Recreative Minds

Author: Gregory Currie
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198238096
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Recreative Minds develops a philosophical theory of imagination that draws upon recent theories and results in psychology.

Fiction And Narrative

Author: Derek Matravers
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191018066
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To show that the consensus view lacks foundation I shall examine its most
developed account of imagination: that of Currie (and Currie and Ravenscroft).
As this view is amenable to several different interpretations this will need to be
done at some length. I shall then consider the views of Meskin and Weinberg.
Currie presents his views in a number of places. I shall consider two: his 1995
book, Image and Mind, and his 2002 book (written with Ian Ravenscroft),
Recreative Minds.

The Recreative Review Or Eccentricities Of Literature And Life

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This gravity has been defined, by a French wit, as a mysterious carriage of the
body, to cover the defects of the mind. Locke, according to his biographer, always
praised Rochefoucault's maxim, "that gravity was but the mask which stupidity
wore to cover its defects." — Dr. Young says, And be this truth, eternal, ne'er
forgot, Solemnity's a cover for the sot. Some people make a mystery of every
thing, (they must bid you good day in a whisper,) looking exceeding wise, even
about trifles.

General Principles Of The Philosophy Of Nature

Author: John Bernhard Stallo
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THE RECREATIVE MIND. § 76. From our antecedent investigations, it is
apparent that the mind is, 1. The immanent ideal unity of its material organism, of
the body, and as such we may call it, accommodating ourselves to received terms
, the soul. 2. The spiritual subject reciprocating with the manifold manifestations
of spiritual life without, opposing itself to the objective world, and determining
itself thereby, — the conscious mind. 3. The spiritual subject recognizing itself in
its identity ...

Verschiedene S Tze Treten Auf

Author: Thomas Eder
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= Thomas Eder: „Unterschiedenes ist/gut". Reinhard Priessnitz und die Repoeti-
sierung der ...

Imaginative Minds

Author: Ilona Roth
Publisher: OUP/British Academy
Size: 52.52 MB
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In Hirchfeld, L. A. and Gelman, S. A. (eds), Mapping the Mind. Cambridge:
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and Selection in ...

Wolfgang Bauer

Author: Paul Pechmann
Size: 32.61 MB
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The Recreative Review

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... and, as what we hope or fear makes very deep impressions upon our minds,
and comes sometimes to pass, we are not to be surprised if our dreams happen
now and then to be confirmed by the event. (John Peter Barnard)
ANTHROPOPHAGISM. IT is not easy to account for the cause of these horrid
repasts. Famine alone did not originate what may, from the perusal of the
following pages, be called a custom. That human sacrifices should have been
solemnly offered up by idolaters ...

Musicology In The 1980s

Author: D. Kern Holoman
Publisher: Da Capo Pr
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I am describing no monstrosity, no straw man, but an ideal of beauty that inspired
many of the greatest creative minds of our century. And it is only in the nature of
things that what dominated advanced recreative minds half a century ago should
be dominating advanced recreative minds today. The paradox and the problem
— or is it just my problem? — is that this way of thinking about art and
performance has no demonstrable relevance to the ways people thought about
art and ...

Montage Av

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