Problem Solved

Author: Cheryl Strauss Einhorn
Publisher: Career Press
ISBN: 9781632650863
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Whether you are deciding between colleges, navigating a career decision, helping your aging parents find the right housing, or expanding your business, Problem Solved will show you how to use the powerful AREA Method to make complex ...

Publisher: สำนักพิมพ์มติชน
ISBN: 9740203493
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Proceedings Of The Conference

Author: Association for Computational Linguistics. Meeting
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This paper raises concerns that natural language front ends for computer systens
can limit a researcher's scope of thinking, yield inappropriately complex systems,
and exaggerate public fear of computers. ... Society prepared an in-house set of
guidelines which contained this powerful claim: 'Nothing can contribute more to
satisfactory system performance than the conviction on the part of the terminal
operators that they are in control of the syten and not the system in control of than

The Future Of Social Studies

Author: James Albert Michener
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The giant capacity of the American economic system (natural and human
resources and power-machine technology) to produce goods and services. ...
The nationwide confident commitment of the people to that unique form of life
called "American" democracy— the crux of which is freedom of utterance and
maximum development for each individual; its form of government, therefore, one
which tends to reflect a society as devoid as ... education and in making the
people literate.

Current Soviet Policies

Author: Leo Gruliow
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The Central Committee proceeds from the premise that the Party's frank and
principled position with respect to these phenomena helps workers in culture to
work with still greater confidence and conviction in the general area of the
development ... The media of mass information and propaganda-newspapers,
magazines, television, radio and wire services - are a mighty tool of the Party in
the important and complex work of molding the new man and in the ideological
struggle with the ...

The Current Digest Of The Soviet Press

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Everything here at the cosmodrome, from the very complex launching structures,
testing facilities and laboratories to the powerful carrier-rockets, the spacecraft
and their life-support systems, outfitted with up-to-date computer equipment and
highly sensitive instruments— all these ... Everything that one sees here leads
once more to the profound conviction that there is no need for us to go abroad hat
in hand in this way. ... Speaking of restructuring, I will make the following

Industrial Quality Control

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However, it is obvious that such qualitative arguments can seldom make a
distinction between a reliability level of 0.99, or one of 0.999, or of 0.9999. It then
follows that there is no way of knowing, within factors perhaps as high as 100,
what the actual failure rates of equipment will be in comparison to the
apportioned requirements. Also, there can then be no sensible way of usefully
estimating quantitatively how closely the actual reliability of the over-all system
will approach the ...

Business World

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Most of these memoirs portray the CEO as a supercool. calm and collected
executive who comes up with a dramatic solution to complex issues. Reading
these memoirs makes one wonder if CEOs are human beings or supermen. ...
Gaining confidence. Strangely. these failures are inspiring. Developing
selfconfidence is not easy. And neither is taking tough decisions. Running a
company the size of IBM requires personal compromises and it could happen
that the best decision for t e ...

Decision Making And Outcomes In Sports Rehabilitation

Author: Dinesh A. Kumbhare
ISBN: 9780443065460
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A scathing editorial by Tannock and Warr7 in the Canadian Medical Association
Journal sums up our conclusions about blind acceptance of unconventional
therapies: "The treatment recommendations that physicians make are founded
ideally on some understanding of the scienti.rc basis . . . and high quality
evidence with regard to efficacy and ... A recommendation of any "complementary
therapy" delivered with conviction and "hype" is a placebo, as efficacious as
placebo often is.

National Diplomacy 1965 1970

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We are now entering an era in which the sophistication and destructiveness of
weapons present more formidable and complex issues affecting our strategic
posture. The last 25 years have ... The importance of comprehensive planning of
policy and objective scrutiny of programs is clear: • Because of the lead-time in
building new strategic systems, the decisions we make today substantially
determine our military posture — and thus our security — five years from now.
This places a ...