Author: Mihnea C. Moldoveanu
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 0802099912
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In Diaminds, Mihnea Moldoveanu and Roger Martin, creators of the Integrative Thinking curriculum at the Rotman School of Management, draw upon numerous case studies and interviews - as well as theories and models from cognitive psychology, ...

The Dancing Star Or The Smuggler Of The Chesapeake

Author: Joseph Holt Ingraham
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honor bright ! Jest look at it with your eyeses, an' keep your hands in your pockets
, an' if you hasn't — as you hasn't — nerry pockets, keep yer hands in yer trowsus,
an' don't be tempted. Ann it pretty to look at, 'specially when a feller knows how 't
tastes 7 Smack ! 0, don't, brandy, don't now ! Shet yer eyes, Wivil, an' don't look at
it no longer. Jest see that ere Jamaikyl It's like a kantor full o' melted rubies,
sparkling as bright as diaminds — oney it's a pesky sight better nor melted rubies,

Lectures Clinical And Didactic Of The Diseases Of Women

Author: R. LUDLAM
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The womb had been forced entirely out of the pelvis, and was lying between the
thighs. It was easily reduced by appropriate taxis and the proper treatment was
instituted. She made a good recovery. Pertussis is a rare contingent of pregnancy
. This case is, therefore, somewhat extraordinary. I have cited it in order to make a
few clinical points particularly clear to your Antagonism of the dia- minds. It
illustrates the antagonism of the phragm and perineum. © diaphragm and the
perineum, ...

Ada Mowbray Or Pride Cont

Author: Lady Emily Ponsonby
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Well, they be's happy, I do trust ; but I knows it beant the diaminds as makes them
happy now. ' The grass withereth, the flower fadeth; but the word of the Lord
endureth for ever." Ada started at this repetition of her mother's words of warning.
" Yes, my dear," continued the old woman, earnestly, " and so I wants you not to
put your trust no more in them perishing things, but to humble yourself under the
mighty hand of God, and He will exalt you. I don't know how it be," she said,
musingly ...

Cyclopedia Of Moral And Religious Anecdotes

Author: Kazlitt Arvine
Publisher: New York, Leavitt, Trow
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With such energy did her duty to her desolate babes inspire her, that the voyage,
which depended on her individual effort, was performed in a shorter time than the
returning one, when the oars were managed by two men, who went to assis; in
the last offices to the dead. (c) THESE ARE MY JEWELS. —A Campanian lady,
who was very rich, and fond of pomp and show, being on a visit to Cornelia, the
illustrious mother of the Gracchi, displayed the diaminds and jewels she
possessed, ...

Transactions Of The Royal Historical Society

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... french till January and I dont much trust to their faith.' The value of the
Company's goods was about four laack of pagodas in silver, broadcloth, etc., and
' it is generally believed that Monsr. L Bourdonnie in Diaminds, Jewells, etca.,
Screwed Us a Purse of about 1 50,000 Pagodas, so Altogether makes up the
Sum of 1,650,000, One million six hundred and fifty thousand Pagodas,1 for
security of which hostages were to be 214 TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL

Australian Journal Of Astronomy

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Two previous studies, surveying several Magellanic star clusters, had disagreed
strongly about the Corrected Mass Spectrum for NGC 2214 2 . 8 I I 1 I I I I I I 1 1 h
0.8 1 i I ' I ' l I I 1 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 LoglO of Stellar Masses
Relative to a Solar Mass Figure 6. Mass Function for NGC 2214. Values
calculated from V magnitudes are given as diaminds, while the B-based ones are
marked by a horizontal dash. slope of the IMF in the Clouds (Elson, et al.,. 1995
November 97 ...

Chilton S Jewelers Circular Keystone 1970 Jewelers Directory Issue

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... Co., Dallas, ads ... Zell's showed four solitaires in three columns by 16 inches, -
- GEO. T. BRODNAX, Inc. 1 * * * 1 t as * * * * * * * * 0x nor - * o- * * * * * * * **, or -
*** ******* ******* ****** | A DIAMINDS | - e | 5.4/LP52%-4* Outstanding s||
Diamond Rings Zell" Bros *~~~ -oTHE JEwBLERs' CIRCULAR-KEYSTONE - -
THE MEW/ WALL ACE STER LIN G |S B E. 84 for March, 1939.

Corridors Of Betrayal

Author: Gil Dewart
Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated
ISBN: 9781424175659
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What they call 'blood diaminds' today are nothing new to history. Obviously there
was plenty of room for leakage along the route. "At war's end one of those hot
shipments got stranded at a Congo- Angola border crossing and the smuggler
cached them to be retrieved later. They were mainly industrial grade but seeded
with some real gem quality. As is often the case this entrepreneur did not make it,
but the story survived and so did the map of his cache. So along come a trio of
mercs a ...

Annual Directory

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Chris Chrzanowski Aurelia Piotrowski 852 W. Ann Arbor Trail Plymouth, MI
REMOUNTING • DIAMINDS • • FINE GEMS • Over 3,000 rings on display ALL
WINE STORES Cheese & Wine Barn 515 Forest Plymouth MI 48170
PamKosteva 453-1700 ...