No Way Way Road Trip

Author: Tracey West
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
ISBN: 9780448482118
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Offers facts related to transportation and travel, including information on Viking ships, the fastest sports car in the world, and why space travel makes astronauts taller.

No Way Way Usa

Author: Tracey West
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1524785490
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This land is your land . . . check it out!

No Way Way Stinky Sticky Sneaky Stuff

Author: Tracey West
Publisher: Penguin
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A forklift suspended by sticky glue? Sneaky robbers dressed as cops? No way! But way! It's all true and all fun to read about in this snappy book of cool facts and photos from across the Smithsonian's vast collections.

The Red Hat Society Travel Guide

Author: Cynthia Glidewell
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1418570680
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Hitting the Road with Confidence, Class, and Style Cynthia Glidewell. passes, but
if you have ever wanted to see what ... THE SMITHSONIAN MUSEUMS SI
Building, Room 153, MRC 010 | 202-275-2000 | The
Smithsonian Museums number seventeen in Washington, D.C., alone. Ten of
them are within one mile of each other on the ... The Smithsonian Museums are
truly amazing. My brief descriptions in no way give any of them the honor that
they deserve.

Smithsonian Contributions To Knowledge

Author: Smithsonian Institution
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Smithsonian Institution. to-ka', adv. at the first. to'-ka, n. an enemy, one of a hostile
nation. to'-ka, adv. See t6kadaq : t6ka edamon sni, I cannot do it. to'-ka-darj, adv.
with sni following, in no way ; as, tokadan edamoq sni, / could do it in no way. to-
ka'-dar), n. the prairie dog, a kind of fox. to-kag'-e-harj, adv. at the first, formerly. to
-ka'-harj, v. n. to travel foremost, to be foremost, — tokawahaq . to-ka'-he, n. the
first, the beginning. to-ka'-he-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to go before, — tokahewakiya.

Smithsonian Contributions To Knowledge

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... which produced some terraces, less distinct, however, than in the lower basin. I
did not pass into the bed of this ancient lake, but took an observation, towards the
hamlet of le Tour, on a level with the terraces, as near as I could judge with the
eye, and found the height to be 926 feet above Chamouny, and 4351 feet above
the ocean; the highest point where I have ever seen terraces. After passing the
summit between the valleys of the Arve and the Rhone, on the Téte Noire Route ...

Hail To The Chief

Author: Tracey West
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399541462
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Includes pull-out sheets of stickers and oval office model.

Annual Report Of The Board Of Regents Of The Smithsonian Institution

Author: Smithsonian Institution
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Captain J. C.Frémont crossed it in 1843, and Lieutenant Bryan, in his
explorations for a wagon road from Fort Riley to Bridger's pass, in the year 1856,
on his return trip, passed down Rock creek, but they appear to have given the
country but a ... This stone was taken out of the gutter at a level with the bottom
without interfering in any way with the surrounding mason-work, and, being taken
by an oblique line upwards, was thrown against the house on the opposite side
of the street.

Moon Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip

Author: Jason Frye
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1631210327
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You'll need to fuel up at the towns, cities, and waysides off the parkway. Fuel
availability is noted at the beginning of relevant chapters in this guidebook, but as
a rule, you'll find a gas station near any town or major route that crosses the
Parkway. The speed limit on the Parkway is 45 mph, though it slows to 35 or even
25 in certain areas. Along Skyline Drive, the speed limit is 35 mph. You'll
encounter a great deal of wildlife along the drive. At any faster than the speed
limit, you pose a ...