The Arab Of The Desert Rle Saudi Arabia

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(e) Smallpox (Jidri). (f) Measles (Hasbah). (g) Chicken Pox (Shanaitir). (a) Sore
eyes are terribly prevalent in the summer months, and are clearly the result of fly
action, combined with the fact that children's faces are never washed. The
Badawin mother uses kuhl or antimony to keep the trouble away, also a
concoction resembling red ink watered down, which is smeared all over the
infant's eyes. Continual sore eyes often result in the lashes growing inwards, and
then only operation by ...

Tabitha S Travels

Author: Arnold Ytreeide
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E. lisha, come on!” Tabitha pleaded. “We have to move!” She tugged at the reins
with all her might, but the donkey just sat in the middle of the road looking at
Tabitha with innocent eyes while the rest of the caravan lumbered by. “Don't look
at me ... Hasbah replied. Then, more seriously, he added, “Perhaps he simply
misses the weight of your grandmother on his back.” “Perhaps,” Tabitha said,
fondly remembering her grandmother riding this very same donkey. “Here, hold
my horse,” ...

Handbook Of Language Ethnic Identity

Author: Joshua A. Fishman
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Hasbah Charley, a great-grandmother when she was interviewed in 1996, gave
this example of k'e: "When it snowed, when food was scarce, we would hear that
someone had butchered a horse. We would go over there. The meat would be
cut up for us, and we would bring it back." And Blair Tsosie recalled these
lessons from his parents and grandparents: "You take care of yourself, you teach
yourself. . . . You help whenever, and keep yourself strong. . . . If you are sincere
you will ...

Lexicon Of Jewish Names In Late Antiquity

Author: Ṭal Ilan
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0: 'WWW Ds: Iliyafa' (I), Hasbah (1)'s son F: Deed of sale inscription, Hasi, Yemen
S: Robin, “Himyar et Israel,” no. 4 E: Jew?3 Second name P: Arabia D: 4'"—6'" C
CE' 1 Arabic ('RSL), see Harding, ICPIANI, 37. 2 In the Sabbaic script, see vol. 4,
Introduction 2.8.4, p. 19. 3 The inscription describes sale of territory to Jews, but it
is not certain that the seller is Jewish too. 4 See Introduction 8.3.3. Jul' — Asar 1.
O: '18082 Ds: Joseph3 F: — S: Ryckmans, Museon 66 (I953) 285, 297 E: Jew?

A Treatise On The Small Pox And Measles

Author: Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn Zakarīyā Rāzī
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-v_ Hasbah] ao'd/taffe' btfXoi be if Xejis tu tar' aurd. Ol/iai 5e on icar' ahritv tj)v
Xoifhki)ii 6 Xdyos /SdvXerai. Ei be icai biaipepovoiv aXAijXwv cm rais
biaUeaemv, aXX' o3f teai icoii'drnra e\ovoi, ko\ ovbiv aireiK&s' ovbev ovv eon b>
aipopav e\ov, fiit Kai Koivurnra l^fov. 'AXX' Iva )jiI rrepi tu>v ovOfiaTiav tov Kaipbv
biaTpi\pu>fjiev, tov aoipov tovtov ras biaipopas Kara tov dies ior icaipdv biaoaij>
ovVTOs, eir\ to irpoKeifitvov tov X6yov eicavaj-ofiev. With respect to the modern
use of the ...

Vaccines E Book

Author: Stanley A. Plotkin
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Peter M. Strebel* Mark J. Papania Amy Parker Fiebelkorn Neal A. Halsey The
written history of measles is classically traced to the writings of the Persian
physician Rhazes, also known as Abu Becr, who lived during the 10th century.1–
3 However, the disease was apparently recognized as early as the 7th century by
such ancients as the Hebrew physician Al Yehudi.2 Rhazes referred to measles
as hasbah, which means “eruption” in Arabic.2 Rubeola and morbilli are
descriptive Latin ...


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Apart from being constitutionally illegal, the MMA's controversial Hasbah bill will
give religious leaders unbridled authority. By Haroon Rashid It seems that the
controversial Hasbah bill is giving the Muttahida Majlis-e- Amal a run for their
money. The six- party ruling religious alliance in the NWFP now finds itself in a
catch-22 situation over this controversial piece of legislation. It can hardly throw
out the bill it claimed would pave the way for the implementation of a true Islamic
system in ...

Landscape And The State In Medieval Anatolia

Author: Scott Redford
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Seljuk Gardens and pavilions of Alanya, Turkey Scott Redford, Timothy Paul
Beach, Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach. Illustration 59. Hasbah<;e, larger pool, exterior
fiew from the south showing triangular buttressing. Illustration 60. Hasbahce. plan
of the top of site showing. 197 Catalogue of Sites Surveyed in and around Alanya
59) Hasbahce larger pool, exterior view from the south showing triangular


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Mastdarmhämorrhoiden. HaemorrhoiKrankheiten der Gelenke. Anmerkungen. - (
1) Ob das Wort Hasbah auf die Masern passe. ist deswegen in Zweifel lo"- hen,
weil die beim Ausbruch dieser Krankheit allgemein beobachteten
KrankheitsErscheinungen mit vorhergehendem Ergriffensein der Athmungs-
Organe in keiner der Beschreibungen arabischer. Krankheiten des schuqäq
almeqädah S.Xsäls Gä istirchá - - L>--- churudsch – * z»Génawásir - - ----- hikkah
- - XK> qurüh - – E> ...

Regional Report Of The State Of The Marine Environment

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Table (8): Major oil spill incidents due to well blowouts during 1980–1983° - - - -
Volume of Spilled Date Incident Source and Location Cause of Spill Type of Oil
Oil (barrels) August 1980 Bahrain Source unknown, possible Unknown Heavy
Crude 20,000*-40,000** Juaymah Field, Saudi Arabia 26°57'N 50°50”E October
1980 Hasbah Well No.6, Hasbah Field |Blowout due to Heavy Crude of 50,000
Saudi Arabia drilling accident|20 API January 1983 Nowruz Eight wells in
Nowruz Oil ...