Ghetto Brother

Author: Julian Voloj
Publisher: NBM Publishing
ISBN: 1561639508
Size: 77.14 MB
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An engrossing and counter view of one of the most dangerous elements of American urban history, this graphic novel tells the true story of Benjy Melendez, a Bronx legend who founded, at the end of the 1960s, the formidable Ghetto Brothers ...

Ghetto Brother

Author: Benjy Melendez
Publisher: Superchamp Books
ISBN: 9780974970462
Size: 65.93 MB
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Telling the story of his family, growing up first in the West Village in in the '60s, his family's forced move to the South Bronx, his life in a street gang, and his transformation to a peace ambassador, 'Ghetto Brother' is a riveting ...

Ghetto Brother

ISBN: 9788563137555
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No início dos anos 1970, os Ghetto Brothers tinham 2000 membros só no Bronx e preparavam-se para uma guerra com outras gangues que certamente iria resultar em uma carnificina entre os jovens.

Ghetto Child

Author: Dion Perkins
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781452034089
Size: 49.10 MB
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After a week on the road Ghetto's uncle and brother returned home from Atlanta.
They were there trying to set up a business but it didn't pan out. His brother Al
was known for being one of the toughest kids around. He had a natural fight
game and he never lost. Men were always testing him. He was eighteen. His
uncle Smiley was only a year older than Alas a result they grew up more like
brothers than uncle and nephew. He was always happy and smiling. Smiley had
really deep ...

My Brother S Keeper

Author: Courtney Gardner
Publisher: Hillcrest Publishing Group
ISBN: 1934248703
Size: 14.86 MB
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To Agent Smith, Qawi was like a ghost, and to the public (ghetto) he was a myth
and a legend. But somewhere out there, they knew in their hearts the royal son
sat on the throne. And Agent Smith promised that he would have the fame for
putting the royal son behind bars for many years, if not life. As time went by,
Agent Smith watched Qawi for hours that ran into years. Finally he got his chance
. Tony Walker (Qa- wi's associate who was admitted in the royal family by giving
the oath: ...

Listen Again

Author: Eric Weisbard
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822340416
Size: 54.16 MB
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Benjamin Melendez, as told to Henry Chalfant and Jeff Chang Ghetto Brother
Power The Bronx Gangs, the Beatles, the Aguinaldo, and a Pre-History of Hip-
Hop 9 Benjamin Melendez's is an extraordinary life. While hip-hop history is often
told in broad, macro strokes, the micro-history of Melendez's story offers insight
into the social conditions, the racial consciousness, and the collective street
creativity that led to the emergence of hip-hop in Bronx neighborhoods in the
early 1gyos.

Brother Lew

Author: Lou Acosta
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1591600413
Size: 14.65 MB
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We both joined a gang called the Ghetto Brothers. They had more than thirty
different chapters in New York City. We belonged to the Claremont chapter.
Karate Pete was the president of that chapter. I started out providing the music,
the weed, and the acid for the chapter, and after a while I became the minister of
peace. My job was to make and keep the peace with other gangs. One day, I left
Tito for a few hours to go home, take a shower, and get dressed. My sister Isabel,
Tito, and I ...

A Ghetto Soldier

Author: Love Jones
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462039898
Size: 49.52 MB
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Junior Washington had buried his one and only brother. The funeral had been a
huge turn-out which proved he hadn't realized how well known and loved his
brother had been. In retrospect, he thought how strange it was that Daryle had
died only thirty blocks away from where he had been born. It left him to ponder if
his little brother had ever paid any attention to his birth certificate. As if it was only
yesterday he remembered climbing out of bed bright and early in the morning,
walking ...

The Dragon In The Ghetto Caper

Author: E.L. Konigsburg
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781442439702
Size: 70.31 MB
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The man behind the adding machine said to Brother Banks, "Some pickup lady
you got. She be pickin' up childern and troubles." Brother Banks answered, "Don'
go faultin' Sista. She be one a the best. She be wary." Brother Banks then began
opening the bags. They were full of paper slips and coins and some paper
money, nothing bigger than a one. He made a neat pile of the crumpled slips and
handed them to the other man who began totaling them on the adding machine.

Sckraight From The Ghetto

Author: Bertice Berry, Ph.D.
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1466857978
Size: 25.91 MB
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Ghetto. 162. Noneof youraunts orunclesisinany wayrelated toyourmother or
father. 163. You have a brother named Brother. 164. You had to take your little
brother or sister everywhere you went. 165*. You refer to your boyfriend as “My
Baby Daddy.” 166. There isawall, table, orcurio full ofpictures of every relative
known to you,but even more of those who aren't. 167. Everybody in your family
talks at the same time. 168. You can't watch TV without seeing someone who
looks exactly like ...