The Khan S Daughter

Author: Laurence Yep
ISBN: 9780590483896
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Hearing it foretold that he will marry the Khan's daughter someday, poor shepherd boy Mongke journeys to the Khan's court to prove himself worthy but is taught a lesson by the strong-minded princess that neither of them will forget.

The Secret History Of The Mongol Queens

Author: J. McIver Weatherford
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 0307407152
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A magnificently researched history of the ruling women of the Mongol Empire, this work reveals their struggle to preserve a nation that shaped the world.

From My Memories

Author: Khaalid Osiddaiq
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1449072771
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Mirman, nicknamed Ku Ku Gul and Ghulam Siddiq Khan's wife 9. Shah Gul,
nicknamed Bi Bi Gul and Ghulam Siddiq Khan's wife 10. Ayesha, Ghulam Nabi
Khan's daughter and Ghulam Safdar Khan's wife 11. Khadija, Ghulam Nabi
Khan's daughter and Ghulam Rabbani's young wife 12. Azra, Ghulam Nabi
Khan's daughter 13. Habiba, Ghulam Nabi Khan's daughter 14. Najia, Ghulam
Nabi Khan's grandchild and Ghulam Safdar Etimadi's daughter 15. Kubra,
Ghulam Jailani Khan's ...

Engineering Architecture

Author: Yasmin Sabina Khan
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393731071
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The structural engineer responsible for Chicago's John Hancock Center and Sears Tower, Fazlur R. Khan (1929-1982) pioneered structural systems for high-rise design that broadened the palette of building forms and expressions available to ...

Mongolian Literature Anthology

Author: Bawden
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136602623
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The khan went outside to look, and found the head of the mother visible at the
front end, and the head of the foal visible at the rear end. Seeing this, the khan
ordered his underlings to arrest the cheeky old man. Having had him arrested, he
said to him: 'Did someone prompt your cleverness, or did you think it up yourself?'
The old man said: 'I could never have thought it up myself. My daughter instructed
me.' The khan said: 'You must give this only daughter of yours to my only son,
and ...

Life Of The Amir Dost Mohammed Khan Of Kabul

Author: Mohana Lāla (Munshi)
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Descent or Relationship of the Wives of the Amir Dost Mohammed Khan. Names.
Daughters. 7. Daughter of Prince Abbas, who caused enmity between the Amir
and Sultan Mohammed Khan . . . . . . . . . - 8. Daughter of a wealthy merchant,
Nazir Khair-ullah." 9. Sister of Mehtar Mosa, Chief of Zurmat 10. Daughter of
Sadiq Khan Javan Sher, widow of Azim Khan . 11. Sister of the Chief of Kalat and
Ghilzai 12. Bibi Karmi of the Amin-Ulmulk, who acted as above related 13.
Daughter of Haji ...

Life Of The Amir Dost Mohammed Khan Of Kabul

Author: Mohan Lal
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The Amir Dost Mohammed Khan's best policy POWER OF THE AMIR. 225 for the
security of his. * He left Kabul for fear of being seized and deprived by the Amir of
his riches, and resided at Bokhara. Amir married his daughter to soothe his fear,
and thus induce him to return to Kabul, and plunder him. He knows the Amir's
craft, and will not come back. t This son of the Amir is well known to the world for
his treacheries, cruelties, and murders. Names of the , or of the Places the

Khan S The Physics Of Radiation Therapy

Author: Faiz M. Khan
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 1451182457
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Faiz M. Khan, John P. Gibbons (Jr.) A general equation can be derived relating
the activities of the parent and daughter: A A l2 (1 e (l 2 l1)t) (2.8) 2 1 l2 l 1 where
A1 and A2 are the activities of the parent and the daughter, respectively. l1 and l2
are the corresponding decay constants. In terms of the half-lives, T1 and T2, of
the parent and daughter, respectively, the above equation can be rewritten as A2
A1 T 1T 1 T 2 a1 e0.693 T 1 T 2 T1T2 tb (2.9) Equation 2.9, when plotted, will
initially ...


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Donny Hathaway's daughter, Lalah Hathaway; Millie Jackson's daughter, Keisha
Jackson; Chaka Khan's daughter, Milini Khan; and of course, superstar songbird
Whitney Houston, daughter of Cissy Houston and cousin of Di- onne Warwick.
These singers are carrying on their family's tradition of fine talent and have
become stars in their own right. They say they feel no pressure to be like their
parents, but have always been encouraged to carve out their own niche in the
music world.