Sant Singh Sekhon

Author: Sant Singh Sekhon
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
ISBN: 9788126019991
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It is no misnomer to call Sant Singh Sekhon a genius. That he was a multifaceted
genius is to state the obvious. He was a poet, playwright and short-story writer.
So far as literary criticism goes, he was its founder in Punjabi. If there is any
perceptive history of Punjabi literature in English, it is only by him. He had
contemplated to write it in six volumes. Unfortunately, he could complete only two
before his death at the ripe age of eighty-nine. The history of the Punjabi
language with focus ...

J Krishnamurti And Sant Kabir

Author: Rohit Mehta
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe
ISBN: 9788120806689
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Krishnamurti and Sant XVzWr focuses on these meeting points between the two
approaches to life. The book also presents the intersections between the writings
and sayings of Kabir and Krishnaji. Rohit Mehta was born in 1908 and was
educated at Bombay, Surat and Ahmedabad. While at the Government College at
Ahmedabad, he came into conflict with the Principal, G. Findlay Shirras, over the
question of the boycott of the Simon Commission. This resulted in a strike by the ...

The Nuns Of Sant Ambrogio

Author: Hubert Wolf
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 019104606X
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Litta, Lorenzo, 99, 403 Lucciardi, Domenico, 436 Ludwig I, King of Bavaria, 289
Luisa Maria (nun of Sant'Ambrogio), see ​HohenzollernSigmaringen, Katharina
von Macchi, Vincenzo, 422 MacPherson, Paul, 110, 408 Manzoni, Alessandro,
24 Marchesi, Vittoria, 204 Marchetti, Pietro, 93, 94, 97, 400 Marchi, Luigi
Giovanni, 36, 184, 189, 202, 203, 307 Marconi, Giuseppe Loreto, 90, 92–4, 100,
113, 234, 236, 264–5, 397–8 Maria Agnese (founder of Sant'Ambrogio), see
Firrao, Maria ...

The Gus Van Sant Touch

Author: Justin Vicari
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 147660097X
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As one of our foremost directors who is also gay, there have been obligatory
attempts to place Gus Van Sant within the history of queer cinema, where he
does and does not fit. Graham Fuller, one of Van Sant's most perceptive early
critics, warned us off this problem of limiting Van Sant to “gay films” back in 1993,
calling him “essentially a gay director of films rather than a director of gay films....”
2 But while Fuller championed this distinction as a way in which Van Sant
discovered a ...

Conversations With Gus Van Sant

Author: Mario Falsetto
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442247673
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Because Van Sant can be a “director for hire” rather than one who initiates each
project in a more traditional idea of the “auteur” in the vein of Kubrick, Welles, or
Fellini, it can be difficult to define precisely what a Gus Van Sant film is. What
precisely are the salient characteristics of a Gus Van Sant film? Is there even
such a thing that we can all agree constitutes a Van Sant film? If it is possible to
define some of the qualities of a Van Sant film, it is also clear that his work does
not hold to a ...

Sant Anselmo In Rome

Author: Pius Engelbert
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 0814637388
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Of all these institutions, Sant'Anselmo most resembled the Dominican college.
The conferring of degrees, however, the alpha and omega of a university, was
not conceded to the new Sant'Anselmo from the beginning. In fact, Leo XIII had in
mind a seminary for Benedictines from all over the world, even if this was to be a
seminary with a high academic niveau. Here in Rome, young Benedictines from
all countries were to get to know one another, study together, and at the same
time ...

Barcelona Sant Adria De Besos Waterfront Regeneration Project

Author: Marco Maretto
ISBN: 1326945238
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he area of Sant Adria de Besos is at the edge of the northern outskirts of
Barcelona. Its location is of considerable territorial importance being to act as a
hinge between the compact tissue of the Catalan capital and the continuous
system of coastal settlements that characterize this part of Catalonia. On the one
hand, it is standing just beyond the Besòs River, natural border of the Barcelona
urban sedime and a few hundred meters from the Forum 2004, on the other hand
being at the ...

Sant Of The Secret Service Some Revelations Of Spies And Spying

Author: William Le Queux
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 146559549X
Size: 69.39 MB
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About Gerry Sant. To those who, like myself, have moved in the Continental
underworld of spies and spying, the name of “Sant of the Secret Service” is
synonymous with all that is ingenious, resourceful, and daring. In the Intelligence
Departments of London, Paris, Rome, and New York, the name of “Sant of the
Secret Service” istodayoneto conjurewith. Cheerful, optimistic, and the most
modest of men, Gerry Sant has seldom spoken of his own adventures. The
sonofa certain nobleman ...

Sant Ippolito Sotto La Neve

Author: Marco Michelini
ISBN: 1291139907
Size: 25.65 MB
Format: PDF
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L'inverno 2012 rimarrà negli annali del Comune di Sant'Ippolito per l'eccezionale
nevicata avvenuta a febbraio. Era notte. Io, alla finestra, guardavo le case avvolte
dalla tormenta, le strade quasi scomparse sotto la neve che a vista d'occhio
trasformava gli angoli delle vie, per poi coprire i sentieri appena tracciati da
qualche passante frettoloso. La neve trasfigurava la collina di Sant'Ippolito in un
paesaggio di montagna: un'atmosfera sognante velava tutte le cose. Affascinato,
uscii ...