Anthony Burns

Author: Virginia Hamilton
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The Defeat and Triumph of a Fugitive Slave Virginia Hamilton. SEC. 10. That
when any person held to service ... or she shall be delivered up to the claimant.
And the said court, commissioner, judge, or other person authorized by thisact to
grant certificates to claimantsof fugitives, ... Fugitives claiming to be freemen were
denied theright of trial by jury,and their testimony was not to be admitted as
evidence at anyof the proceedings underthe law. Heavy penalties were
providedfor evasion ...

The Fugitive Slave Rescue Trial Of Robert Morris

Author: John D. Gordan
Publisher: Lawbook Exchange Limited
ISBN: 9781616193928
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Gordan, John D., III. The Fugitive Slave Rescue Trial of Robert Morris: Benjamin Robbins Curtis on the Road to Dred Scott. xix, 120 pp. Clark, New Jersey: Talbot Publishing, 2013. ISBN-13: 9781616193928. ISBN-10: 1616193921. Hardcover. New.

A Defence For Fugitive Slaves

Author: Lysander Spooner
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Denial of a Trial by Jury.* NElTI-IER the Act of 1793, nor that of 1850, allows the
alleged slave a trial by jury. So far as I am aware, the only argument, worthy of
notice, that has ever been offered against the right of an alleged fugitive slave to
a trial by jury, is that given by Mr. Webster, in his letter to certain citizens of
Newburyport, dated May 15, 1850, as follows :— “Nothing is more false than that
such jury trial is demanded, in cases of this kind, by the constitution, either in its
letter or in ...

Trial Of T Sims On An Issue Of Personal Liberty On The Claim Of J Potter Of Georgia Against Him As An Alleged Fugitive From Service Arguments Of R Rantoul Jr And C G Loring With The Decision Of G T Curtis Boston April 7 11th 1851 Phonographic Report By Dr J W Stone

Author: Thomas SIMS (Fugitive Slave.)
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Thomas SIMS (Fugitive Slave.) to hold the party after he has been removed. In
the case of a fugitive from justice, it must be proved that he has committed a crime
. But proved for what purpose? Clearly, to establish the right of removal. This
having been established, the warrant that authorizes his removal has no effect to
authorize his imprisonment or punishment in the state to which he is removed;
but the right of that state so to hold and punish him, must be established, just as if
he had ...

The Fugitive Slave Law And Its Victims

Author: Samuel May
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An attack was made upon the house, the slaveholder declaring (as was said) that
he “would not leave the place alive without his slaves.” “Then,” replied one of
them, “you will not leave here alive.” Many shots were fired on both sides, and the
slave-hunter, Edward Gorsuch, was killed. At a subsequent trial, a number of
persons (nearly forty) were committed to take their trial for “treason against the
United States, by levying war against the same, in resisting by force of arms the
execution ...

The Slave Catchers

Author: Stanley W. Campbell
Publisher: UNC Press Books
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Habeas corpus proceedings in fugitive slave cases under Wisconsin's personal
liberty law were virtually the same as those of Massachusetts. The judges of both
the supreme court and the circuit courts were given authority to grant the writ in
cases where inhabitants of the state were arrested as fugitive slaves. The writ
would be issued upon the written application of the district attorneys.” The same
four states provided for trial by jury in fugitive slave cases. Vermont in 1850 and
1858, ...

The Rescue Of Joshua Glover

Author: H. Robert Baker
Publisher: Ohio University Press
ISBN: 0821442147
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Nevertheless, as The Rescue of Joshua Glover demonstrates, they maintained the principle that the people themselves were the last defenders of constitutional liberty, even as Glover's rescue raised troubling questions about citizenship and ...

On The Edge Of Freedom The Fugitive Slave Issue In South Central Pennsylvania 1820 1870

Author: David G. Smith
Publisher: Fordham Univ Press
ISBN: 0823240320
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The courts offered opportunities to circumvent border sentiment sympathetic to
the South. Convincing an entire community of a new legal perspective might be
impossible, but in a legal case, only a small jury had to be persuaded, or possibly
just one individual—a judge, or a jury member who could deadlock a trial. There
were enough pockets of sympathy for fugitives that a jury might rule against a
kidnapper if the case was properly framed. An appeal to law could also marshal
the ...

Fugitive Slave On Trial

Author: Earl M. Maltz
Publisher: Univ Pr of Kansas
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The rendition of Thomas Sims is discussed in detail in Leonard Levy, "Sims' Case
: The Fugitive Slave Law in Boston in 1851," Journal of Negro History 35 (1950):
39-74. Briefer accounts can be found in Campbell, The Slave Catchers, 99-100,
118-120, and Morris, Free Men All, 151— 153. The arguments of Sims's counsel,
together with the decision of George Ticknor Curtis, are reproduced in "The Trial
of Thomas Sims, on an Issue of Personal Liberty, on the Claim of James Potter, ...