Homesteaders Hopes

Author: Larry Opseth
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Many of my family and friends will recognize some of the people, places, and stories in this novel even though I have changed the names and places to protect their privacy.

Women Of The Frontier

Author: Brandon Marie Miller
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 161374000X
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As white settlers gobbled up the lands of Native Americans and people of Spanish descent, the clash of cultures brought pain to many including Rachel Plummer and Cynthia Ann Parker, and spearheaded the work of Susette la Flesche and Sarah ...

Red River Valley Historical Review

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Land of the Coyote is the factual account of the Beine family who leave the
security of Omaha to settle on a homestead in South Dakota in 1907. (The name
of the book is derived from the state ... wild horse tamer. George's adventures
were numerous. Getting lost in a prairie blizzard, hearing ghosts in the bunk
house, and taming wild horses were only ... on a South Dakota homestead in the
early 1900's. Hyla Hope Harder Tulsa, Oklahoma the Army was making
considerable progress.

Encyclopedia Of The Great Plains

Author: David J. Wishart
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803247871
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The film must finally be judged on its ability to move us, to make us feel the hope
and despair of the homesteader and farmer in the Great Plains, in this case, the
prairie of Saskatchewan. That opening night audience in Swift Current ... of
Bagdad (1924), and The Black Pirate (1926). After the box office failure of his first
talkie, The Taming of the Shrew (1929), costarring Mary Pickford, his career
trajectory faltered, and he retired from the screen after making The Private Life of
Don Juan ...

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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“I guess it's just this prairie country,” Ed says. “Once you get used to it, no other
kind looks good to you.” Ed's land is part of the ... Before the Kentuckians
undertook to crop farm it, others had tried to tame this wild, intractable country,
and had retreated, licking their wounds. Cattle barons and homesteaders came
hopefully, but were driven out. ... As Ed's train pulled out, he saw his hopes for his
homestead vanish with it. Ed himself felt that in going to Greensburg he was, after
long exile, ...

Heritage Of The Great Plains

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However, in her fictional world, Cather "is both direct and, apparently, embittered,
seeing the prairie landscape as destroying its homesteaders' spirits through its
very vastness and the loneliness it occasions."51 In O Pioneers!, the disaster that
strikes John Bergson is his loss of hope and the loss of the unlimited
opportunities that he seeks, both of which he believes exist in the western interior
. Bergson experiences many of the aspects of the waste land in the American
frontier that ...


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university of Oklahoma, Cunningham | WEVEN }}|V|| s % : THE GEOGRAPHY OF
HOPE (1 =77-1887) '. conquest of the West was nearly complete by the 1870s. In
one remarkable decade, ... Homesteaders proudly built homes of prairie sod,
then battled drought and hard times to keep them. Pap Singleton, an ... Buffalo
Bill Cody, instead offered adoring crowds his enthusiastic version of a "Wild West
”—heroic, , glorious, romantic, and, || || y most of all, mythic. WPIN))} |I|| # ONE
SKY ...

Literature And Its Times Growth Of Empires To The Great Depression 1890 1930s

Author: Joyce Moss
Publisher: Gale Cengage
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Helpful and able-bodied Carl Linstrum — Alexandra's neighbor — assists
Alexandra with her brother and accompanies them back to their homestead from
town — a long wagon ride out into the barren prairie. Alexandra is deeply ...
brought his family to the Nebraska Divide eleven years earlier, choosing a spot
that overlooked Norway Creek to stake his claim under the Homestead Act. A
Swedish immigrant, John hoped to make a better life for his family. Though the
land was wild and ...

Our Mccoy Family History

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The Homestead Act had been revised, the railroads had built lines into Kansas,
and settlers were pouring in from all over the eastern section of the United States,
as well as thousands were coming in from Europe to take advantage of the
homestead offer. Matter of fact, the railroads ... didn't realize that this section of
prairie country left a lot to be desired. There were no trees, very little ... These
were the days of Bat Masterson, Wild Bill Hickock and Wyatt Earp. These lawmen
became ...