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Sketching and carving both visualize and memorize a given image, but within Nowau culture the manner in which this is achieved in a canoe prowboard is entirely different than in a conventional drawing.


Author: Peter Dickinson
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This was where the Kitawa began. ... I started thinking about that, and it made me
sad. ... course he has in his own mind, but I wonder if there isn't part of him which
actually rather resents me talking to the Kitawa in their ... There's something
inside me, coming out, set free, making my eye and hand work the way they're

Transitions And Transformations In The History Of Religions

Author: Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa
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Essays in Honor of Joseph M. Kitagawa Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa, Frank E.
Reynolds, Theodore M. Ludwig ... The prophet argues that, in contrast to the "
gods" of the nations, products of men's hands and thus bound to time and change
, ... At a time when nostalgic reversionists were thinking of making a new ark to
symbolize the lost old one, Jeremiah sharply ... days, says Yahweh, they shall no
more say, 'The ark of Yahweh's covenant'; it shall not come to mind, or be
remembered, ...

Indian Influence On The Art Of Japan

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And, according to traditional way of thinking, if making a single image gained one
blessing, the blessing could be multiplied by printing many images. ... The
medicine jar in the left hand of the Buddha figure in the lower row shows him to
be Buddha Yakushi. ... period art was made to harmonize with a dominating
idealism, now art was motivated by a more practical frame of mind. ... Cf. Joseph
Kitagawa, Religion in Japanese History, Columbia University Press, New York,
1966, pp.

Interpreting Japan

Author: Brian J. McVeigh
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Example 3 A hand drum beaten, Darkness recedes— Noh play by torchlight.
Tsuzumi uteba 乎͏ͯ͹ Yami no shirizoku ҋͷ͠Γͧ͘ Takigi-nō ਋ೳ Ishihara Yatsuka
The body in the mind The ... Our reasoning and thinking abilities, then, have a
bodily basis. As soon as ... Repeated in an everyday manner—washing, wearing
clothes, donning uniforms, applying make-up, etc. ... practices of aisatsu (“
greetings”) in Japan, which is “something done through the entire body” (
Kitagawa 1985: 36).

Buddhism And Asian History

Author: Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa
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Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa Mark D. Cummings ... The Tantras compound this
difficulty by the very nature of their contents, making interpretation of the texts all
the more difficult. [See also Language, article on Buddhist Views of Language.]
relating man to supramundane forces or deities. ... means of hand gestures (mu-
drd); with the Speech by means of incantations (mantra); and with the Mind by
means of deep ...

The Thinking Hand

Author: Juhani Pallasmaa
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The book surveys the multiple essences of the hand, its biological evolution and its role in the shaping of culture, highlighting how the hand–tool union and eye–hand–mind fusion are essential for dexterity and how ultimately the body ...

The History Of Religions

Author: Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa
Publisher: An American Academy of Religion Book
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understanding human experience Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa ... It influences the
culture, but men's thinking and experience also influence language. ... Benjamin
Schwartz: "While these commitments are bound to color his understanding to
some extent, he can make an effort ... own mind between his commitments and
his attempts to understand the conscious response of others. On the other hand,
the illusion of complete non-involvement, with all the self-deceptions it nourishes,
is more ...

A Grave Talent

Author: Laurie R. King
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THE EDGAR AWARD-WINNING NOVEL THE FIRST KATE MARTINELLI MYSTERY In Laurie R. King's Grave Talent, the unthinkable has happened in a small community outside of San Francisco.


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With tfowr forntal mHAi'cal background, Ia there Aontething at the back of tf our
mind AavfiHg, "I've got to prove mn Aelf, I've got to do a ... Yes, I'm thinking of [
returning to Japan] . I haven't ... But seven guys raised their hands and said they
wanted to do it. ... What sets Kitagawa apart from other agencies is his vocal
disdain for the recording side of the business. ... The challenge faced by Japan's
production agencies is to make the transition from the era of benevolent (in
theory, at least) ...