The Collected Short Works 1920 1954

Author: Bess Streeter Aldrich
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
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She examined it first in 1923 with "The Cashier and the Little Old Lady" (
McClintock's Magazine, January- February) and again in January of 1931 in the
Delineator with "It's Never Too Late to Live." She returned to it again in 1949,
distilling the idea still further and sending it to Colliers, who published "The Heirs"
as one of their short, short stories in the 10 September issue. As noted in
discussing "It's Never Too Late to Live," Aldrich must have known of such
individuals and found it ...


Author: Kieran Setiya
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psychologist Janet Landman cites a Gallup poll conducted in 1949, which asked
a national sample of adults to identify “the biggest mistake of your life so far.”4
Sixtynine percent were willing to admit to one. The winner, by some ... In 1953,
Gallup conducted another poll: “Generally speaking, if you could live your life
over again, would you live it in much the same way as you have, or would you
live it differently?”5 Less than 40 percent of people said they would live life
differently if they ...


Author: Morgan Llywelyn
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"If it was up to me, you'd both be welcome to live here, but . . ." "We already have
a place to live. It may not work out, but if it doesn't I'll find another one." Barry
doubled a little fist and punched his mother's arm, a new exercise he was
mastering. She smiled down at him and rumpled the silky hair. Louise's eyes
were drawn to that hair. "The father . . ." she began. Stopped. Cleared her throat
and tried again. "I mean to say, do you know who the father . . ." "Of course I know
who the father is ...

The Law Journal For The Year 1832 1949

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And again, if the assignee of the remaining one- sixth should be unwilling to
continue tenant as to that interest, is the defendant compellable to take to it
himself? The latter difficulty, however, does not seem to apply to the case. The
original lessees, Ismay and Harrison, took an interest for sixty- five years and a
quarter, not only if the three lives named in the duchy lease should so long live,
but if any other person or persons to be nominated upon the falling in of their
lives, should so long ...

It S The Little Things Francis Brennan S Guide To Life

Author: Francis Brennan
Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd
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She lived in digs in Ranelagh in 1949, on Beechwood Avenue, with a very strict
landlady who kept an eye on the young ladies of the house. Of course, no sooner
had the ... My mother was in an awful panic: if she lost her place in the digs she'd
be mortified, and, as she'd got a prized job in the civil service, she knew she'd
never live it down if she was sent home to Sligo in disgrace. That morning she
bumped into ... 'I never want to talk about it again,' Mum said. 'Someone burned
the leg ...

Hildegard Peplau

Author: Barbara J. Callaway, PhD
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
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Once again Tish stayed with the Repperts, while Hilda returned to New York to
find another place to live. It wasn't easy, but she did find a one-bedroom fourth-
floor walk-up apartment at 322 West 88th Street for $150 a month—exactly half
her monthly income. A student in one of Peplau's classes passed along to them a
cot, four chairs, and a table which did double duty as a dining room table and
desk. Money was so tight they were lucky if there were cans of soup or spaghetti
at the ...

The Georgia Review

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To many people, it seems a matter of unarguable experience that the world in
which they live is completely private to them. No one can possible enjoy or suffer
their experience, whatever it is. At best, others can only infer what they think and
experience; they can not live it. Again, scientists, on the basis of such private
experience and with the help of logic and a few non-logical postulates, have built
up a world which we recognize does not really resemble the world which we
experience ...

After The War Was Over

Author: Mark Mazower
Publisher: Princeton University Press
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Though I would not choose to live it over again, I do look back at that time with a
certain sense of loss. We had something worth living for, fighting for; some even
died for it. It was a lesson for life. — Village ... In the early 1940s they had a
combined population of about 6,400 inhabitants, and Fourna was their
administrative center.1 The municipality of Ktimenion played a predominant role
in the resistance movement and during the civil war (1942-1949). This chapter,
based primarily on ...

The Self Care Revolution Presents Module 9 Power Of Community

Author: Robyn Benson
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It was interesting, but there's no way to know the truth because there wasn't
anyone else in the room, but Hoxsey claimed that the AMA invited him to Chicago
in 1924, which did occur. ... Hoxsey conducted the battle for all those decades
and one of the most interesting things in making the film was that we did a
tremendous amount of research on the formulas themselves and the external
salves, the AMA actually admitted in 1949 and never tested it again, that they do
work. It's for skin ...