Fundamentals Of Legal Argumentation

Author: Eveline T. Feteris
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9402411291
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Die Theorie des rationalen Diskurses als Theorie der juristischen Begründung.
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Political And Legal Perspectives Of The Eu Eastern Partnership Policy

Author: Tanel Kerikmäe
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319273833
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74 с Blichner LC (2011) Juridification from below: the dynamics of MacCormick's
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In: Insua DR, French S (eds) e-Democracy. A group decision and negotiation
perspective. Springer, Heidelberg, pp 345–358 Gil-Garcia GJR (2012) Enacting ...

Mutual Expectations

Author: Govert Hartogh
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789041117960
Size: 44.11 MB
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Legal Reasoning and Legal Theory. Oxford: Clarendon 1 978. Neil MacCormick.
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Zenon Bankowski. "Some Principles of Statutory Interpretation". In: Robert S.
Summers, Neil ...

Rethinking Democracy And The European Union

Author: Erik Oddvar Eriksen
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136490906
Size: 29.41 MB
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Fischer-Lescano, A. and Teubner, G. (2006) 'Regime-collisions: The Vain Search
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Mass Politics in Europe: The Theory ofStein Rokkan: Based on his Collected
Works, Oxford: Oxford ...

Constitutional Pluralism In The Eu

Author: Klemen Jaklic
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191008958
Size: 49.58 MB
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Law and Democracy in Neil MacCormick's Legal and Political Theory (Berlin:
Springer, 2011). “The Place of European Law” in G. de Bürca and J. Weiler (eds.)
The Worlds of European Constitutionalism (Cambridge: Cambridge University
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Competence” in B de ...

Sexuality Morals And Justice

Author: Nicholas Bamforth
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780304331475
Size: 44.14 MB
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61. 59. Hart, Law, Liberty and Morality, p. 17; Neil MacCormick, Legal Right and
Social Democracy: Essays in Legal and Political Philosophy (Oxford: Clarendon
Press, 1982), p. 18. ... Hart, Law, Liberty and Morality; 'Social solidarity and the
enforcement of morality' (first published in 1967), ch. 11 in Hart's Essays in ]
urisprudence and ... Legal Right and Social Democracy, p. 28; for more detailed
discussion of MacCormicl<'s views, see his article 'A moralistic case for
amoralistic law?

Legal Right And Social Democracy

Author: Neil MacCormick
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Size: 19.11 MB
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S Oxford University Press, Walton Street Oxford 0X2 6DP //) 3)2,1 London
Glasgow New York Toronto Delhi Bombay Calcutta Madras Karachi / ^p., Kuala
Lumpur Singapore Hong Kong Tokyo Nairobi Dar es Salaam Cape Town
Melbourne Auckland ... LawPhilosophy I. Title 340'. 1 K230 ISBN 0-19-
825385-0 Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data MacCormick, Neil.
Legal right and social democracy. Includes index. 1. Law and politics
Addresses, essays, lectures. 2.

The Modern Schoolman

Size: 19.52 MB
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Legal Right and Social Democracy: Essays in Legal and Political Philosophy. By
Neil MacCormick. New York: Clarendon Press/Oxford University Press, l982. Pp.
viii + 272. $29.95. Legal Right and Social Democracy by Neil MacCormick,
Professor of Law at the University of Edinburgh, is an excellent collection of
thirteen essays written during the past fourteen years in legal and political
philosophy. The depth and breadth of MacCormick 's writing is impressive.
MacCormick writes on ...

The Principle Of Legal Certainty In Ec Law

Author: J. Raitio
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402012174
Size: 13.29 MB
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3, Nov. 1995, pp. 259-266, (MacCormick 1995). MacCormick, D.Neil: Democracy,
Subsidiarity, and Citizenship in the "European Commonwealth", in Constructing
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.): ...