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New Scientist

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All slave-making species share a set of traits that together constitute what we call
the slave-maker syndrome. To begin with, they all start their colonies by so-called
nonindependent or parasitic colony foundation. In most ants, young queens ...

Ants On Pirate Pond

Author: Andrew Kerr
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Wingnut and his Fire-Ant friends fight to overcome the treacherous Slave-Makers of Pirate Pond. Young heroes are quickly cast into a sea of turmoil and must discover a way to find and rescue their Princess from the clutches of the Pirates.

Cheats And Deceits

Author: Martin Stevens
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Some slavemaker species apparently steal broods from several species in order
that each undertakes different tasks in the nest, just like a division of labour that
often occurs in ant colonies with different castes. Slavemaker workers are often ...

The Earth Dwellers

Author: Erich Hoyt
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In the early 1970s at Harvard, Wilson performed lab experiments to try to
determine what would happen if these "obligate slavemakers" had their slaves
artificially removed. Working with a tiny slavemaker called Leptothorax duloti- cus
, which ...

Social Insects And The Environment

Author: International Union for the Study of Social Insects. Congress
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There 1s no obvious difference between different kinds of parasitic queens +
except that slavemaker queens + have large eyes (as + their workers). The
adaptive + significance of small size in queens 1s obvious (no extra ♢ resources
for ...

Social Evolution In Ants

Author: Andrew F. G. Bourke
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applied their own sex ratio preferences to the slave-maker brood. Then they
would automatically exhibit a sex ratio close to the slave-maker queen's 1 : 1
preference, since polygyny makes sex ratios more even (Section 4.7). Trivers and
Hare ...

The Behavioural Ecology Of Ants

Author: J.H. Sudd
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Queens of the slave-maker species Harpagoxenus sublaevis, like L. kutteri
queens, have hypertrophied Dufour's glands that produce propaganda
substances which also cause L. acervorum host workers to attack one another (
Allies et al., ...

Chemical Ecology Of Insects 2

Author: R.T. Carde
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(1993) have conducted similar studies with the slave-maker Harpagoxenus
sublaevis and two of its hosts, Leptothorax acervorum and L. muscorum, and
found essentially the same results as Yamoaka (1990). They found that L.
acervorum had ...

Breakpoint Why The Web Will Implode Search Will Be Obsolete And Everything Else You Need To Know About Technology Is In Your Brain

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Slavemakers raid the nests of other ant colonies and steal all their eggs. Those
ants grow up as slaves, and they do pretty much everything for their masters:
groom them, feed them, defend them from bigger insects, you name it. If the
colony ...