Maccormick S Scotland

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Most emphatically in the case of Scotland, to a lesser extent in Northern Ireland,
and to a still lesser extent in Wales, the legislative and executive authority
devolved is greater in depth and scope than we would expect under the merely “
local” ... Great Britain was created (in 1707) out of the two prior nation states of
Scotland and England, and the United Kingdom out of. 49 Scotland Act 1998 s 28
(7). 50 Scotland Act 1998 ss 35, 57, 58 and 93. 51 And much greater than was
provided for ...

The Invention Of Scotland Routledge Revivals

Author: Murray G. H. Pittock
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Jacobite symbolism had not been forgotten. 46 The influenceof the Jacobite
period couldbe seen in a differentway in John MacCormick«s arguments
foraaNewNational Covenant«, which began in around 1930. The ideaof patriotic
Scots forming a compact to disassociate themselves from the policies imposed by
anEnglish government was one which dated back to 1638, andvarious
supportive articles in theScots Independent emphasized the nationalist aspects
ofthe Covenanters.

Constitutionalism Versus Legalism

Author: Eugene E. Dais
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LEGAL TRADITION" By Takeshi Tsunoda, Nagoya INTRODUCTION Professor
MacCormick of Edinburgh University1 occupies an important and original
position in a ... is Bentham' s distinction between Expositorial and Censorial
Jurisprudence - and at the same time to maintain such both factors; this is one of
the principal features of a British mainstream of jurisprudence4 from the
nineteenth 1 MacCormick' s ...

Parallele Gesetzgebungskompetenzen

Author: Marcus Hahn-Lorber
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Reflections on MacCormick v. Lord Advocate, in: NILQ 29 (1978), S. l (5, 10).
Zurückhaltend Bradley/Ewing, Constitutional Law (Fn. 12), S. 76, die jedenfalls
die Überprüfbarkeit von Parlamentsgesetzen anhand des Treaty of Union in ...
The 1707 Union of England and Scotland, in: LQR 117 (2001), S. 109 (109-l 13);
F. O'Gorman, The Long Eighteenth Century - British Political and Social History
1688-1932, 1997, S. 57; P. W. Riley, The Union of England and Scotland, 1978,
S. 31 1 f.

Law And Democracy In Neil Maccormick S Legal And Political Theory

Author: Agustín José Menéndez
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Rule(s) (cont.) dicretionary aplication, of, 20, 60, 66 power conferring, 57–58,
74,190 primary, 58, 61 of recognition, 69–70, 74–75, 77–78, 84, 86–87, 144–145
, 193,213, 215–216, 250–251 secondary, 61 strict application, of, 60 Rule of Law,
the ... 31 rights of defence, 235–237 separation of powers, 31, 51,154 and
universalism, 12–13 Rule-scepticism, 61, 66, 103, 126–127, 135–136, 140–141,
165, 188,214, 264, 271 S Sanction, 36,59–60, 126, 193, 196–197, 214, 218
Scotland, 3–5, ...

Interpreting Precedents

Author: D. Neil MacCormick
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A Comparative Study D. Neil MacCormick, Robert S. Summers, Arthur L.
Goodhart ... 1(a) Court Hierarchy In the United Kingdom there are three
jurisdictions: England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. ... Scots law is a
amixed« system between civil and common law, owing much to the civilian
traditions of Renaissance France and the post-reformation Netherlands, but
subject to a considerable degree of convergence between Scottish and English
substantive law in modern ...

Subverting Scotland S Past

Author: Colin Kidd
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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For a critical appraisal, see I. D. Willock, The Scottish Legal Heritage Revisited',
in Grant (ed.), Independence and Devolution, pp. 1-14. 39 P. Stein, 'Law and
Society in Eighteenth-Century Scottish Thought', in Mitchison and Phillipson (cds.
(), Scotland in the Age of Improvement, N. MacCormick, 'law and Enlightenment',
in Campbell and Skinner (eds.), Origins and Nature of the Scottish Enlightenment
. 40 K. Luig, 'The Institutes of National Law in the Faultlines in Scotland s
unusable ...

Verfassungsreform Im Einheitsstaat

Author: Michael Münter
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Kelbie, Paul: Hard hats and scaffolding at opening of the Scottish Parliament, in:
The Independent, 8. September 2004, S. 20. Kelbie, Paul: Report into Holyrood
fasco blames no one, in: The Independent, 16. September 2004, S. 20. Kellas,
James: Reactions to the Devolution White Paper, in: Clarke/Drucker (Hrsg.): Our
Changing Scotland, S. 62-71. Kellas, James: The Scottish political system,4.
Auflage, Cambridge u.a. 1989. Kellas, James: The Scottish and Welsh Offices as

Understanding Scotland

Author: David McCrone
Publisher: Routledge
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Lythe, S. G. E. (1960) The Economy of Scotland in its European Setting, 1550±
1625, Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd. McArthur, C. ... MacCormick, N. (1995) `
Sovereignty: myth and reality', Scottish Affairs, 11: 1±13. ... Scottish Affairs, 26:
100±18. MacDougall, H. (1982) Racial Myth in English History: Trojans, Teutons
and AngloSaxons, Montreal: Harvest House. McGrew, A. (1992) `A global society
?', in Hall, S. et al. (eds), Modernity and its Futures, Cambridge: Polity Press, pp.

The Child As Vulnerable Patient

Author: Lynn Hagger
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its parents.27 That said, we must be mindful of the fact that children's and parents'
interests are not necessarily synonymous despite this apparent assumption
within the Children Act 1989.28 The Act does not even require parents to consult
children aged over 12 years about major decisions in their lives, unlike their
Scottish counterparts.29 For MacCormick, enforcement is a separate issue that
does not preclude the establishment of rights. In any event, the creation of the
Children's ...