New Mexico And The Pimer A Alta

Author: John G. Douglass
Publisher: University Press of Colorado
ISBN: 1607325748
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Focusing on the two major areas of the Southwest that witnessed the most intensive and sustained colonial encounters, New Mexico and the Pimería Alta compares how different forms of colonialism and indigenous political economies resulted ...

Spain In The Southwest

Author: John L. Kessell
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 0806189444
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With an eye for human interest, Kessell tells the story of New Spain’s vast frontier--today’s American Southwest and Mexican North--which for two centuries served as a dynamic yet disjoined periphery of the Spanish empire.

Frontiers Of Colonialism

Author: Christine D. Beaule
ISBN: 9780813054346
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The goal of this volume is to expand the theoretical interpretations and perspectives to all archaeologists working in frontier/colonial contexts, not just those of the European empires.

Indian Revolts In Northern New Spain

Author: Roberto Mario Salmón
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780819179838
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While their activities in central Mexico decreased as the Indian population there
declined, their original enthusiasm for the conversion of "heathen souls" endured
on the frontier.2 In the early colonial period, the evangelical conquest brought
many churchmen north, where geographically defined jurisdictions determined
the ... East of the mountains lay the central plateau, rising high above the coastal
plain and sloping gradually to join the grassy plains of Pimería Alta and New

Between The Conquests

Author: Michael R. Ornelas
Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780787270797
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Frontier New Spain. Juan de Ofiate. New Mexico. Pimeria Alta. Texas. California.
Frontier New Spain, the American Southwest under Spanish rule, underwent
three distinct periods of development. First, the early 16th century explorations
into the region sought ... Threatened by European competitors in two regions,
Texas and California, the Spanish colonial administration expanded the range of
its frontier colonial circle and maneuvered to construct its "buffer zone," the third

Encyclopedia Of The North American Colonies

Author: Jacob Ernest Cooke
Publisher: C. Scribner's Sons ; Toronto : Maxwell Macmillan Canada
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... rate of 0.65, a rate slightly higher than that in the Pimeria Alta but considerably
less than in New Mexico, where the constant influx of Apache and Comanche
slaves into Hispano households, also, gradually swelled the ranks of those
residing in Spanish towns. CONCLUSION The bulk of Spanish settlements
founded during the colonial period in what is today the southwestern portion of
the United States were placed there primarily to further Spain's geopolitical aims
in the Americas.

From Savages To Subjects

Author: Robert H. Jackson
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 9780765605979
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Missions in the History of the American Southwest Robert H. Jackson ... The "
spiritual conquest" of the indigenous populations and the creation of a colonial
order in northern New Spain was anything but peaceful, and the missionaries
encountered resistance at all stages of the colonization process. This chapter
examines ... It is followed by a discussion of the Pimería Alta, a region that
witnessed resistance by northern Pimas under varying degrees of control of the

The Upper Pima Of San Cayetano Del Tumacacori

Author: Charles Corradino Di Peso
Size: 12.10 MB
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165175, Southwest Museum. Los Angeles. HAMMOND, GEORGE P. 1929
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Spanish Colonial Art And Architecture Of Mexico And The U S Southwest

Author: Mary Faith Mitchell Grizzard
Publisher: University Press of Amer
Size: 67.37 MB
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Chapter XIII: The Southwest Four of the Southwestern states in the United States
contain significant architecture dating from the Spanish colonial period, for they
belonged to the northern frontier of New Spain. ... The only exception was in the
Pimeria Alta of Southern Arizona, which was a Jesuit mission field until the Order
was expelled from Spanish America in l767. After the ... Chronologically, Spanish
settlement was earliest in New Mexico, where it began in the late sixteenth

Harvard Guide To American

Size: 38.18 MB
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... America and West Indies; J. F. Jameson, Privateering and Piracy in Colonial
Period, 147. 100. SPANISH BORDERLANDS, 1660-1713 Summary — 1662,
Governor Penalose and Quivira. — 1680, Pueblo Revolt and Massacre. — 1684,
La Salle's colony in Texas. — 1687-1707, Father Kino and the Pimeria Alta. —
1690, Alonso de Le6n founds first Spanish mission in Texas. — 1692, reconquest
of New Mexico begun by Vargas. — 1701, Albuquerque founded, New Mexico