Mister Moneybags

Author: Vi Keeland
Publisher: C. Scott Publishing - co-author
ISBN: 1942215576
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“I actually have the pleasure of interviewing Mister Moneybags himself.” My
stomach sank. Ohhhh. This didn't bode well for me. I swallowed then cocked my
head to the side and played dumb. “Who?” “The elusive Dexter Truitt. He's the
CEO of Montague Enterprises. They occupy the entire top floor.” Trying to seem
like I was not seriously about to lose my shit, I asked, “Why do you call him Mister
Moneybags?” “I just picture him to be this crabby, moneyhungry asshole, I guess.
Sounds ...


Author: Robert Wallace
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781440635304
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Grant immediately renamed his guest “Mister Moneybags from Headquarters.”
The additional funding, for a new program code named EARWORT, arrived in
increments as TSS spent it.” To the techs, it seemed as if the financial floodgates
had opened. Grant's job turned from scrounging the cheapest equipment
possible to talking with development engineers about new mechanical and
electronic devices to aid clandestine operations and ordering the most promising.
Not every item ...

The Major Comedies Of Alexander Fredro

Author: Aleksander Fredro (hrabia)
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None of these appellations is particularly accurate, convenient though they may
sometimes be. However fluent he may have been in Moliere's comedy, however
much he may have admired Moliere, Fredro was not greatly in the French
master's debt.48 This is quite evident in The Life Annuity, which some consider
his most Molieresque comedy after Mister Moneybags. Traces of Moliere
certainly can be found in The Life Annuity, as well as in Mister Moneybags and
Mister Joviality, but ...

Berlin Dada

Author: Brigid Doherty
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Karl Holtz, “Aus dem Leben grosser Zeitgenossen: I. Herr Reichspräsident Ebert"
[From the lives of great contemporary comrades, I: Mister President Ebert] in Die
Freie Welt 2, no. 31 (1920): 4. Photograph courtesy of Taylor Institution, Oxford.
George Grosz, “Von Geldsacks Gnaden" [Mister Moneybags's Self-Fashioning in
Die Pleite 1, no. 1 (Berlin: Malik Verlag, 1919): front cover. Reproduced in Die
Pleite (Nendeln, Liechtenstein, and Millwood, NY: Kraus Reprint, 1977), no page

Puerto Rico

Author: Rafael Cancel Miranda
Publisher: Pathfinder Pr
ISBN: 9780873488952
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... school of their choice. That is, they're giving more funds to the private schools
and taking them away from public schools. If the telephone company is sold off,
more than $200 million in income that the telephone company, as a public
corporation, contributed to the Puerto Rican education system, will be gone. And
who does that affect — the sons and daughters of Mister So and So, Mister
Moneybags? No, the children of John Doe and Mary Jane, who don't have
financial resources.

Kansas Quarterly

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“So, how's this, mister moneybags?” she says and turns toward me, smiling for
the first time. With her hair slicked back away from her face, I can tell where the
make-up ends and the bare skin on her forehead starts. It's a neat line that arcs
from temple to temple. Dark roots, maybe a shade of red, are beginning to show
near her scalp, but all of her hair, no matter what color, is shining now. Drops of
water are falling on her shoulders, sticking for a second, then running down her

Cheyenne Winter

Author: Richard S. Wheeler
ISBN: 9780786246564
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... ready to deal? Any time you want to deal, we'll deal, Mister Moneybags." Guy
smiled. "Mebbe you aren't hungry?" "Oh, I'm that," said Guy. "But 281.

Southwestern Mass Communication Journal

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whose arms are laden with new purchases, "What have you been doing, Mister
Moneybags?" "It's okay," he replies. "I put it on the credit card." Yetis, the
abominable snowmen who represent high interest rates, start to appear,
menacing the couple until the man notes that he used a low-interest Capital One
credit card. Hypomasculinity. The final category was termed "hypomasculinity" to
describe characters who appeared weak, fearful, confused or ineffective. This
theme appeared to be ...

The Oxford Book Of Money

Author: Kevin Jackson
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780192825100
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All that an ounce of gold might conceivably procure meant almost infinitely more
to him than what it actually buys, and the prospect of pleasure thrilled him more
than any activity which would exhaust that prospect. Also he relished the mystery
of power in a material form. The miser is a visionary, whose inner life is
everything to him. Paul Valery, Bad Thoughts and Not so Bad, 1941, tr. Stuart
Gilbert, 1970 So, Mister Moneybags, you're loaded? So? You'll never take it with
you when you ...