Encyclopedia Of Curtains

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This is a completely new and revised edition of the highly regarded 'Encyclopedia of Curtains', brought up to date with the latest curtain-making techniques.

The First Step

Author: Pam Hedden
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An Encyclopedia of Small Business Ideas Pam Hedden ... You will need a few
basic hand tools and a few basic supplies and your small home workshop. You
will ... You customize all their closet spaces, using your expertise and the
materials necessary to make every cubic inch of their closets efficient. ... Custom
Curtains Many windows are odd-size and will not accept ready-made curtains
and draperies.

What I Ve Learned

Author: Christopher T. Heist
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An Encyclopedia of Perpetual Bullshit Christopher T. Heist. where the rule stops.
For example, if you're in a seventh floor apartment and there are other buildings
with countless windows that have open curtains, ... I mean, what else are you
gonna stare at? ... In fact, you can make an event out of it by turning your lights
out, opening your curtains, grabbing some binoculars, and getting ... Because if
you keep trying to see past the closed curtains, then that's when things begin to
get weird.

An Encyclopaedia Of Cottage Farm And Villa Architecture And Furniture

Author: John Claudius Loudon
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A very brilliant colour, such as crimson, in the carpet, may have a drab or other
subdued colour in the curtains and paper ... Whatever will apply to a self-
coloured carpet, curtains, or paper, will apply equally well in all cases where
those colours predominate. ... The figures, of whatever nature they may be,
should be always symmetrical ; and a handsome border should ... Paper Carpets
are formed by cutting out and sewing together pieces of linen, cotton, Scotch
gauze, canvass, or any ...

Encyclopaedia Londinensis

Author: John Wilkes
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Sol through white curtains- shot a tinfrous ray, And op'd those eyes that must
eclipse the day. ... the curtain will soon be drawn between my friend and me, and
nothing left but to wish you a long good night. ... _ Kepler, in his Rodolphine
Tables, reduces the tables of them all into one, under the title of Tabulce
Latitudinariae. ' CURTELASSE, or CURTELAX, or Ctrarax, s.See CUTLASS. ...
The Hottentots and Caffres make the shafts of their javelins or assagays from the
wood of this tree.

Encyclop Dia Britannica

Author: Colin Macfarquhar
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The reason of this phaenomeNote, There should be a sconce with a candle
placed non is evident; for though the rays of light ... the other, sufficiently large to
see on the mirror H the object you may tell him his face is dirty; and desire him to
placed at BEF. ... another, and another, part IB, must be covered with a glass,
under which like the phantom kings in Macbeth, what his ... If the mirror be a little
inclined, Note, A glass mirror should be always here used, so as to make an
angle of 80 ...

The Encyclop Dia Britannica

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But since Mr Hobbs's mode of picking locks became known all these detectors
have become useless. ... together with revolving curtains, which cover the straight
part of the keyhole as soon as the key is turned, and barrels going ... These
provisions undoubtedly make the locks more difficult to pick, but it is by no means
safe to assume that a lock will never be picked, ... When the lock is locked. if you
push the bolt back, you produce no sensible pressure on the tumblers, but only
just ...

The Encyclopedia Americana

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634 SEWING-SEV Seldom, if ever, can you find patterns for furnishings. You must
therefore work ... See Drapery and Curtains. When measuring for ... Most curtains
, except sheer tie-backs, should have a weighted tape sewn in the bottom hem to
make them hang evenly. More formal ... Almost all home machines are powered
by small electric motors with either foot- or knee- operated motor-speed controls.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica

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But since Mr Hobbs's mode of picking locks became known all these detectors
hare become useless. Some persona have even gone so far as to say that the
detector may be made a guide to picking. ... But after that year Chubb and other
makers of tumbler locks adopted false notches, together with revolving curtains,
... by Boms other instrument These provisions undoubtedly make the locks more
difficult to pick, but it is by no means safe to aa-iume that a look will never be
picked, ...