Mountain Dance

Author: Thomas Locker
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780152026226
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A poetic description of various kinds of mountains and how they are formed. Includes factual information on mountains.

Korean Dance

Author: Kim Malborg
Publisher: Ewha Womans University Press
ISBN: 9788973006267
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Musanhyang Fragrance of Dancing Mountain Dance Musanhyang was created
by Crown Prince Hyomyeong and court musician Kim Changha. It was first
performed as a jeongjae at a court banquet called jinjak in June 1828, the 28th
year of King Sunjo's reign. Of the 23 court dances performed at this event. 18
dances including Musanhyang were made by Hyomyeong. The dance is based
on an ancient story of a King ]in of Yeonam Kingdom. One day. a flower fell on
the hat of the ...

Tourism In The Mountain South

Author: C. Brenden Martin
Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press
ISBN: 9781572335752
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The earliest and most popular festival was the annual Mountain Dance and Folk
Festival in Asheville. The main person responsible for conceiving and
coordinating the festival was Bascom Lamar Lunsford, a lawyer and farmer from
South Turkey Creek, North Carolina, who was concerned that with Western North
Carolina's growing sophistication the folk songs and dances of the region were
quickly dying out. Lunsford was also a showman who recognized the public's
interest in ...

Appalachian Dance

Author: Susan Eike Spalding
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252096452
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Kentucky Folklife Festival, 189, 214 Kentucky Mountain Hoedowners, 176, 177,
182 Kentucky Mountain Square Dancing (Napier), 157, 213 Kentucky River, 13,
161, 162 “Kentucky Running Set,” 20, 156, 169, 181 Kentucky Square Dances (
Levin), 157, 213 Kincaid, Earl and Eleanor, 106; dancing at Sweet Shop, 96, 108
–9, 111; old time danc- ing, 101–2, 112; Kingdom Come, Ky., and dance, 24, 197,
201, 213 Kingsport, Tenn., 35; dance halls, 38, 108; dancing, 42, 44, 48; Eldora
Ball, ...

Developing An All School Model For Elementary Integrative Music Learning

Author: Carol E. Reed-Jones
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 161233427X
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Mountain dance is both contextualized and enculturated, rather than formally
taught, with the exception of competitive precision clog teams, which receive
formal instruction. For social square dance, “children are led through dances by
siblings and adults” (Matthews 1983, 96). Haywood County children learn how to
dance as a natural part of growing up, not in a classroom. The dance is part of
their mountain heritage and their style is unique. I have heard non-mountain
dancers ...

The Rocky Mountain Region

Author: Rick Newby
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313328176
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"Square dancing became further entrenched in the popular consciousness as the
archetypal American folk dance" (part of the reason it is the state dance of both
Idaho and Colorado). Shaw's work helped spark an interest in organized western
square dancing, and clubs subsequently formed all over the country. Highlighting
this trend is the Rocky Mountain Dance Roundup Week, occurring annually near
Colorado Springs and providing sessions in contra, traditional, and modern ...

Hoedowns Reels And Frolics

Author: Phil Jamison
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252097327
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4.7 5.1 5.2 6.1 7.1 8.1 8.2 8.3 8.4 8.5 9.1 9.2 10.1 10.2 11.1 11.2 11.3 12.1 12.2
12.3 12.4 12.5 12.6 12.7 12.8 13.1 13.2 13.3 13.4 “The Music for the Dance
Cecil Sharp and Maude Karpeles collecting ballads in Kentucky Running Sets at
the Pine Mountain Settlement School Sword Dance at the Pine Mountain
Settlement School Six Regions: Counties of Dance Callers on 78s (1924–1933) “
Natchez Ballroom”—Six-handed reel “Sir Roger de Coverley”—Opening figures
on diagonals ...

Virginia S Blues Country And Gospel Records 1902 1943

Author: Kip Lornell
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813161541
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When it comes to playing the mountain dance music and the tunes, melodies and
marches famous in the Southern hill country, the Highballers take nobody's dust.
Charley La Prade fiddler of note in a country critical of this type of music, is the
organization's leader. SOLDIER'S JOY – Mountain Dance Mu- 15168-1) sic. 10-
inch skipp More—Moun. or tain Dance Music J - - M - - -- |||||| |THT - solo-L-R The
Blue Ribof Highnailers DARNEO-Mountain IDance Music | 15132-D DARLING ...