World Ships On Order

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O. 2.430 DN2 526 1976 GR 23976 Greek Govt. 1.400G QS6 1976 DK 24598
Danish Owner 2.200 DN2 527 1976 OB 25333 British Owner 3,100 DN6
5280976 Argo Sb.& Rep. II N 26402 Foreign Owner 2.400 DNO 529 1976 BAG
24178 Ar«oSb.&Rep. 3.080 DN6 HOLLAND NL 27397 Dntch Owner 2.600 DNO
530 19?7 Eastern Med.Sy. Apping.Niestern Harlingen NL 26345 Dntch Owner
2.650 DN6 47 1976 N 18713 Strandheim & Stcn. 7.400 DCS N 18601 Odfjell.
Fredrik 1,450 DC2 ...

Anhang Zur Zweiten Auflage Der Athanasia

Author: Bernard Bolzano
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HN'^ sind noch folgende Werke über das Verhaltnis zwischen 'Nemheffs^X7W^^
dk/N"""^sführ«chen und tigung auf deren bis1,e"?N Verücksich- «ren seiner
Freunde mi? ^«». Ä ' herausgegeben von men- Heinr-os,, 3 m^» """ Vorrede »on
vr. I. Cl, Ä. ^cinr-oth. 4 Bande gr. 8. 1837. 5 Ttilr «aar °der«ss Zr. 8. ... "ämlich
eines und ^Lilun7:o7ZerNN"g??°K. "^Vorrede ^"'N/d^V'Mn Geistlichen an den
Versager der "^ ^,^ekatho.i?che'^eV:era"nlaR^ ^endschre.ben an Sr.
Hochwürden Herrn vr.

Allgemeines Repertorium Der Literatur

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Antonius und Kleopatra, ein Trsp. von Ch. Ad. HoRn. Leipzig: Böhnle. , 1796. 176
S. 8. (14. gr.) ALZ. 97. III. 26 -48. + NadB 38. II. 508-9. 246o. Tugend und Lälter,
ein Trsp. in 5 Aufz., von A, W. HEIDEMANN. Berlin, Brüder. 1796. 88 S. 8. (6gr.) ...
by V. Du NLAr. (ALZ. 802. IBl. I477.) - 247oa. Die Spanier in Peru, oder Rolla's
Tod. Ein romantisches Trsp. in 5 Akt. von A F. Fd. v. Kotzebue. Leipzig, Kuogo #9
Y Ul. § # 8. # Ä - - - - & K. O. - -Q. A # + *o 97. II Ä. - 9 so B. I. 39; - 98. * Newyork.

The British Journal Of Radiology

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D., Du Boulay, G. H., Marshall, J., Ross Russell, R. VV., Symon, Lindsay, 294
Shambhag, G. R., Long, R. F., Berens, S. V., 757 Shanks, VV., Sicher, K., Skeggs,
D., Stewart, M. A., Tudway, R. C., Wiernik, G., Bleehen, N. M., Brindle, J., Meredith
-Brown, D., Churchill-Davidson, I. F. J., Davidson. J. C., Finney, R., Fowler, J. F.,
Hadden, R. C. M., Halnan, K. E., Haybittle, J. L., Lansley, I. F., Howard, N., O'
Connell, D., Phillips, D. L., Sambrook, D. K., 754 Sharpe, T., McGough, J., Russell
, J. G. B., ...

Religion Identity And Politics

Author: Haldun Gülalp
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136231668
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Cindoglu, D. (2010), Basortiisu Yasag'l ve Ayr/mcIl/k: I's Hayat/nda Meslek Sahibi
Basortiilii Kad/nlar, istanbul: TESEV, available at: http:l/ Clancy-
Smith, Julia A. (1994), Rebel and Saint: Muslim ... Oxford: Oneworld Publications.
(Danish) Director of Public Prosecutions (2006), “Decision on Possible Criminal
Proceedings in the Case of Jyllands Posten's Article 'The Face of Muhammad'”
available at: http:l/ id=890. Dankoff, Robert (
2004) ...

Canl Lar D Nyas 1

Author: Çağlar SUNAY
Publisher: Koza Yayın Dağıtım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
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fosil, 7, 12, 26,29,32, 33 genetik, 6 makililik, 23, 24, 29 memeli, 11, 17 mor ötesi ›
fl›nlar, 15, 16, 33 İlköğRETİM FEN VE TEKNOLoli Dizisi Vücudumuzu Tanıyalım
1 (4. ... Sons 101 Great Science Experiment, Neil Ardley, DK Young Scientist,
World Book http://library.thinkquest.
html ...

International Who S Who In Classical Music

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Website: Denmark Alborg Symfoniorkesten Kjellerupsgade 14, 9000
Alborg. Telephone: 9813 1955. Fax: 9813 0378. E mail: ... Website: www. Odense Symphony Orchestra: Claus Bergs Gade 9. 5000 Odense C.
Telephone: 6612 0057. Fax: 6591 0047. E-mail: ... Website
: National Arab Music Ensemble: National Cultural
Centre, Gezira, PO Box 11567 El Borg, Cairo 11211. Telephone: (2) 7370 603.

Arithmetick Both In The Theory And Practice Made Plain Also The Tables And Construction Of Logarithms Second Edition With The Addition Of Several Algebraical Questions

Author: John Hill (Gent.)
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'riippgfheffine AC,_ gr'ftimepoint, suppose in E, of such a "length; eifrom thence it
may reaeh the top of both the - ' fights; r We tequite the pint E in the line
ofldistance, sas ill'oll'he length of the Laci'det E B, E D?_*_ x _ U t _3,4,.1-In_the
Triangle ... DE 1:, EF _13, DF no ; and the perindicnlar' FG, being let fall upon the
Basis produc'd. - quit'd'the PtolOngation of the ... In a Rectangle DEFG, the right
line DK' is dtawn fron-'the Angle D to the opposite fide, cutting the . &Diagdnal-
EG 'at right ...

The London Magazine Or Gentleman S Monthly Intelligencer

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For by reason of the parallels ND : NB :: AG : AF :: ag af, and by composition and
division BE : BD ; fin : gf. We were favoured with elegant answers to this question
from the Reverend Mr. Crakelt, the T Gr Reverend Mr. Lawson, Archimedes, Mr.
Mer- - ritt the Proposer, Mr. Jonathan Mabbott, and w—o-o-' Mr. Ralph Taylor. 23
y a 7. [99.] QUESTIon III. Answered by the Reverend Mr. Crakelt. Conft. Make DH
a third proportional to the two given lines ED and DG, and DI and DK a third part
of ...