Journal Of William Maclay

Author: William Maclay
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"Journal of William Maclay" from William Maclay. Lawyer, United States Senator from Pennsylvania (1737-1804).

Major Butler S Legacy

Author: Malcolm Bell, Jr.
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Daniel Huger lost neither leg nor life, but did become alienated from PB when he
was not invited to the Butler dinner party in Charleston honoring President
Washington. 6. Maclay, ed., Journal of William Maclay, p. 74. 7. Ibid., p. 135.
Sikes, The Public Life of Pierce Butler, pp. 61—62. 8. Maclay, ed., Journal of
William Maclay, p. 174. PB to "His Excellency the Vice President of the United
States," January 19, 1790, PB Letterbook, 1790- 1794, SCL. Page Smith, John
Adams, 2:786—87.

The Slaveholding Republic

Author: the late Don E. Fehrenbacher
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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See Edgar S. Maclay, ed., Journal of William Maclay (New York: D. Appleton &
Co., 1890), 156, 159; Bowling, “Politics in the First Congress,” 167–68. 22. De
Pauw, ed., First Federal Congress, vol. I, Senate Legislative Journal (Baltimore:
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1972), 187; AC, 1 Cong., 1 sess, 85. The vote
was 10 to 8. 23. De Pauw, ed., Senate Legislative Journal, 187–89; AC, 1 Cong.,
1 sess., 85–86; Maclay, ed., Journal of William Maclay, 162–65. 24. Maclay, ed.,
Journal ...

Alexander Hamilton

Author: Ron Chernow
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Ibid., vol. 12, p. 570, “Fact No. II,” National Gazette, Philadelphia, October 16,
1792. Ibid., vol. 18, p. 102, “Report on a Plan for the Further Support of the Public
Credit,” January 16, 1795. Ibid. PAH, vol. 6, p. 1, letter to Henry Lee, December 1,
1789. Ibid., p. 50, letter to Angelica Church, January 7, 1790. Gordon, Hamilton's
Blessing, pp. 40–41. PAH, vol. 18, p. 116, “Report on a Plan for the Further
Support of the Public Credit,” January 16, 1795. Maclay, Journal of William
Maclay, p. 177.

So Help Me God

Author: Forrest Church
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28 "When the President" Page Smith, John Adams 2: 747. 28 "His superfluous
Excellency" Joel Achenbach, The Grand Idea, 162. 28 "His rotundity... monarchy
in America" William Maclay, The Journal of William Maclay, 31, 36, 49, 53, 63. 29
"His Highness" Lance Banning, The Sacred Fire of Liberty, 34; Peter Shaw, The
Character ofJohn Adams, 213-14. 29 "Formalities and ceremonies" 30 June 1770
, DAJA 1: 355. 30 "all the fooleries" William Maclay, The Journals of William
Maclay, ...

David Mccullough American History E Book Box Set

Author: David McCullough
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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“busy indeed”: Maclay, Journal of William Maclay, 112. 73. “advantages from
pride”: John Trumbull to JA, Feb. 6, 1790, AP, #373, MHS. 74. “You talk of my
enemies”: JA to John Trumbull, March 9, 1790, AP, #115, MHS. 75. Public
business, my son: JA to Thomas Boylston Adams, Sept. 2, 1789, AP, MHS. 76.
young Charles to clerk: Hecht, Odd Destiny, 176. 77. dripping head: New York
Daily Gazette, Sept. 23, 1789. 78. a complete revolution: New York Daily Gazette,
Sept. 23, 1789. 79.