Perspectives On Intellectual Capital

Author: Bernard Marr
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136374000
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Few people doubt the importance of managing intellectual capital; and most are
in agreement that intangible assets such ... relationships, organizational culture,
and intellectual property are primary drivers of competitiveness in today's global ...

Competitiveness And Development

Author: Mehdi Shafaeddin
Publisher: Anthem Press
ISBN: 1783083131
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The International Federation of Accountants provides a list of intellectual (
intangible) capital as shown in Box 7.1. ... According to the OECD (1992, 113)
intangible assets are augmented by intangible investments, which can be divided
into four groups: 1. Intangible investment in technology (R&D including software
R&D, technology acquisition, design, engineering, and ... related knowledge – –
Occupational assessments Company name (brand) – Backlog order –
Psychometric ...

Eckm2015 16th European Conference On Knowledge Management

Author: Maurizzio Massaro and Andrea Garlatti
Publisher: Academic Conferences and publishing limited
ISBN: 1910810460
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Intellectual capital is defined, for example, as intangible resources, skills,
knowledge assets related to company competitiveness and results (Martín-de-
Castro et al., ... It is perceived as value driver, based on causal relationship
between resources and value creation, which, in a strategic and ... It contains
such elements as skills, culture, strategy, processes, intellectual property,
relationship networks, which all create value or competitive advantage of a
company (Hsu and Fang, 2009).

Symposium Proceedings Xv International Symposium Symorg 2016

Author: Ondrej Jaško
Publisher: University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences
ISBN: 8676803269
Size: 50.23 MB
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Reshaping the Future Through Sustainable Business Development and
Entepreneurship Ondrej Jaško, Sanja Marinković ... traditional financial
statements often fail to capture the value drivers that determine the market value
of the companies. Although patents, trademarks, industrial designs and other
intellectual property rights belong to the intangible assets in ... intellectual
property rights for achieving market competitiveness, are related to the reported
intangible assets section of ...

Knowledge Management

Author: Kai Mertins
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540247785
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In 1994, the Swedish insurance company Skandia AFS published a supplement
to its annual report that served as an evaluation of the company's intangible
assets. ... and international organizations in Europe and America as a factor
contributing to the competitiveness not only of firms ... as the nature and types of
intangible assets, including intellectual property, human capital, software and
related items.

Proceedings Of The 16th European Conference On Knowledge Management

Author: Juan Gabriel Cegarra
Publisher: Academic Conferences Limited
ISBN: 1908272635
Size: 39.72 MB
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The model identifies a taxonomy of three competitiveness capability drivers (
functional and cultural; social and positional; ... review above, and by considering
the relationship between organizations' capabilities and their intellectual capital,
... effective protocols and competitiveness organizational routines, intellectual
property rights, licences and agreements, and ... 1980), the model shows a
balanced image of the intangible assets' contributions to firm performance, as
each asset can ...

Ecic2009 2nd European Conference On Intellectual Capital

Author: Susana Rodrigues
Publisher: Academic Conferences Limited
ISBN: 1906638594
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The Role of Creative Industries in Stimulating Intellectual Capital in Cities and
Regions Maria Rosário Cabrita1 and Cristina ... economy has put the focus on
innovation, creativity and networks as drivers of competitiveness and economic
growth. ... Arts and cultural-related industries, also known as “creative industries”,
represent a form of capital that provides direct ... and promotion of regional
intellectual capital, as a capacity of a city/region to create wealth and intangible

Intangible Assets

Author: Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309144140
Size: 56.82 MB
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The workshop, summarized in the present volume, included discussions of a range of policy-relevant topics, including: what intangibles are and how they work; the variety and scale of emerging markets in intangibles; and what the government ...

Entrepreneurial Excellence In The Knowledge Economy

Author: José Maria Viedma Marti
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137024070
Size: 29.71 MB
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Intellectual Capital Benchmarking Systems José Maria Viedma Marti, Maria do
Rosario Cabrita ... Althoughmany agree thatintangibles are thekey drivers of a
firm's success and the competitiveness of countries,there is stilla lack ... (
selfproduction, purchaseoranyother typeof acquisition) and mayormay not be
sold separatelyfrom other corporate assets. ... design and implementation of
newprocesses or systems; licences; intellectual property; market knowledge; and