Author: Giancarlo Scoditti
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Sketching and carving both visualize and memorize a given image, but within Nowau culture the manner in which this is achieved in a canoe prowboard is entirely different than in a conventional drawing.

Transitions And Transformations In The History Of Religions

Author: Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa
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The prophet argues that, in contrast to the "gods" of the nations, products of men's
hands and thus bound to time and change, Yahweh has a sovereign purpose
with respect to the life of his people. ... At a time when nostalgic reversionists
were thinking of making a new ark to symbolize the lost old one, Jeremiah
sharply rejected this tie to the past sacred history: "In those days, says Yahweh,
they shall no more say, 'The ark of Yahweh's covenant'; it shall not come to mind,
or be ...

Buddhism And Asian History

Author: Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa
Publisher: MacMillan Publishing Company
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A list of secret topics in this literature would comprise states of yoga, the circle of
deities, and other experiences that are not accessible to ordinary consciousness
and cannot be appreciated by the thoroughly mundane mind. ... In the former,
one contemplates the inseparability of "self reality" (dtmatattva) from "deity reality"
(devatdtattva), and in sequence the performer meditatively generates himself into
Vairocana with one face and two hands, making the samdpatti mudrd ("seal of ...


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Officially, Japanese record companies, publishers and retailers support keeping
the system, arguing that it nurtures music culture by making it economical for
labels to release minority-interest titles as well as million-sellers. Privately,
however ... With tfowr forntal mHAi'cal background, Ia there Aontething at the
back of tf our mind AavfiHg, "I've got to prove mn Aelf, I've got to do a Anmphonw
or at* opera* "? No. I had that ... But seven guys raised their hands and said they
wanted to do it.

The History Of Religions

Author: Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa
Publisher: An American Academy of Religion Book
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understanding human experience Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa. what is happening in
remote villages in Turkey or Indonesia ... It influences the culture, but men's
thinking and experience also influence language. It is impossible to abstract such
words as moksha and ... partly because of his fundamental decisions about life.
In the words of Professor Benjamin Schwartz: "While these commitments are
bound to color his understanding to some extent, he can make an effort to
distinguish in ...

Enter Teaching

Author: Mary M. Kitagawa
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The Essential Guide for Teachers New to Grades 3-6 Mary M. Kitagawa. answers
, including brilliant ones, is vital because teacher ... "It looks like there is a lot of
thinking going on, so 1 am going to give you longer to decide what to say." There
you are, mentally counting to fifteen with a patient ... In the latter case, you may
need to state frankly how determined you are to hear from everyone and ask
others to put their hands down. • Invite students to share their own questions or
reactions ...

Comparative Work Ethics

Author: Jaroslav Pelikan
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Thus, while we are compelled to resort to such short-hand expressions as “East
Asian peoples,” “Far Eastern societies,” and “East Asian ethics, religions, and
cultures,” we must be fully aware that these general terms are oversimplified and
refer to very diversified phenomena. In this paper I will focus on that part of East
Asia with which I am most familiar, Japan. Third, it is especially common among
intellectuals to assume that Western categories and Western modes of thinking
and ...

Barat Review

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I wish to make three points. World of Meaning First, my own thinking is based on
a simple premise that every individual, and every culture and people, lives not
only in the geographical, physical world but also in what might be termed a "
world of meaning. ... In the famous book entitled Teacher by Helen Keller, we are
told how her teacher, Annie Sullivan, attempted to teach the deaf and blind child
by spelling into Helen's hand, suiting the word to the action and the action to the