Istanbuler Mitteilungen

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Of the sixteen tiles originally bought (inv. no. 1331 — 1893) two are on display
and three are in the Circulation Department of the Museum. These are 1331—
1893: measures 28.8 X 15.0 cm. 1331°— 1893: measures 33.5 X 14.5 cm. 1331°
— 1893: fragmentary: body-colour (acc. Munsell colour chart) 10 yr 8/4. 3) Ogive
medallion tile: two tiles inv. no. 1018 — 1892. This is a variant of the Hazreti
Süleyman type (cf. plates 161,3 and 156,3). The blue ogee frame is more
bulbous and has ...

Hazreti S Leyman

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Hz. Süleyman'›n komflu ülkelerle olan iliflkilerinde hoflgörülü, affedici ve bar›fl
yanl›s› bir tutum içinde oldu¤unu daha önce vurgulam›flt›k. O, sorunlar›
diplomasi yoluyla çözmeyi tercih etmekte ve demokratik yöntemler izlemekteydi.
Hz. Süleyman yaflad›¤› dönemde çok üstün bir kültür oluflturmufl ve hakimiyetini
de diplomasiyle, sanatla ve kültürle sa¤lam›flt›r. Çok güçlü, karfl› konulamaz
ordulara sahip olmas›na ra¤men, askeri gücünü kullanmam›flt›r. Hz. Zülkarneyn
ise çevresindeki ...

Galaxy Formation

Author: Malcolm Longair
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10−24 Wm−2 Hz−1 sr−1. They interpreted this result as meaning that a significant
fractionoftheheavyelements, about1.5×10−31 kgm−3,musthavebeensynthesised
at redshifts of about one (Cowie et al., 1988). This type of analysis has also been
used to set limits to star-formation rates in the Canada-France Redshift Survey by
Lilly and his colleagues and in the Hubble Deep Field by Madau and his
colleagues (Lilly et al., 1995; Madau et al., 1996) 19.1.3 The Lyman-Break
Galaxies In a ...

Bone Tumors

Author: M. C. Beachley
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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... 601 Lehman, W.B., S. Ariel, I.M. 554, 600 Lehrer, H.Z. 510, 546 Lehrer, H.Z.,
Maxfield, W.S., Nice, C.M. 59, 69,580, 583, 586, 601 Leiken, S., Puroganan, G.,
Frankel, A., Steerman, R., Chandra, R. 480, 542 Lejeune, E., S. Ravault, P.P. 240
Lellis, R. De, s. Schall, G.L. 614, 633 Leman, P., Cohaden, F., Cohaden, S. 370,
415 Lemos, C., s. Schajowicz, F. 8 Lent 6 Leonidas, J.C., S. Broder, M.S. 67
Leopold, R.G., s. Hensinger, R.N. 129, 239 Lepow, H., Schoenfeld, M.R.,
Messeloff, C.R., ...

Lyman Alpha Emitting Galaxies At High Redshift

Author: Steven Arthur Dawson
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To maximize observing efficiency, we exclusively used the dual amplifier readout
mode. Except for three longslit observations in 1997 February, the data were
taken with slitmasks designed to obtain spectra for ~ 15 targets simultaneously.
For the vast majority of observations, we used a 150 lines mm-1 grating blazed at
7500 A, which produces a 4.8 A pix-1 dispersion. The spectral coverage with this
grating is approximately 4000 A to 1 micron, allowing us observe the entire
optical ...

Form And Function

Author: Avrom A. Blumberg
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High-frequency Limit to Each Series in the Atomic Hydrogen Emission Spectrum
between which is larger at the low-frequency end and vanishingly small at the
high-frequency end. Table 5.7 lists the high-frequency limit to each of the five
series. These limits have a simple relationship: each is equal to the Lyman-series
high-frequency limit divided by an integer which is also a perfect square. In
general, the high-frequency limit is (3.28805 x 10IS)/n2 Hz, where n is some
integer. For the ...

Human Factors In Lighting Third Edition

Author: Peter Robert Boyce
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439874891
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... having detected flicker, found that level of flicker acceptable It is clear that at
50 and 60 Hz, such flicker is easily detected and unacceptable but at 100 and
120 Hz, it is rarely seen and when it is, it is acceptable A similar pattern was
found ... frequency components (Lehman et al , 2011) All the aforementioned
has been concerned with flicker seen directly but there is also a possibility for
flicker to be seen indirectly via a stroboscopic effect The most well-known
example of this ...

Vestibulospinal Control Of Posture And Locomotion

Publisher: Elsevier
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These showed that the neck mechanics behave like an underdamped second-
order spring—pendulum system with a resonance at about 2 Hz. A key feature of
such a system is that the movements it produces decline as the square of the
frequency below the resonance point. Thus during rotation of the body at ... [4]
Zangemeister, W.H., Lehman, S. and Stark, L. (1981) Simulation of head
movement trajectories: model and fit to main sequence. Biol. Cybern., 41; 19–32.
[5] Viviani, P. and ...

Elements Of Physics

Author: George Shortley
Publisher: Prentice Hall
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Find the frequencies of the first three lines in the Lyman series of hydrogen. The
lines of this series converge toward a limit; what is the frequency of this limit? Ans
: 2.47 X 1015 Hz; 2.92xl015Hz; 3.08xl015Hz; 3.29xl015Hz. 24. Repeat Prob. 23
for the Balmer series in hydrogen. Also determine the wavelengths and compare
with Fig. 3. 25. Recalling that hydrogen atoms are normally in their lowest energy
level and that the frequency of the first line of the Lyman series is approximately ...