Honda Vtx1800

Author: James Grooms
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VTX1800C (2002-2007), VTX1800R (2002-2007), VTX1800S (2002-2006), VTX1800N (2004-2008), VTX1800F (2005-2008), VTX1800T (2007-2008)

Cycle World Magazine

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I just had to write about May's Honda VTX1800 test. I don't think you quite realize
the importance of the beautiful, powerful beast Honda has treated us to. What I
see is art, art that rumbles and hauls butt. The sound, the seat-ofthe-pants feel-a
lot of soul and passion went into this bike. To sell it short with a reference to the
Yamaha V-Max is unfortunate, don't ya think? The point is, the VTX stands on its
own, awe-inspiring, needing no manufactured praise or sales babble. I don't think

Honda Motorcycles

Author: Aaron P. Frank
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It's interesting that 20 years later, in the days of "Performance First," Honda's
VTX1800 was heralded as a "novel" combination of cruiser styling and drag strip
acceleration. Though moto-pundits circa 2002 made this combination sound like
the biggest thing since the hand clutch, the power-cruiser concept was at least 20
years old, and was pioneered with Honda's V65 Magna, introduced in 1983. A
quasi- cruiser/ sportbike hybrid, the Magna mixed traditional cruiser styling cues
with ...

Adrenalinemoto Street Motorcycle Pu Catalog 2014

Author: Parts-Unlimited Motorcycle Parts & Gear
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Star 99‐12 1701‐0175 $66.95 REAR ADAPTERS HONDA VTX1800 02‐09 w/
cast wheels 1701‐0173 66.95 FITS MODEL PART # SUG. RETAIL REAR
ADAPTERS (CONT) HONDA (CONT) VTX1300/1800 02‐09 w/ spoke wheels (all
) 1701‐0174 $66.95 YAMAHA XV1600/1700 Road Star 99‐12, right 1701‐0176
VTX1300/1800 03‐10, ...

American Motorcyclist

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Plus, the clamp rotates 360 degrees, and features fully adjustable clamping
pressure for components up to four inches in diameter. Suggested retail of the
bench-mount work stand is $235. For info, contact Park Tool Company at (888)
568-4959, or go to Comfort by Mustang Honda's VTX1800 is
serious iron for cruising your neighborhood strip. But with the addition of Honda's
saddlebags and windshield, it's also a capable tourer. However, at the top of my
aftermarket ...

Cycle World Magazine

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EDITORS' NOTES One company...'rhree exceptional l certified pre-owned vehicle
programs}.°° l When. THE CRUISER WORLD Is ALL our or WHACK now. It used
to be that something around 1 100cc was a heavyweight, 750 a middleweight
and anything less than that a lightweight. Honda's VTX1800 really changed the
game in 2001 with its pair of giant slugs. but now that we have this Vulcan 2000
and Triumph's 2.3-liter Rocket III, the VTX just doesn't seem so big. These days, if
you ...

Popular Mechanics

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Between now and the end of July, when you buy a new 2003 Honda VTX 1800,
we'll give you the added value of a $1000 in-store credit* good for Honda
Genuine AccessoriesTM for your VTX, or for VTXtended coverage with a Honda
Protection Plan." With more than 70 VTXccessories to choose from — including
sport, touring, and classic- style parts, that adds up to over 57,000 combinations.
Want an even sweeter deal? How about super-low 3.9% APR financing upon
approved ...

Cycle World Magazine

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From the 1991 Ten Best story: “Honda's VTX1800 is a good-looking and, equally
importantly, hard-running cruiser that will likely set the direction for boulevard
bikes for years to come.” Useful resources: You will find practically anything
about the VTX1800 you could imagine on the Internet. in addition to a very useful
site for the VTX Owners Association (wwvkvtxoacom), there are countless others
dedicated to VTX sales, parts and accessories, including xchoppers. com, an
operation ...

American Motorcyclist

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\TF-Xtreme. The AMA garage has housed a 2003 Honda VTX1800 Retro for the
past several months, giving a number of us a chance to ride Honda's big cruiser.
Here are some thoughts about living with the VTX for the long haul. I first rode the
VTX at its North American press launch in early 2001, and I can still remember
the pitch: "The world's largest-displacement production V- twin motorcycle!" "
Exhaust valves larger than a P-51 s!" Not only did Honda succeed in building the
largest ...

The Complete Idiot S Guide To Motorcycles 5th Edition

Author: Motorcyclist Magazine
Publisher: Penguin
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Honda Cruisers and Tourers Honda Gold Wing (Recommended—Experienced)
Quite possibly the most competent, capable touring motorcycle in the world,
Honda's venerable GL1800 Gold Wing comes in several trim levels: Audio
Comfort, Audio Comfort Navi XM, Audio Comfort Navi XM ABS, and Airbag. All
are powered by Honda's smooth and powerful 12-valve, 1832cc opposed-six
with low maintenance shaft final drive. Honda DN-01 Borrowing design cues from
sportbikes, ...