Polish Civil Law 1

Author: Dominik Lasok
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1071 of the civil code). Pal. 4/68 : 93-96 Czarnecki, Ryszard, Wymiana gruntow
rolniczych spoldzielnie produkcyj- nych (The exchange of land of agricultural
producers' co-operatives). St. pr. 2/63 : 141-57 Uzytkowanie gruntow
panstwowych przez rolnicze spoldzielnie pro- dukcyjne (The ... 5/65 : 1 3-28
Dziedziczenie wkladow gruntowych w rolniczych spoldzielniach produkcyjnych (
The inheritance of land contributed (sc. by their owners) to agricultural producers'

National Judges As Eu Law Judges The Polish Civil Law System

Author: Urszula Jaremba
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Having discussed the set of expectations placed on national judges by means of
EU law, it is necessary to illustrate the shape and main features of the Polish
legal and judiciary system. Such an exercise is essential to understand the entire
legal context of judicial functioning in Poland, and to infer to what extent the
national constitutional, institutional, proce- dural, and operational frameworks
enable ...

The Polish Civil Code

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Observance of Treaties 1 . Pacta Sunt Servanda The most fundamental principle
in the whole of customary international law of treaties is the maxim pacta sunt
servanda. Many writers have at various times affirmed it as a basic norm. Thus
Lauterpacht, after briefly mentioning four alternative explanations given by
various writers as to the source of the binding force of treaties, suggested his own
when he said: "The ...

Law Of E Commerce In Poland And Germany

Author: Bettina Heiderhoff
Publisher: sellier. european law publ.
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Recently, Poland has been working intensively to set legal standards for
Electronic Commerce. Legislation has harmonised the European Union
requirements and international standards.1 The main source of electronic
contract law is the Polish Civil Code.2 An amendment to the Civil Code passed
on 14.02.2003 3 approved the use of electronic means of communication in legal
business. With regard to electronic contracts, the amendment implements the
main rules of the Directive ...

Polish Civil Law

Author: Dominik Lasok
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use of the subject matter of performance, as the case may be.2 If the agreement
provided for the possibility of withdrawing from the deal upon the payment of a
specified sum, the declaration of rescission is effective only if it is made
simultaneously with the payment of that sum.3 The parties may also stipulate that
a bilateral contract may be rescinded if a party does not carry out his obligation
within a definite time. This right may then be exercised immediately after the
expiration of that ...

Contract Law In Poland

Author: Piotr Machnikowski
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General Overview 188. The construction of the gaming and wagering in the
Polish civil law is not homogenous as they may occur in three types of the
contractual relations: in relation to gaming and wagering conducted on the basis
of the relevant administrative permit, conducted without the permit but being
allowed and honest and being prohibited or dishonest. As the regulation differs
depending on the category of the gaming and wagering, each will be analysed
separately below.

Tort Law In Poland Germany And Europe

Author: Bettina Heiderhoff
Publisher: sellier. european law publ.
ISBN: 3866531044
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Bettina Heiderhoff, Grzegorz Żmij. M. Walasik, Gloss on the SA Katowice
judgment of 5.07.1996, I ACr 377/96, PS 2002, No. 3 ... 10 of the Polish Civil
Code (KC; kodeks cywilny)1 a person becomes an adult at the age of 18 or upon
marriage). Since minors under the age of 13 have no capacity to perform acts in
law, and minors who are over 13 only have a limited capacity to perform such
acts, their liability to compensate loss is most often connected with torts and not
with contractual ...

Bia Ystok Law Books 3 Introduction To Polish Tax Law

Author: Mariusz Popławski
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State tax authorities enforce taxes that constitute the state budget income and
three ways of performance for communal budgets (tax card, tax on civil law
transactions, inheritance and donation tax). Local government authorities have
powers to enforce taxes supplying self—government units' budgets whereas the
starosta and the marshal of a voivodeship operate in the structure of local
government tax authorities despite the fact that neither poviat nor voivodeship
can collect their own ...

The Common European Sales Law In Context

Author: Gerhard Dannemann
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191668184
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Interactions with English and German Law Gerhard Dannemann, Stefan
Vogenauer. 633 633 568, 633 633 633 633 263, 288 62 62, 78, 201 201 424 78–
80, 200 62 78–80 200 200 200 62 Switzerland Bundesgesetz über das
Internationale Privatrecht (IPRG, Swiss Act on. § 883(1) § 884 § 886 § 887 § 887(
1) § 887(3) § 894 § 1031 Italy Codice Civile, Art 1341 Netherlands Burgerlijk
Wetboek, Art 6:225(3) Poland Civil Code Art 74 Art 74(2) Code of the Law of
Obligations 1933 Polish ...