James The Just And Christian Origins

Author: Bruce David Chilton
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"James the Just and Christian Origins" addresses this problem. The questions that surround this exceedingly important, yet largely ignored figure are several and complicated. Was he really the brother of Jesus?

Just James

Author: John Painter
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
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Nor is it likely that the reduced demands of the law expressed in the decree as
formulated in Acts would have satisfied those described as zealous for the law,
whose leader was James. Here Acts is not plausible, presenting an
oversimplified account of the situation. Such a compromise would not have been
acceptable to those described as "zealous for the law" any more that it would
have been for Paul. In all of this it is clear that James was the leading figure in the
Jerusalem church.

Jesse And Frank James

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Studying the family history of Jesse and Frankjames is made somewhat
confusing by the fact that another James line appears with children also named
Jesse and Frank James, near the same ages as their distant cousins, Jesse and
Frank from Missouri. Since theJesse and Frank James who were born in
Tennessee apparently were also often on the outlaw trail and since the noted
Missouri banditsJesse and FrankJames were known to spend considerable time
around Nashville, ...

The Book That James Wrote

Author: Earl F. Palmer
Publisher: Regent College Publishing
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Earl F. Palmer. way he speaks of each Christian faith theme while always
referring to his theological beginning place. Each of the great ideas that fill his
mind and the great thoughts that he wants to share depends on what James
believes about God. Let us therefore track that skipping rock and the vitally
important circles that flow in rings around his convictions about God.

Introduction To Information Systems

Author: James A. O'Brien
Publisher: McGraw-Hill College
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O'Brien's Introduction to Information Systems 13e continues to reflect the movement toward enterprise-wide business applications. George Marakas from the University of Kansas joins as a co-author on this new edition.

The Letters Of James And Peter

Author: William Barclay
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
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INTRODUCTION TO THE LETTER OF JAMES James is one of the books which
had a very hard fight to get into the New Testament. Even when it did come to be
regarded as Scripture, it was spoken of with a certain reserve and suspicion, and
even as late as the sixteenth century the reformer Martin Luther would gladly
have banished it from the New Testament altogether. The Doubts of the Early
Christian Fathers In the Latin-speaking part of the Church, it is not until the middle
of the ...

Conversations With James Baldwin

Author: James Baldwin
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
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Jimmy was an old friend who quite generously and without fail had always been
there with his encouragement and help throughout my writing career. He always
extended an invitation to me to visit him whenever I had the time, and I wanted to
interview him for the Miles Davis autobiography I am writing with Davis. I also had
heard that Jimmy was quite ill, and I wanted an opportunity to see him again. On
that gray morning I thought of James Baldwin and of the writer Richard Wright, ...

Cultural Studies Of James Joyce

Author: R. B. Kershner
Publisher: Rodopi
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James Joyce s "Dubliners ": Critical Essays. ed. Clive Hart (New York: Viking,
1969). 2 Warren Beck. Joyce .v "Dubliners ": Substance. Vision, and Art ( Durham
, N.C.: Duke University Press. 1969). 3 Not all feminist criticism of the story
rehabilitates Mrs. Kearney. In James Joyce and the Politics of Desire (New York:
Routledge, 1990). for example, Suzette Henke treats Mrs. Kearneys strategy — if
not Mrs. Kearney herself— unsympathetically: "This strong-willed mother
mistakenly ...

Thinking With James Carey

Author: Jeremy Packer
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820474052
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Between Cultural Materialism and Spatial Materialism: James Carey's Writing
about Communieation James Hay Transporting Cultural Materialism and
Historicizing the "Spatial Bias" and the Geography of Communication Studies:
Two Models of Communication, Then and Now During the 1970s and 1980s,
James Carey's distinction between a cultural model and a transportation model of
communication became a prominent framework in the United States for cultural
studies of media ...