Assessment And Simulation Tools For Sustainable Energy Systems

Author: Fausto Cavallaro
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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2010; Kaya and Kahraman 2011, 2010; Kahraman et al. 2009; Ren et al. 2009;
Jovanovic et al. 2009; Tsoutsos 2009 25 Environmental impact from solid Laes
2006; Ruan et al. 2010; Talinli et al. 2010 waste—coal 26 Land use Laes 2006;
Ruan et al. 2010; Wang et al. 2010; Jing et al. 2012; Kaya and Kahraman 2011,
2010; Kahraman et al. 2009; Atmaca and Basar 2012 27 Water use Laes 2006;
Ruan et al. 2010 28 Need for long-term management of HLW (high-level waste)
Laes ...

Intelligent Decision Making In Quality Management

Author: Cengiz Kahraman
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331924499X
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Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg (2006) Hsiang, T.C., Taguchi, G.: Tutorial on
Quality Control and Assurance-The Taguchi Methods, p. 188. Nevada, Joint
Meetings of the American Statistical Association, Las Vegas (1985) Hsu, B.M.,
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Quality Control Handbook, 3rd edn. McGraw-Hill, New York (1974) Kahraman, C.
, Kaya, İ.

A Tribute To Prof Dr Da Ruan

Author: Jie Lu
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642303072
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Kahraman participated at this conference with his colleagues Ziya Ulukan, Tijen
Ertay, Alp Ustundag, Nufer Yasin Ates, Ahmet Beskese, Esra Albayrak, Yasemin
Erensal, Sezi Cevik, Gulcin Yucel, Emel Aktas, Mehmet Tanyas, İhsan Kaya,
Didem Cinar, Gulcin Buyukozkan, Orhan Feyzioglu, Sezgin Kilic, Tunc Bozbura,
Tufan Demirel, and Nihan Cetin Demirel. Prof. Da Ruan awarded Prof. Kahraman
FLINS Outstanding Service Award. The next FLINS conference was held in
Madrid, ...

Multicriteria Decision Aid And Artificial Intelligence

Author: Michael Doumpos
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118522494
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Kahraman C, Cebeci U and Ruan D (2004) Multi-attribute comparison of catering
service companies using fuzzy AHP: The case of Turkey. International Journal of
Production Economics 87, 171-184. Kahraman C, Giilbay M and Kabak O (2006)
Application of fuzzy sets in industrial engineering: A topical classification. In
Fuzzy Applications in Industrial Engineering (ed. Kahraman C). Springer, Berlin,
pp. 1-55. Kahraman C and Kaya (2010a) Fuzzy acceptance sampling plans.

Production Engineering And Management Under Fuzziness

Author: Cengiz Kahraman
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642120520
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Kahraman, C., Kaya, İ.: Fuzzy process accuracy index to evaluate risk
assessment of drought effects in Turkey. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment
: An International Journal 15(4), 789–810 (2009b) Kane, V.E.: Process capability
indices. Journal of Quality Technology 18, 41–52 (1986) Kaya, İ., Kahraman, C.:
Fuzzy process capability analyses: An application to teaching processes. Journal
of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 19(4-5), 259–272 (2008) Kaya, İ., Kahraman, C.:
Fuzzy robust ...

Fuzzy Statistical Decision Making

Author: Cengiz Kahraman
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319390147
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Şentürk, S., Erginel, N., Kaya, İ., Kahraman, C.: Fuzzy. 1. Alipour, H., Noorossana,
R.: Fuzzy multivariate exponentially weighted moving average control chart. Int. J.
Adv. Manufact. Technol. 48, 1001–1007 (2010) 2. Barnhard G.A.: Control charts
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and Sutherland Methods. Pearson Education Inc., Upper Saddle River (2007) 4.

The Manas Of Wilhelm Radloff

Author: Vasiliĭ Vasilʹevich Radlov
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... (heroine) 6, 655 Kara-ker(steed)2, 1421 ; 3, 83 Kara-toko (hero) 3, 310, 1191,
1869, 2379, 2423, 2428, 2432, 2556, 2559, 2662 Kar'aygir (steed) 4, 732
Kardigac (heroine) 3, 365, 1853, 2043, 2147, 2154,2642 Kargalday (hero) 5,
2280, 2309f., 2314f., 2317, 2325,2327 Karganday (hero) 4, 357 ; 5, 1 464 Kan-
cal (hero) 7, 1240, 1319, 1389 Kanm-bay (hero) 6, 259 f., 263, 265, 280, 283,
303,314,321 Kart-kiir6n (steed)4, 733, 741 Kart Manas (hero) 3, 1 409 (cf. Jar
Manas) Kayip (hero, ...

Kayip Y Zyilin Prensesi

Author: Kahraman Tazeoglu
ISBN: 9786054994045
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Darstellung der großen Trauer eines gebrochenen Herzens mit der Erkenntnis, dass man andere erst lieben kann, wenn man sich selbst liebt, und dass Vorurteile ein Hindernis für die Entfaltung der Liebe darstellen.