example of what happens when deals are cut for exclusive access and long-
harbored hard feelings get in the way of sound editorial .... Cyrus (9:30 p.m.). The
Achy Breaky Heart-throb plays the father of a tween country star who keeps her
identity secret after moving to Malibu.—MiclzaeI Malone E-mail infofor B&C Week
to ...