Fundamentals Of Collection Development And Management

Author: Peggy Johnson
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(annual) Proceedings in Print. Halifax, Mass.: Proceedings in Print, (bimonthly)
Public Library Catalog. 11th ed. New York: Wilson, 1999. (quinquennial, with
annual supplements) Schwann CD Review Digest — Classical. Woodland, Calif.:
Schwann, (irregular) Schwann CD Review Digest — Jazz, Popular, etc.
Woodland, Calif.: Schwann. (irregular) Schwann Opus. Woodland, Calif.:
Schwann, (quarterly) Schwann Spectrum. Woodland, Calif.: Schwann, (quarterly)
Senior High School ...

Reference Sources For Small And Medium Sized Libraries

Author: Scott Kennedy
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016.7816 ML156.2 Schwann spectrum. Stereophile, 1993- . Quarterly. $9.95.
$24.95/yr. ISSN 1066-9161. (formerly inMusic, Spectrum.) 016.78026 ML156.2
These list recordings currently in print. Both titles include lists of new releases,
feature articles and columns, book and record reviews, formats (e.g., compact
disc, cassette, record) in which recordings are available, label and catalog
number, date of release or recording, and whether digital or analog, stereo or
monaural. Schwann ...

Library Acquisition Of Music

Author: Robert Michael Fling
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
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See, for example, complaints by Gary A. Galo, "The State of Schwann," ARSC
Journal 27 (1996): 259-62. 11. The terminal version of Schwann in printed form
was as a multipart publication from Stereophile of Santa Fe, New Mexico:
Schwann Opus (1991- 2001, quarterly), listing classical recordings by composer;
Schwann Spectrum (1991-2001, quarterly), listing jazz and popular recordings by
performing group; and Schwann Artist (1996-1999, annual), listing classical
recordings by ...

The Biology Of Schwann Cells

Author: Patricia Armati
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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In recent years, several lines of evidence have pointed to Schwann cells as
immunocompetent cells within the peripheral nervous system (PNS), which, in
addition to their physiological roles, exhibit a broad spectrum of immune-related
functions and might be involved in the local immune response in the PNS. In this
chapter we will elaborate on the expanding recognition of Schwann cells as
immunocompetent cells that form part of the local immune circuitry within the PNS
. Interestingly ...

Guides To Collection Development For Children And Young Adults

Author: John Thomas Gillespie
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
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A separate section on conductors gives only the name of their orchestras. The
last four sections give full record listings under instrumental soloists (arranged by
instrument, then by artist), choral groups, opera groups, and vocalists. The
Schwann Opus Guide lists recorded classical music by composers' names. There
are about 45,000 CDs, cassette tapes, and laserdiscs in each issue (quarterly,
$39.95/yr.; Canada, $49.95). Schwann Spectrum, which listed jazz, pop, and rock
, was ...

Conductors And Composers Of Popular Orchestral Music

Author: Naomi Musiker
Publisher: Routledge
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Schwann, Opus. Albany, New York: Schwann Publications. Quarterly. A guide to
classical recordings. Schwann Spectrum. Albany, New York: Schwann
Publications. Quarterly. A reference guide to popular music. Schwann Long
Playing Record Catalog, Vol. 1, 1948-. Boston: W. Schwann. POPULAR MUSIC
Burton, Jack. Blue Book of Tin Pan Alley: A Human Interest Anthology of
American Popular Music. New York: Century House, 1950. . Blue Book of
Broadway Musicals. New York: ...

Guide To Reference Materials For School Library Media Centers

Author: Barbara Ripp Safford
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
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A directory of distributors is also included. 1 15 Schwann Opus: Your Reference
Guide to Classical Music. Santa Fe, N.M.: Stereophile, 1993- . 4 issues/yr. $39.95
. (208 Delgado St., Santa Fe, NM 87501). ISSN 1066-2138. 1 16 Schwann
Spectrum: Your Reference Guide to Rock, Pop, and Jazz. Santa Fe, N.M.:
Stereophile, 1992- . 4 issues/yr. $34.95. (208 Delgado St., Santa Fe, NM 87501).
ISSN 1065-9161. Beginning in 1990, the Schwann Quarterly split into these two