Nil By Mouth Photo Essay Signed And Numbered

Author: Gary Oldman
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A photographic record of the film, Nil By Mouth, originally only available to members of the cast and crew. Two hundred copies have been made available exclusively to the UK. Each copy is signed and numbered by Gary Oldman.


Author: Anthony Rudd
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Swallowing. My husband has a 'nil by mouth' sign at the end of his bed. Why? It is
likely that your husband has been identified as being at risk of aspirating, as
explained above, and has quite correctly been kept 'nil by mouth'. It is important
that the nurses let you know about this so that you and any other visitors do not
tempt your husband with irresistible tasty morsels. While he is ...

Film Drama And The Break Up Of Britain

Author: Steven Blandford
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The strongest possible contrast to the vision of London presented by Sliding
Doors is that offered by Gary Oldman's first feature, Nil by Mouth (1997). Like The
War Zone, the leading male character is played by Ray Winstone whose version
of English men could reasonably be argued to be one of the defining
contributions to the cinematic portrayal of masculinity in the last decade. Nil by
Mouth, however, goes right back to the working-class London roots of both
Oldman and Winstone ...

Cultural Studies And The Working Class

Author: Sally Munt
Publisher: A&C Black
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Glen Creeber Released in Europe in 1997, Nil by Mouth was written and directed
by British actor Gary Oldman, who is best known for his leading roles in films
such as Sid and Nancy, Bram Stoker's Dracula and blockbusters like The Fifth
Element and Lost in Space. Oldman's directorial debut, however, draws its
influence more from relatively low-budget British film and television drama than
the Hollywood movies where he made his name. Dedicated to the memory of his
alcoholic ...


Publisher: Royal College of Physicians
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Being placed nil by mouth also has psychological impact. Screening for
swallowing difficulty after stroke is a key part of the clinical assessment of an
acute stroke patient, and is one of the important process indicators for stroke.3
Swallow safety can be evaluated using an agreed swallow screening tool which
can be administered as soon as possible after admission by an appropriately
trained healthcare professional. Usually, small volumes of water are
administered and a judgment is ...

Nobody S Perfect

Author: Anthony Lane
Publisher: Vintage
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he actor Gary Oldman has written and directed his first film and called it Nil by
Mouth. Nominally, the title refers to a hospital patient who can only be fed
intravenously. But the bulk of its meaning is ironic, since the movie revolves
around a group of people for whom everything is by mouth. What goes in is
booze: the opening shot finds Ray (Ray Winstone) at the bar of a pub, ordering
beer and vodka—“oh, and a drop of Scotch.” What comes out is a multitudinous
sea of filth. The story is ...

Puzzling Out Clinical Signs And Symptoms

Author: Richard Hamilton
Publisher: Remedica
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Treatment is with IV fluids,nil by mouth and antibiotics (eg, cefuroxime and
metronidazole).Surgery for massive bleed/complications. Large- and small-bowel
obstruction Causes include:(small bowel) strangulated hernia,adhesions, (rarely)
cancer,intussusception in babies;(large bowel) tumour,constipation,adhesions,
volvulus. Symptoms and signs are nausea,vomiting,absolute constipation,
abdominal distension and colicky abdominal pain.In small-bowel obstruction,
vomiting occurs ...

Addiction Dilemmas

Author: Jim Orford
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Nil. by. Mouth. A. Film. by. Gary. Oldman. This powerful British film, written and
directed by Gary Oldman and re- leased in 1997, depicts an inner-London family
of modest means in which the two main male characters are both shown as
having substance problems, Ray's being drink and Billy's injecting drugs. The
interactions quoted here involve Billy and his Mum, but the film also contains a lot
of relevant material involving Billy's older sister and her husband Ray. Mum, we
are led to ...

Clinical Procedures In Veterinary Nursing

Author: Victoria Aspinall
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
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Encourage abdominal organs back into place by lifting the patient up under the
shoulders. Rest with the head and shoulders higher than the body See treatment
of bites and stings Remove if visible. Prepare for GA/ sedation. Fish hooks must
be cut out (not pulled). Treat asphyxia (see treatment of asphyxia). The Heimlich
manoeuvre may be required. Compress wounds if possible. Fractures will need
immobilizing under GA Supportive therapy such as intravenous fluids. Nil by

Patient Centered Care In Medical Imaging And Radiotherapy

Author: Aarthi Ramlaul
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702055239
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Table 17.3 Specific patient preparations and aftercare for fluoroscopic
examinations Procedure Definition Preparation required prior to procedure
Aftercare Barium swallow Investigation of the upper GI tract with barium Nil by
mouth 4–6 hours before procedure Barium meal Investigation of the upper GI
tract mainly stomach Nil by mouth 8 hours before procedure If Buscopan
administered, warn patient of blurred vision; constipation Barium swallow/
Investigation of the oesophagus As ...