Facing Mount Kenya

Author: Jomo Kenyatta
Publisher: Harvill Secker
ISBN: 9781846555527
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As a first-hand account of a representative African culture, as an invaluable document in the principles underlying culture-contact and change; last, but not least, as a personal statement of the new outlook of a progressive African, this ...

Between Rites And Rights Excision In Women S Experiential Texts And Human Contexts

Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804768375
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When writing Facing Mount Kenya in the 1930s under the aegis of Bronislaw
Malinowski in England, Kenyatta conjectured that the "secret aim" of the Christian
camp must have been "to disintegrate their social order and thereby hasten their
Europeanisation" (73). Likewise, Kenyatta's brother, James Muigai, later writing
in the traditionalist Kikuyu Central Association's (KCA) newspaper Muigi Thania,
meaning "The Unifier" but called in religious circles "The Redeemer," warned that

European Language Writing In Sub Saharan Africa

Author: Albert S. Gérard
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9789630538343
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In the words of Jeremy Murray-Brown: Kenyatta's purpose in writing Facing
Mount Kenya was to challenge the white man's view of history. He was incensed
by the European assumptions of superiority he had met throughout his life in
Kenya, and he used the language of anthropology to propound a different
philosophy — that of the golden African past. He described the principle of order,
self-sufficiency and virtue underlying the Kikuyu way of life before the arrival of
the white man.

Woman As Mother And Wife In The African Context Of The Family In The Light Of John Paul Ii S Anthropological And Theological Foundation

Author: Joseph Okech Adhunga
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493185284
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The Case Reflected within the Bantu and Nilotic Tribes of Kenya Joseph Okech
Adhunga. 284 Kenyatta, Facing Mount Kenya, 6. 211 Ibid. 285 Bujo, African
Theology, 2. 286 Ibid. 287 Kisembo, Magesa, and Shorter, African Christian
Marriage, 25; See also Bujo, The Ethical Dimension of Community, 93104;and
Francis Martin, “Marriage in the Old Testamentand Intertestamental Periods,” in
Christian Marriage: A Historical Study,Glenn W. Olsen,ed.(New York:A Herder&
HerderBooks, ...

Subject To Colonialism

Author: Gaurav Desai
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822326410
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Looking over the table of contents of Facing Mount Kenya, one would hardly note
its political import. Organized as per ethnographic convention, the chapter
headings and their order could well be replicated in a great number of
contemporary ethnographies: "1. Tribal Origin and Kinship System"; "2. The
Gikuyu System of Land Tenure"; "3. Economic Life"; "4. Industries," and so on—
all these construct an image of the Gikuyu as a perfectly well- integrated society.
As such, Carolyn Martin ...

Life In Kenya

Author: Godfrey Mwakikagile
Publisher: New Africa Press
ISBN: 9987932274
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According to traditional Kikuyu beliefs, the creator of the Kikuyu, known as Ngai
in their language, lives on Mount Kenya; a sentiment also forcefully articulated by
Jomo Kenyatta in his classic work and best-selling book Facing Mount Kenya
The Kikuyu build their houses with the doors facing Mount Kenya, and their name
for this mountain is Kirinyaga, which means the “white” or “bright” mountain,
probably because of its snow, although the term may have a deeper meaning for
them in ...

Imagining The Twentieth Century

Author: Charles Cameron Stewart
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 9780252066634
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It appeared in 1937 as a frontispiece to Facing Mount Kenya and is a portrait of
the book's author, Jomo Kenyatta. But there is nothing simple either about the
photograph or about its subject. Jomo Kenyatta was born sometime in the early
1890s as Kamau Ngengi. He was baptized in 1914 as Johnstone Kamau. In the
1920s he worked in Nairobi, where he owned a motorbike and was known as
Johnstone Kamau. In 1929 he left for England, where he settled and studied
anthropology ...

Criticism And Ideology

Author: Kirsten Holst Petersen
Publisher: Nordic Africa Institute
ISBN: 9789171062765
Size: 32.51 MB
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Kenya Land of Sunshine and Child of Two Worlds may be exceptions. Even
Facing Mount Kenya, though it was written in exile and much of it is a kind of
extended argument with the invisible European reader, is filled so strongly with a
sense of Kikuyu highlands and their radiant rain washed light that it manages to
annihilate the distance which separates it from Africa.' Gerald Moore did not
delve into the uniqueness of Facing Mount Kenya as a work of literature. He
failed to see the ...

The Presbyterian Church Of East Africa

Author: E. N. Wamagatta
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9781433105968
Size: 37.48 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Doing ...