Sergeant At Arms Bible

Author: MR John Edward Bunch II
ISBN: 9780997432220
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The Sergeant at Arms heads the MC's accountability system, administers the bylaws, ensures the fairness of trials, fines and sanctions, establishes safe environments for the full patched brothers, provides physical security for the ...

The Beltway Bible

Author: Eliot Nelson
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1250099269
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Sergeant at arms—Head of security appointed by each chamber. Mostly
responsible for removing hecklers, though the House's sergeant at arms gets to
State of the Union. The sergeant at arms is empowered, at the direction of the
chamber, to forcibly bring members to the chamber, as happened in 1988, when
Senate majority leader Robert Byrd ordered the sergeant at arms to arrest absent
senators, ...

Memoirs Of The English Bible Modern Superstition

Author: Catherine Sinclair
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By the time that the Sergeant-at-Arms had arrived, Cole of Magdalen College,
afterwards cross-bearer t0 the cardinal, but an acquaintance of Garrett's, gave
him friendly warning. He immediately changed his dress and disappeared, but in
his first attempt to escape, Garrett, most unwisely, was too scrupulous to conceal
himself. Returning the same evening, he was seized at Hinksey, when he, and all
besides suspected as receivers of books, were soon in very safe keeping. Garrett
and ...

The Annals Of The English Bible Abridged And Continued By S I Prime

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It was not, however, to apprehend Barnes alone, that the Sergeant-at-Arms had
arrived at Cambridge. He had been charged to make secret search for books,
and instantly seize the whole, as well as apprehend all who possessed them. Not
fewer than thirty were suspected, and spies £ given them precise information as
to every one of their rooms' But Dr. Forman of Queen's College had happily, at
the first moment, informed all the parties of the privy search, and “God be praised,
” says ...

The Annals Of The English Bible

Author: Christopher Anderson
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One Gibson, the Sergeant-at-Arms, a creature of Wolsey's hated by the Aldermen
and Common Council of London, was therefore accompanied by Dr. Capon, one
of the Cardinal's chaplains. They had arrived on Monday, as upon Tuesday, the
sergeant "suddenly arrested Dr. Barnes openly in the Convocation-house, to
make all others afraid ;" and by Wednesday evening, (on the morning of which
Garret first escaped from Oxford), Dr. Barnes stood before Wolsey. Robert Barnes
, born ...

Real Girls Of The Bible

Author: Mona Hodgson
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 0310730198
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she said. “We need every able-bodied individual! We are no longer a small militia
—we are part of the Colonial Army! If Lafayette and his troops do not arrive in
time, it will be us against the Redcoats!” Lafayette? Sophie thought. That sounds
like a French name. “Eyes left! Eyes front! Eyes left!” the sergeant commanded.
When he said, “Pick up your arms!” the group scurried for the blue wagon and got
their “guns”—long sticks almost twice as tall as Sophie. The sergeant told Eddie

Fit Ohne Ger Te

Author: Joshua Clark
Publisher: Riva Verlag
ISBN: 3864131073
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Seit Jahren bereitet Mark Lauren Elitesoldaten physisch auf ihren Einsatz bei Special Operations vor.

A Cold Blooded Business

Author: Marek Fuchs
Publisher: Skyhorse
ISBN: 1628738669
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Adultery, Murder, and a Killer's Path from the Bible Belt to the Boardroom Marek
Fuchs. Mark's soul was consumed with the quest for perfectionism. By the time ...
Such behavior was expected at a bible college, but Mark's version came without
sanctimony. He was just plain friendly, even in passing conversation, with the ...
In Mark's junior year, he was elected Sergeant-at-Arms, or attorney general, of
the student body. Then, in 1981, as Mark was entering his senior year, he was
elected ...

Pedagogy Of The Bible

Author: Dale B. Martin
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 0664233066
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Some of us former fundamentalist kids remember “sword drills,” popular
sometimes in Sunday schools but especially as a competition at Bible camp. We
would stand at attention with our Bibles held stiffly at our sides, like clumsy
Revolutionary War muskets. The teacher would shout, in her best marine
sergeant voice, “Pre-sennnnt ARMS!” and we would snap to attention with our
Bibles, our “swords,” ready in front of us (“. . . and the sword of the Spirit, which is
the word of God . . . ,” Eph.

The Pocket Bible Or Christian The Printer A Tale Of The Sixteenth Century

Author: Эжен Сю
Publisher: Litres
ISBN: 5040852436
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The sergeant in command stepped in at the very moment that Hervé uttered the
last menace to his mother. "Does Christian Lebrenn dwell here?" asked the
soldier. "Answer quickly." Ready to sink distracted, Bridget was not at first able to
articulate a word. Hena gathered strength to rise from the floor where Hervé had
flung her, and ran to Bridget, into whose arms she threw herself. Hervé dropped
at his feet the iron implement he had armed himself with, and remained
motionless, ...