Plain Missing

Author: Emma Miller
Publisher: Kensington
ISBN: 1496706471
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Praise for the Amish Mystery series “An excellent addition to the Amish mystery subgenre.”—Library Journal “An exciting tale of mystery, love, and danger.”—Booklist “A well-informed look into the tranquil world of the Amish ...

The Book Of Polonaise Lace Showing How To Copy Cluny Yak And Maltese Laces In Crochet By The Silkworm

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49 make a 2nd leaf, make a 3rd leaf on remaining chain, I single on joining
edging, 2 chain, I plain, 2 chain, I plain, I treble in loop of centre, missing I loop,
turn ; 2 chain, I plain, 2 chain, I plain, turn ; I chain, I single, 2 chain, I plain, 4
chain, I plain, 2 chain, I plain, turn ; I chain, I single, 2 chain, I plain, I treble on
centre loop, missing I loop, 2 chain, I plain, 2 chain, I plain, join to point 2nd leaf,
2 chain, I plain, 2 chain, I plain, I single, 2 chain, I plain, join to centre of small
oval; repeat as ...

The Illustrated Exhibitor And Magazine Of Art

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When you come to the edge, twist it once over the outline thread, and take the
thread across again to work the next row. Repeat. (b) Open Diamonu'c.—1st Row
: 8 plain Brussels stitches close together, a small loop (which is made by missing
the space of one stitch), 8 plain, 1 loop. Repeat. 2nd Row: 5 plain on the middle
of the 8 plain, miss the two last of the 8, work 2 plain in the loop of the first row,
miss two after next 8, work 5. Repeat. 3rd Row : 2 plain in the centre of the 5 plain
, X 2 ...

The What Not Or Ladies Handy Book

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3rd oval same as 1st, commencing it j inch from the last, then with crochet needle
work 20 plain over the thread left between the 3rd and 2nd ovals. Then on the
thread between the 2nd and 1st ovals work 10 plain, join it to the 10th stitch of the
20 plain by inserting the needle through both sides of the stitch, and drawing the
loop belonging to the 10 plain, just worked, through it. Then 10 plain on the same
thread, and for the 1st round, 1 plain through the 1st oval. Then 9 chain, miss a ...

The Domestic Journal

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both these plain stitches are to be worked in the 5 chain of the 1st round; then 4
chain, miss 4; repeat 8 times. 3rd round.—1 plain, 3 chain, 1 plain; both the plain
stitches are to be worked in the 3 chain of 2nd round; then 5 chain, miss 6; repeat
8 times. 4th round.—1 plain, 3 chain, 1 plain, the plainstitches in the 3 chain of
3rd round, then 7 chain, miss 8; repeat 8 times. 5th round.—1 plain, 5 chain, 1
plain, the plain stitches in the 3 chain of 4th round, then 8 chain, miss 10; repeat 8
times ...

Horary Astrology Plain Simple

Author: Anthony Louis
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 9781567184013
Size: 54.86 MB
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Inside the house the police found the doctor's keys, wallet, clothing, belongings,
and $10,000 in cash. There was no sign of violence or forced entry. No one saw
him leave and none of the Taxi or transportation companies had any record of
giving him a ride. Lilly advises us to use the 1st house for a missing person. With
Aries rising, Mars signifies the orthodontist. Mars rules both the Ascendant and
the 8th house of death and is Almuten of the 4th house of the grave. Mars lies in
Cancer ...

Peterson S Magazine

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This finishes ona plain. , □ 5 side of the sleeve. Repeat the last 2 rows 3 times
more; the in- ; Commence again with 51 chain, and work crease stitches being for
the armhole. :,' another piece the same, then join the two odges 99th row — 1
chain, the rest plain. At the end i together with a row of singlo crochet, of this row
make 6 chain. s Sew this sleeve to the armhole of the jacket, 100th row — Miss 1
and work 5 plain on tho f placing the shortest scam to the plain stitches 6 chain,
then ...