Dear Bob And Sue

Author: Matt Smith
ISBN: 9780985358150
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Taking a mid-career break to travel to all 58 U.S. National Parks, the authors describe their sense of awe in exploring the parks and share humorous and quirky observationsNin the form of e-mails written to their friends.

Miss Manners Guide For The Turn Of The Millennium

Author: Judith Martin
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 067172228X
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Sending Regards Dear Miss Manners: When a friend of mine gets married, do I
now address letters to "Dear Bob and Sue," or do I just write to Bob and tell him to
say "Hi" to Sue? In this case, Bob is an old friend, but I don't know Sue all that
well. In some other cases, I know them both well, but I really want to write to just
one of them. Gentle Reader: Write to Bob, and send your regards to Sue.
Marriage does not nullify the right to engage in private correspondence. Personal
Business ...

Colors Of The Web

Author: Jeanie Breedwell
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 149072995X
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She is going to ask the nurse, ok Bob you well need to get the Baby bed down
from, from the Attic it well go in our room, if they are coming home tomorrow he
well need his bed, it was Sue at one time, now our grandBaby well have it, yes
dear, I well get the cover for the bed, said his wife, what if Sue wants her Baby
after she comes home said Cindy mom? Then what, well you do, I do not know
said Sue mom, I guess I well give him to her, everyone is setting down to eat,
when the ...

Biblical Quotes From A Course In Miracles Reinterpreted

Author: Gene Skaggs Jr.
Publisher: Fearless Books
ISBN: 1452429340
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A PRAYER FOR PHYSICAL HEALING I will use two fictitious names: Bob and
Sue... Dear God oflove, Thank youfor healing Sue's body to match her perfect
Spirit. Lead her to the light and thepeace of You in every cell, in every breath, in
every beat ofher heart. Open her mind to witness Your beauty, eternalperfection,
now, tomorrow and always. Be with dear Bob and lift him to Your lightpast allfear,
so that he can see Your work in Sue's and his life, and witness to the power of
Your love, ...

Dear Bob Dear Betty Love And Marriage During The Great Depression

Author: Elizabeth C Wright
ISBN: 0557058899
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Milwaukee, Sunday [December 18, 1932] Dear Bob – I still don't think telegrams
are a satisfactory substitute for letters though that was a rather nice one, mangled
as usual by Western Union – so badly that I think you could easily sue them. On
consideration of the fact that you have a jury trial tomorrow (which I hope will be
very successful from your standpoint) I understand and appreciate the telegram. I
am surprised that I sounded sane and logical because I feel and have felt ...

New Plays Quarterly

Author: John Bourne
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Sue buries her face in her hands despairingly for a few moments.) (N.B. —
Offstage, as Bob and Harry pass, there is a murmurred conversation before Bob
comes in. After a moment, Bob enters through the windows, he sees her.) Bob Oh
hello Mum, you're up, how are you feeling? f Sue composes herself quickly.) Sue
Much better now, dear. Bob I wondered when you didn't come down to breakfast.
Sue On it's just one of my migraines. Bob Can I get you anything ? (He leans on
the left ...