Drooling Dudley

Author: Shelley Swanson Sateren
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Alfie Wolfe HATES to clean and does his best to avoid it.

Cerebral Palsy Resource Guide For Speech Language Pathologists

Author: Marilyn Seif Workinger
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Sensation The study of sensory adequacy as it relates to drooling is difficult.
Burgmayer and Jung (1983) have suggested inadequate sensory awareness of
external saliva loss as a major cause of drooling in children with mental
retardation and cerebral palsy. Another group of investigators found intraoral
sensory dysfunction in children and young adults with cerebral palsy and
drooling (Weiss-Lambrou, Tetreault, & Dudley, 1988). LANGUAGE
DEVELOPMENT Normal Language ...

Dudley Do Right

Author: Elizabeth Lenhard
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Homer whined. "And we'll need doctors," Snidely said. "Who here is dumb
enough to think he can perform brain surgery?" A host of hands flew into the air.
Homer, desperate to ditch his fast-food fate, thrust up both hands and cried, "Ooh,
ooh, ooh!" "You," Snidely said, pointing at a drooling man by the window. "You're
the new town brain surgeon. Congratulations." "Yuh!" the man cried, hopping in
place. "Okay," Snidely said, rubbing his hands together. "Now, it's pretty clear at
this point ...

Like Hot Knives To The Brain

Author: Peter Wolfe
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By only selling drugs to customers south of Central Avenue, Cohen sated both
Dudley's racist and materialist urges. It created big profits Dudley could share in.
But peddling dope to the blacks of Watts also turns them into drooling idiots
unable to govern themselves and thus makes them unlikely to push for the social
justice they're being bilked of. Now Dudley knows that his clout in the world of
acceptable vice will rise in direct ratio to the power he wields in the LAPD; the
greater his ...

Annals Of The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England

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Cranin AN, Bennet J. Sialodochoplasty: an alternative surgical approach to the
control of drooling. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 1982; 40: 545-8. 12 Crysdale WS,
White A. Sub-mandibular duct relocation for drooling: a 10 year experience with
194 patients. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 1989; 101: 87-92. 13 Weiss-Lambrou
R, Tetreault S, Dudley J. The relationship between oral sensation and drooling in
persons with cerebral palsy. AmJOccup Ther 1989; 43: 155-61. 14 Ganong WF.
Review ...

A Multitude Of Men

Author: David Anthony
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Dudley went on viciously. "She was putting out for all hands. She was the
campus whore. If you don't believe that, just ask her about it sometime. If you've
got the guts." "She never said a word about it to me!" Teddy raged. "You never
asked her either, did you?" Dudley said. "You made her into a goddam princess.
A virgin, with water in her veins instead of blood. It's enough to make a man puke.
" Teddy catapulted from his seat, his arms flailing pistonlike, scratching, clawing,

Candle In The Window

Author: Christina Dodd
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Christina Dodd other gale of laughter. "Many thanks to you, Rollo. I've sorely
missed your humor and sorely needed a joke." Over her head, her brothers
exchanged a long look and Dudley began to juggle two pasties with a casual skill
. "I'm juggling your meat pies," he warned. "Well, stop it!" she said sobering. "You'
ll drop them on the floor." "First, tell me why you needed a joke." "Dudley, the
rushes were fresh last week!" "The dogs are drooling." "Better tell him, sister,"
John suggested.

Jack London An American Life

Author: Earle Labor
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
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Also see John Dudley, A Man's Game, Masculinity and the Anti-Aesthetics
ofAmerican Literary Naturalism (Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2004),
47—52. “Oh, the luxury ofletting down” . ... my enemies”: Ibid., this period.
Ranking among his best were “War,” “Told in the Drooling Ward,” and “The
Mexican”: See EL/JCR, 136, 152n6, Reesman JLSSF, 111—18, and Don
Graham, “Jack London's Tale Told by a High-Grade Feeb,” Studies in Short
Fiction 15 (Fall 1978), 429—33.

Perspectives On 2nd World Workshop On Oral Medicine

Author: World Workshop on Oral Medicine
ISBN: 9780964585201
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Nonsurgical treatment of drooling in a patient with closed head injury and severe
dysarthria. Dysphagia 1991; 6: 40-9. 2. Janzen VD, Rae RE, Hudson Al.
Otolaryngologic manifestations of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. J Otolaryngol
1988; 12:41-2. 3. Domaracki LS, Sisson LA. Decreasing drooling with oral motor
stimulation in children with multiple disabilities. Am J Occup Ther 1990; 44,: 680-
4. 4. Weiss-Lambrou R, Tetreault S, Dudley J. The relationship between oral
sensation and ...