Author: Gastón R. Gordillo
Publisher: Duke University Press Books
ISBN: 9780822356141
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Examining the effects of these and other forms of debris on the people living on nearby ranches and farms, and in towns, Gordillo emphasizes that for the rural poor, the rubble left in the wake of capitalist and imperialist endeavors is not ...

Author: Daniel Silva
ISBN: 9789741010370
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เรื่องราวของการเกิดเหตุระเบิดสถานทูตอิสราเอลในกรุงโรม ...

The Political Afterlife Of Sites Of Monumental Destruction

Author: Andrea Connor
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317353692
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As Sturken points out, dust from the site was simultaneously elevated to the
status of sacred relic, collected and preserved, as a potent form of cultural
mediation between the living and the dead, and at the same time treated as part
of the debris and rubble that needed clearing away (Sturken 2007). Its
contradictory valuation reflected its unstable, composite character, as
indeterminate matter transgressive in relation to culturally accepted ontological
distinctions like that between the ...


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... they were destroyed. In some Talmudic writings this burning heap of rubble
was looked upon as the door to the afterlife, ... On the other hand, this image can
also be used when dealing with the wicked as a sign of destruction and of God's
Judgment simultaneously, such as in II Peter 2:6: "The cities of Sodom and
Gomorrah, these too he condemned and reduced to ashes; he destroyed them
completely, as a warning to anybody lacking reverence in the future." Fire, then,
can be used ...

No Bells To Toll

Author: Barbara Bode
Publisher: Scribner Book Company
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destruction and creation in the Andes Barbara Bode. tice as a situation of sin. ...
The Catholic Church in Latin America had always emphasized the worship of the
crucified Christ and looked to justice only in an afterlife. Now it had stepped ... Not
only survivors but a new Latin American humanity would emerge from the chaos:
"If among the rubble of a society which has suffered a great earthquake, one must


Author: Roger Ling
Publisher: Tempus Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780752414591
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History, Life & Afterlife Roger Ling ... The destruction at Pompeii was clearly
extensive: many buildings collapsed or were seriously damaged, and very few
did not require some degree of reconstruction and redecoration. ... A favourite
building technique of this phase - though not unfamiliar in the preceding period -
was the so-called opus vittatum mixtum, or listatum, in which mortared rubble was
faced with alternate courses of bricks and small blocks of stone (mainly Sarno
stone, tuff or ...

The German Patient

Author: Jennifer May Kapczynski
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HEALING GERMAN CINEMA Die Mörder sind unter uns launched a new
cinematic genre, the Trümmerfilm (or rubble film), so called for its concentration
on the conditions of life in Germany's ruined cities. Created in both the Allied and
Soviet zones of occupation from about 1946 to 1948, the rubble films addressed
the immediate concerns of postwar life. They focused on the efforts of average
Germans, and in particular of returning soldiers, to come to grips with the
destruction that ...

Egypt And A Nile Cruise

Author: Barbie Engstrom
ISBN: 9780916588052
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The Afterlife, however, was attained only by the fulfillment of two conditions — the
body must be preserved from destruction, and the spirit's needs (really the ka's)
for food, drink, etc., had to be supplied. ... So by the 3rd dynasty, the
superstructure, while retaining the outward form of a house became a solid mass
of rubble covered by an outer layer of red brick, and the subterranean area,
carved out of solid rock, increased radically in size (some tombs had umpteen
apartments), thus ...

Equal Opportunity Theory

Author: Dennis E. Mithaug
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
ISBN: 9780761902614
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... of Europe from the rubble of the Roman Empire is significant in that with the
destruction of that order went the ancient ideology for justifying the distribution of
opportunity and responsibility in the community. What emerged was a new
system of stratification and a ... But coexistent with these new forms were
remnants of the ancient world maintained by the Church through its ideological
dualism connecting present life with afterlife. The human experience, according
to the Church, was ...

Christmas Trees

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If a religion mandates its followers to kill the infidels, that is you and me, and that
those who obey the mandate will be rewarded with I think 70 virgins in the
afterlife, the world is back to a replay of when also the Christian religion led to
bloodbaths ... And then. over and above the fanatics who believe they have a
cause, we have the mentally sick who destroy for destruction's sake. ... And then
came September l l, and the smoke wafted out of the rubble at ground zero for
exactly 100 days.